Who Is Christian Watson’s Parents Tim Watson and Christa Watson?

By CarolPublished on: December 21, 2023 Updated on: February 21, 2024
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NFL wide receiver, Christian Watson has football running in his veins. Did any of you know that his dad was once a professional footballer too? What’s more, his mother is a huge fan of the game; she always wanted her son to play in the NFL. But the real question here – do you know his parents at all?

The athlete has always kept information on his father and mother hidden. But, not anymore! Because, in this article, we present you with all known facts about Mr. and Mrs. Watson.

A Short Introduction To Christian Watson’s Parents

Watson’s parents are Tazim Wajid Wajed, aka, Tim Watson, and Christa Watson. His folks had a home in Tampa, Florida, however, gave birth to the NFL player in Phoenix, Arizona. Tim and Christa moved from place to place before Christian’s birth and they never had a stable home until they settled in Florida. Senior Watson is an African-American man while his wife, Christa is a White American.

Tim Watson Is A Former NFL Player – Christian’s Dad Also Played for the Packers

Mr. Watson is originally from Fort Valley, Georgia. Born on 13th August 1970, the 53-year-old graduated from Peach County High School, followed by Howard University. As a teenager, Tim loved watching and playing football and he had a dream of playing in the NFL one day.

Senior Watson’s professional football career began in 1993 after he was picked by the Green Bay Packers as their safety in round 6 of the 1993 NFL draft. Unfortunately, he stayed with the team for a short time. Tim joined the Kansas City Chiefs in 1993 and he was an asset to the Chiefs until 1995.

Watson is the son of the former professional footballer, Tim Watson
Father and son posing together – Mr. Watson with his youngest one

Tim’s career in football wasn’t long – he only played professionally until 1998. For 5 years, he shifted from one team to the other.  He played for the NFL teams New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Arizona Rattlers. Meanwhile, Watson also played in Spain for the Barcelona Dragons in 1996.

Ever since he quit, Christian’s dad has been working as a fitness trainer, lifestyle coach, and motivational speaker. Additionally, he is also into philanthropy; Tim is the Founding Chair of UPLIFT Community Fellowship in Columbus, Georgia.

Christa Watson Is Into Hospitality Business

Christa Watson, formerly known as Christa Lynn, is into the hospitality business. She currently works as an executive in the hospitality and event industry in Tampa, Florida. Moreover, at the time of her son’s birth, she owned two tanning salons. Talking about Lynn’s past work, she juggled numerous jobs back in the day because of her husband’s busy schedule as a professional footballer.

Christian’s Parents Met When His Mother Was Only 19 – Their Rough Beginning

The wide receiver’s mother was only 19 years old and studying in Kansas City when she first came across her husband. Back in the day, Watson had just begun playing with the Chiefs. Interestingly, it was Derrick Thomas, the football legend, who introduced Christian’s parents.

Packers wide receiver is supported by his mother, Christa Lynn
Christa with her beloved son at one of his games

Eventually, Christa and Tim fell in love and began their journey. However, it was very tough for them as a young couple. Since her lover never settled in a single place, she had to live in different places and didn’t get enough time to settle.

In addition to this, Tim couldn’t do well in the NFL and he went to play in Barcelona with the Barcelona Dragons in 1996. It brought distance in the newly married couple. They couldn’t even talk to each other daily – they only had 30 minutes to talk twice a week. To make it worse, Christa was pregnant with their eldest son, Tre Watson.


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Christa’s husband wasn’t there for the birth of their two older kids i.e., Tre and his sister, Lexi Watson. Tim eventually decided to quit football before the birth of their third child, Christian. After his birth, the family of five settled down in Tampa, Florida. Nevertheless, the foundation of their family wasn’t steady even then.

Are Christian Watson’s Parents Still Together?

Having described the dynamics of their relationship, it is obvious that the marriage between Christian’s parents did not last for long. Some tabloids suggest that they did call it quits later on. Although, nothing has been confirmed yet.

On the other hand, it is well known that the wide receiver has two half-sisters, twins, Bella and Aubrey. With that in mind, it seems pretty clear that Tim and Christa got a divorce eventually. According to Wikipedia, Tim is currently married to Lisa.

Mrs. Watson Dreamed Of Seeing Her Son Follow In His Father’s Footsteps

Believe it or not, it was actually his mother who pushed Watson into professional football. Ever since Christian was little, his mother imagined him playing in the big league. In a way, despite separating from her hubby, she wanted to see her son follow in his footsteps.

From taking him to practice in school, to rooting for him today as he plays for the Packers – Christa has always been by her son’s side. On top of that, she has a separate Twitter account that is all about her son’s success.

Apart from her younger one, Lynn is also focused on her eldest, Tre. Like him, his older brother is also a football player. In both of their cases, their mothers have been the greatest support ever.

Tim Isn’t Fond Of The Green Bay Packers Fans

The 2023 season hasn’t been the best for the Green Bay Packers. In addition to this, the intense frustration of the fans isn’t helping the teammates, especially Watson. Looking at how distressed his son has been, Tim recently gave a furious response to the angry Packers fans.

Following the loss of the team against the Pittsburgh Steelers in November 2023, Wajid Wajed tweeted his criticisms regarding the fans. His main concern was their lack of patience and faith.

He continued to talk about how the fans have been “wanting more” with the team, “playing their a**es off” so far in the season. Mr. Watson further ended the tweet with two hashtags: #FairweatherFans and #GoPackGo.

It was good to see him support and back his son’s team for once.