Mack Hollins’ Father Richard Hollins’ NFL Dream Was Shattered

By AustinPublished on: February 16, 2024 Updated on: February 16, 2024
Birthday July 20, 1962
Birthplace Zanesville, Ohio
Age 61 years
Son Mack Hollins
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Richard Hollins is the father of the American football wide receiver Mack Hollins. As a parent to one of the best contemporary athletes in the National Football League, Richard is renowned for his supportive role in his son’s life. Not many people might know that Richard himself was a football player drafted into the NFL. However, he never got to play in the league.

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Mack Hollins’ Father, Richard Hollins, Was Born And Raised In Ohio

Mr. Hollins was born on July 20, 1962, in Zanesville, Ohio, to his parents, Charles William Hollins and Charlene Hollins. He grew up with seven siblings: five brothers, Jackie, Charles ‘Joey,’ Robin, Steven, Brian Keith, and two sisters, Vickie Snoddy and Bobby Palmer.

One of his late brothers, Jackie, was a football coach.

Mack Hollins' father, Richard Hollins, was raised in Ohio

Similarly, Richard’s father was a fan of exotic animals and owned a lion, kept in a cage about half the size of the NFL end zone.

Richard Got Drafted Into The NFL In The 1980s

Much like his son, Richard was a wide receiver, making his mark since his early days in high school. He went to Zanesville High School, where he was named to The Associated Press All-East football team.

Similarly, Hollins was a scholarship receiver at West Virginia University from 1980 to 1993. With 36 games played throughout his collegiate career, Richard had 105 receptions and 1981 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 73 long. He is still the eighth all-time in the college’s history for career receiving yards.

Mack Hollins' father Richard Hollins was drafted into the NFL
Richard was a wide receiver for West Virginia.

Thanks to his standout performances in college, Richard was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the 1984 Draft as the 246th overall pick in the ninth round. Unfortunately, a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury ended his career before it even started.

Furthermore, his talents had earned him national and local attention. While he could not play in the league, he is living his dream through his son, who inherited his athleticism.

Mack’s Old Man Got Shot in 1985

Richard had sustained a severe head wound during his time in West Virginia on June 10, 1985. An off-duty campus policeman shot Hollins with his handgun outside Morgantown, W.Va. The shooter, Gwathney Smith, surrendered himself, claiming it was self-defense.

Smith later pleaded guilty in court to reduce his charges.

Richard Hollins Is A Personal Trainer

Given his athletic nature, Hollins became a personal trainer. He is currently a personal training assistant manager at Lifetime Fitness, starting this role in May 2017. He was unemployed for a time around 2012-2013 when his son was thinking about leaving North Carolina because of financial trouble.

Richard, who wanted his kid to finish his education, was also entertaining the idea. Thankfully, everything worked out in the end.

The Former Football Player Is Married To His College Sweetheart

Richard met his wife, Karyn Schmitt Hollins, in West Virginia. The lovebirds got married on September 11, 1985. They celebrated their 37th anniversary in 2022. Commemorating the occasion, Mrs. Hollins posted a picture of her husband holding a fish he caught and captioned it,

Cast my bait on this day, back in 1985. Happy 37th Anniversary to my favorite catch

Their relationship, which began almost four decades ago, is still fresh as a flower. The cheerful couple often shares their happiness on social media.

Mack Hollins' father, Richard Hollins, and mother, Karyn Hollins, met in college
Richard and Karyn have been together for almost four decades.

Furthermore, the matriarch of the Hollins family works in the sales. She has been with Designtex since March 2006.

Richard Hollins And Karyn Are Parents Of Three

In their fruitful marriage, the pair have welcomed three wonderful children into the world. The oldest, Brian, was born on April 17, 1991, followed by Mack on September 16, 1993, and the youngest, Drew, arrived on July 1, 1996.

All of them played football growing up, but only Mack had the talent to go professional.

Richard Hollins and his wife, Karyn Hollins, have three children
Richard with his wife and children.

Richard gave his kids two options—complete college or join the military. The oldest is the brains of the family and chose college. He went to Stanford University and is now the founder and managing partner at Collide Capital. His portfolio is quite diverse, and he has worked at Goldman Sachs.

Likewise, after high school, the youngest enlisted in The Marine Corps. It took a while for Mack to get his bearings, but he did, and now he does not really need an introduction. The brothers were close growing up, and they still are.

The three look so similar that people have mistaken them for triplets. The Hollins duo raised them right, and it really shows.

The Former Wide Receiver Was A Mentor To His Son Growing Up

A wide receiver’s son growing up to be a wide receiver can not really be a coincidence, right? Richard was someone Mack could always look up to. He had always been by his side, from teaching him the basics of football to helping him kickstart his collegiate career.

Most importantly, he taught Mack and his other sons the virtue of hard work. Richard taught his kid to be humble. He told his son,

Keep your head down, and don’t let anybody outwork you! When you get out on that field, you give 110-percent… when you come home on the weekends, you’re still gonna cut the grass.

At present, Richard Hollins lives in Washington, District of Columbia, with his family.