Treylon Burks’ Parents: His Great Grandparents Helped In His Upbringing

By AustinPublished on: February 20, 2024 Updated on: February 20, 2024
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Treylon Burks is the wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans. One of the 2022 draft’s first-round picks was raised by his single parent, Sha’Freda Strickland. However, Strickland had help from her grandparents. They heavily contributed to his upbringing, molding him into the person and athlete he has become today.

So, let’s learn more about his mother, father, and other figures in the article below.

Treylon Burks’ Parents; Was Raised By A Single Mother

Burks was born on March 23, 2000, in Flint, Michigan. While we know who his mother is, the name and identity of his biological father remain a mystery, as Burks has never revealed anything about him.

Due to his dad’s absence, his old woman wore both hats and was both his mom and dad.

Treylons Burks's mother and his great grandparents raised him
Treylon with his delightful mother.

As stated earlier, Ms. Strickland was not alone in this. She had all the help from her grandparents, Joe and Freda Burks, who played an influential role in raising Burks. Treylon took their last name because of that. In addition, they always believed in their great-grandson, which always pushed him to succeed.

Living Up To His Great Grandpa’s Legacy

Treylon’s late great-granddad, Joe, was born on January 8, 1943, and sadly departed the world on April 11, 2016, at the age of 73. He was a lifelong fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks, so the footballer wanted to honor his grandpa.

The 24-year-old talked about what playing for Arkansas meant for him. He said,

He was always a Razorback fan. I kind of knew a little bit that I was going to come here, but not much. Just living that dream up for him is a big honor for me. (sic)

Similarly, despite the generational gap between them, the duo were like father and son. Even now, everything the WR does is to make his granddad proud. Bo Hembree, Burks’ high school coach, speaks fondly about the relationship the two shared. Likewise, Treylon has also been compared to his grandfather, who is deemed a “great” guy by many.

Moreover, after Joe’s tragic passing, his wife, Freda, took over as a mentor for their grandson Treylon. Because of all the Burks have done, wearing their name on his back and representing it is “an honor” for him.

Joe Served In The Army

The senior Burks served in the United States Army in the Vietnam War. He was also the custodian and bus driver at Warren High School, where he retired from in 2013 after serving for over three decades. Apart from Treylon, he raised other grand and great-grandchildren as his own.

Besides, the family meant everything to the late Joe, and because of all he had done for them, his offspring still work hard to honor his name.

Treylon Burks’ Mother Is His Biggest Supporter

Sha’Freda was born on August 18, 1986, in Warren, Arkansas. She graduated from Warren High School in 2004. Warren looks like the family’s go-to high school. Plus, Ms. Strickland is quite supportive of her son’s career.

Sha'Freda Strickland was both his mother and father
Sha’Freda always posts about her children’s achievements on her social media.

Meanwhile, raising her little ones as a single parent, she always ensured their passion could thrive. Like the proud mama she is, she regularly posts about her kids’ achievements on her social media profiles.

Ms. Strickland Has Four Children

Apart from Treylon, Sha’Freda has three other kids: a son and two daughters. The player is the oldest, followed by his sisters, Jade Watson and Jayla Strickland, and the youngest, Braylen Watson.

Similarly, much like her brother, Jayla is quite the athlete herself. She was a part of the Warren High School women’s basketball team. The two are exceptionally close. Treylon’s experience was likely vital in shaping his sibling’s passion.

The Wide Receiver’s Mother Is In A Relationship?

According to her Facebook, Strickland is in a relationship. However, she has not posted anything about her lover.

As one can see, Treylon’s surname is different from his siblings who are Strickland and Watson. During Jayla’s Homecoming, a man named Tremaine Watson was said to be her father. He even escorted her to the ceremony.

Moreover, Jade even wished Tremaine on 2013 Father’s Day.

However, Treylon Burks has never mentioned his old man anywhere, and no news tabloids have reported anything. So, could it be that Tremaine is his father as well?