Robert Tonyan’s Mother Tammy Tonyan Owns A Cleaning Business

By GloriaPublished on: February 20, 2024 Updated on: February 20, 2024
Birthplace Woodstock, Illinois
Son Robert Tonyan Jr.
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Fans have all the details about the Chigaco BearsRobert Tonyan. But we are sure they don’t know much about his greatest confidant, his mother Tammy Tonyan. The beautiful lady has been by her son’s side for ages now.

Here’s everything you need to know about Robert’s dear mama.

Who is Robert Tonyan’s Mother, Tammy Tonyan?

Robert’s old woman, Tammy Nichol Tonyan, is a devoted family woman. She formerly worked at Memorial Hospital, Woodstock, for more than two decades. Later, she started her own cleaning business after her athletic son started excelling in sports.

Tammy Tonyan with her son Robert Tonyan Jr.
Tonyan holding Robert Jr. right after his birth.

Talking about Tammy’s early life, she is from Woodstock, Illinois. She was born to Harry Nichol and Mary Nichol. As of June 18, 2017, the Nichol couple were married for 62 years.

For her education, Tammy completed her high school at Woodstock High School.

Tammy Tonyan And Her Husband: Enjoying Marital Bliss Since The 1990s

The beautiful Tonyan has been cherishing a long and healthy marriage of more than 3 decades. She tied the knot with Robert Joseph Tonyan, shortly known as Bob, on July 28, 1990. Their wedding reception was held at McHenry Country Club, and the details of their marriage were covered by a local daily.

Tammy Tonyan with Robert J Tonyan
The Tonyan couple share a beautiful bond.

Marking their 29th marriage anniversary in 2019, she wished Bob saying, “Cheers to 29 more years to this handsome, hard-working, generous stud muffin! Love you.” In their prosperous marriage.

Well, her hubby, Bob, runs a family-owned construction business. The Marian Central High School graduate previously worked at William Tonyan and Sons.

Furthermore, the lovebirds have raised two lovely children.

Besides Robert Jr., Tammy Has One More Daughter

In their years of togetherness, the Tonyan pair have embraced parenthood well. They welcomed their only daughter, Danielle, on July 7, 1992. Above everything, Danielle has blessed her mom with two grandsons. And let us tell you, this fun granny loves her little munchkins more than anything.

Tammy Tonyan with her husband and kids.
Tammy and Bob are blessed with 2 athletic kids.

Likewise, we all know about Tonyan’s only son, the more popular Robert Jr. She brought him to the world on April 30, 1994. Her family means the world to her, looking at how much she is fond of sharing pictures with her children and expressing her love.

She pushed her kids into sports.

Both of Robert’s parents supported him and his sister when they were engaged in sports. Furthermore, Tammy didn’t miss Danielle’s volleyball matches. She used to post about her daughter’s athletic journey on Facebook quite often.

Similarly, it was Tammy who pushed her son to football and supported him every step of the way. Appreciating his mother Robert said,

She’s just super-proud. She’s done a lot for me over the years, whether it was sending my highlight tape out to college coaches, emailing every single college in America, and getting me out there. Just the most supportive woman I’ve ever met.

In the same way, when Robert Jr. was growing up, the Tonyan pair used to organize football-themed birthday parties for him. They used to get him new jerseys every year. On one of his early birthdays, Tammy got her son a Packer’s Jersey.

Coincidentally, he went on to play for the team when he progressed as a footballer. Furthermore, over the years, Tammy, along with her husband, have traveled all across to watch her little one play. In 2013, they traveled 44,000 miles following Robert Jr. when he was playing at Indiana State University.

Tammy Tonyan Is Her Son’s Priority

The Tonyan family all share a loving bond. Plus, Robert Jr. has his priorities straight when it comes to his mama. And why not, since she has always been there for him. Here are Robert’s words for his old woman:

My mom, I love my mom. She’s awesome. She’s an incredible woman. I appreciate it.

Even right after any match, when people are out there waiting to talk with Robert Jr, he, for one, goes right up to his mother. Furthermore, before taking any fielding questions, the footballer is often found saying, “I gotta text my mom back.”

Robert Jr Presented His Mother An Unforgettable Gift

No one can deny that Tammy is NFL star Robert’s go-to person, whether he has good news or bad news. Right after he knew he got drafted into the Green Bay Packers, the first person he called was Tammy.

The news served as a present for the mother of two because it was her birthday. Amazingly, Tammy got a No. 85 Packers jersey as a gift from her son on that very day.

The Mother-Son Duo Is Also Into Charity

Tammy, along with her son, has appeared in different charity events. It is quite clear that she likes to help people and has a soft corner for needy ones.

In December 2016, she donated to Paul’s Pantry along with Robert Jr. As it was a cause to help hungry families, the footballer revealed that he always loved the food his mama cooked, so it was a privilege to give back to people who need a proper meal.

Robert Tonyan’s Mom Is A Dog Person

It is quite obvious from her social media that, alongside showing affection for her little ones, Tammy also loved her pet, Jack. Unfortunately, Jack passed away on September 7, 2015. It was there with Tammy for a long time, and she was very close to it. She even shared a heartfelt post in Jack’s memory.

Tammy Tonyan's dog
Tonyan’s pet dog was like her own child.