Jalin Hyatt’s Parents, Jamie and Enevelyn Hyatt Are Teachers

By AbigailPublished on: February 11, 2024 Updated on: February 11, 2024
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The wide receiver for the New York Giants, Jalin Hyatt, was drafted in 2023 and is already making his name in the NFL. The young player is off to a stellar start, and his future seems pretty bright. Well, let’s focus on the people who have been the backbone of the athlete throughout his trials: his parents.

Scroll down to find out more about Hyatt’s mom and dad, who have made a significant contribution to his journey.

Jalin Hyatt’s Parents are Jamie and Enevelyn Hyatt

The Giants WR was born on September 25, 2001, to Jamie Hyatt and Enevelyn Hyatt. He was raised in Irmo, South Carolina, with his younger brother, Devin. The couple has done their best to instill adequate values and teachings into their children.

Jalin Hyatt with his father Jamie Hyatt, mother Enevelyn Hyatt and brother Devin Hyatt at a game
The adorable pair raised two sons.

With their not necessarily high-paying jobs, Jalin’s parents were not financially stable. However, they tried their best to provide all they could to fulfill their children’s needs and wants.

Jalin Hyatt’s Father and Mother Were High School Sweethearts

Like many married pairs, Enevelyn and Jamie Hyatt’s love story began in their youth. Both of them were from the same town in Latta, South Carolina, and attended Latta High School. The duo fell in love, and their relationship continued for seven years before they officially tied the knot on June 3. 2000.

On the occasion of their 21st anniversary, Jamie expressed his heart out. He tweeted, “TWENTY-ONE YEARS! A lot of ups & some downs. When we were weak, we held each other. When we fell, we offered a hand. When we were wrong, we offered grace. I know you don’t like flowers or gifts, so I got you some M&Ms. I ate half though. Happy Anniversary”

Jamie Hyatt and his wife Enevelyn Hyatt posing for a photo
The lovebirds have been together since high school.

The wedded couple have been with each other through rough times and are very much in love. They share a playful relationship and joke around with each other while still respecting one another.

Hyatt’s dad calls his partner, both his wife and his girlfriend.

Jalin’s Dad and Mom are both former athletes

The NFL player inherited the athletic genes from his parents in a perfect combination. Jalin’s old man, Jamie, played college basketball and was a professional cyclist, while his mother, Enevelyn, was an all-state 100-meter sprinter.

Similar to Mrs. Hyatt, Jalin was always very fast in terms of speed. However, many coaches thought that it was all he had and only speed was not enough to become a footballer.

Initially, Jamie and Enevelyn thought that their son was going to pursue basketball. His weight was a concern for recruiters and made a lot of them pass over him. However, he did not let the apparent flaws be a hindrance and worked hard towards his dreams.

According to Enevelyn,

It would have been easy just to say ‘forget it’ and listen to the people say the things that you can’t do and let that become who you are. But he’s never done that. He’s always went against the odds.

The Hyatt couple is very proud of their little one and the way he overcame all odds.

They had some tough conversations with the NFL player

While Jalin’s parents are extremely proud of him and his accomplishments, they have also taught him to be grounded. The father-mother duo had some conversations with their son regarding his play and outlook on his career.

Although some things that the receiver did not want to hear were said, those talks provided a broader perspective to him and improved his play significantly. Jalin entered the following seasons with a better and more mature mindset.

Both of Jalin’s parents are teachers

Hyatt’s mom previously taught math at Dutch Fork High School. She started working as an educator on August 19, 2003, and retired in June 2021.

Meanwhile, the receiver’s father is also a teacher at the same high school. He teaches English and started his teaching career at the same time as his wife in August 2003. He initially worked at Chapin High School and quit the job in June 2011.

Enevelyn Hyatt Has Already Lost Her Mother

Enevelyn was born Enevelyn Davis to Johnny Davis and Lois Davis on October 28, 1976. She has a pair of sisters, Teresa and Veronica.

The beautiful woman’s father is the pastor of Weeping Willow Baptist Church located in Marion, South Carolina, and had been together with her mother since they were 14 years old. Unfortunately, she passed away in October 2020.

Jalin’s mother is a Newberry College graduate, the same as his father.

Jalin’s dad pays close attention to his own fitness

Hyatt Sr. was born on March 6, 1975, to  Wanda Hyatt Turner. He has a sister named Joy. In college, Jamie majored in English literature, graduating in 1998.

While the man is all about motivating his sons to remain fit and healthy, he applies the same principle to himself as well. He believes that one must exert the same efforts and focus on themselves that they would on their loved ones.


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Jamie Hyatt Coached His Son In The Beginning

Jamie was initially very involved in his child’s training. Since he had prior experience with sports, he knew the basic foundation that needed to be built up to succeed as an athlete. He tried his best to impart those teachings to both his children.

It was after Jalin reached high school that his parents realized that they needed to step back a bit. Jalin’s dad mentioned that since there were going to be plenty of coaches around to guide the aspiring footballer, he decided to revert to the role of a father.

In addition, due to the influence of their athletic parents, Hyatt’s younger brother is also following in his footsteps and is the football wide receiver for the Arizona Wildcats.