Sam LaPorta’s Parents Joe and Staci LaPorta Were Athletes Too

By CarolPublished on: February 8, 2024 Updated on: February 8, 2024
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The Detroit Lions tight end, Sam LaPorta has his amazing family to back him up – especially, his parents. Although his folks like a quiet life, they never fail to show the support their son needs. Whatever might be, they’re always by his side. But, won’t it be amazing if we got to know them a little too?

Well, of course! In the article below, we present you with some unique facts about Sam’s parents. Let’s read to find out!

Sam LaPorta’s Parents Are Natives of Illinois

Samuel Joseph LaPorta, born on 12th January 2001, is the son of Joseph ‘Joe’ LaPorta and Staci LaPorta. They are the residents of Highland, Illinois.

Footballer, Sam LaPorta's parents are from Illinois
Joe and Staci, proud parents to the Lions tight end, Sam LaPorta

The family has a rich Caucasian heritage. The natives of Illinois, Joe and his wife, Staci, take pride in their background and culture. As parents, they’ve done their very best to raise their children with a shared interest in their ethnicity.

Sam Got His Athletic Abilities From His Parents

A retired military man, Joseph LaPorta, and his Mascoutah High School alum wife, Staci were athletically inclined back in the day. While young, both of them had decent collegiate careers. But, they couldn’t continue with professional sports later in life.

Sam LaPorta, the football tight end got his athletic genes from his parents
Sam LaPorta, the football tight end got his athletic genes from his parents

Joe pursued his higher studies in a private liberal arts college, William Jewell College in Missouri where he was an asset to the football team. Not much is known about his time with the team. However, we believe that he was one of the star players at William Jewell. Samual’s father presumably left college football behind to serve in the army. His active lifestyle thus helped him fit into his new life.

Interestingly enough, Mrs. LaPorta excelled in softball as well as basketball. She set multiple records as a student in Junior College, Missouri. In addition to this, Staci was an athlete with the traveling Air Force squads.

Later on, as responsibilities hit, she left this side of her life behind. Based on the bio of her active Twitter account, she’s a teacher by profession.

The LaPortas Raised Four Children; Sam Is Their Only Son

Sam Joseph is the only son of his parents. Besides him, the pair have three daughters – Olivia LaPorta, Alex LaPorta, and Bella LaPorta.

Olivia is the eldest one, born in 1997. She’s an aspiring attorney at present, however, used to be a sportswoman back in college. Sources confirm that she played volleyball for Fordham University in the past.

Sam LaPorta is his parents' only son but has three sisters
LaPorta with his sisters, Olivia, Alex, and Bella

Furthermore, Alex LaPorta is the tight end’s other older sister. She is two years older than him. Previously, she was on the basketball team at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She graduated in May 2022 with a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration, scoring a GPA of 3.84.

Last but not least, Bella is the youngest of them all. She was born in 2003. She followed in her dad’s footsteps and is a student at William Jewell currently. Like her eldest sister, she’s into volleyball.

Samuel Is Close To His Three Sisters

The four siblings share a close-knit bond. Their shared interest in athleticism seems to bring them closer. The NFL footballer often talks about how blessed he has been to share a home with his sisters.

In 2019, wishing them on National Sisters’ Day, he posted a couple of sweet pictures with his siblings. He further wrote in the caption, “Happy natty sisters day to these beautiful gals. They never fail to bully me or make me laugh.

Joseph LaPorta And His Partner Like A Lowkey Lifestyle

Despite their son’s stature, Joe and Staci maintain a low profile. Although the footballer’s mother is active on Facebook and Twitter, his dad refrains from using social media publicly. Occasionally, they do appear publically with Sam, but on most days, the LaPortas live a low-key lifestyle.

Over and above this, they are the most supportive to Sam LaPorta. Based on his mother’s Twitter account, she and her husband constantly pay a visit to their son. In addition, his parents never miss his games. Moreover, Staci often posts her son’s accomplishments in her socials as well.