Mack Hollins’ Parents – Mother Karyn Hollins is A Saleswoman

By AbigailPublished on: February 27, 2024 Updated on: February 27, 2024
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Mack Hollins, the wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, has made quite a name for himself since his draft in the league in 2017. His journey in the NFL has not been without hurdles; however, he always has two individuals supporting him through thick and thin. They are none other than his parents.

Read this article to find out more about Mack Hollins’ parents.

Mack Hollins’ Parents Are Richard and Karyn Hollins

The NFL wide receiver, Hollins was born to Richard Hollins and Karyn Schmitt-Hollins on September 16, 1993. The player was raised by his parents alongside their other kids in Rockville, Maryland.

Mack Hollins' mother Karyn Hollins and father Richard Hollins
Richard and Karyn raised Mack and his siblings in Rockville.

The family has gone through several difficulties, both financial and otherwise. Around 2013, when student loans were piling up for the kids, Richard unfortunately ended up losing his job.

However, they have held each other through those tough times and emerged closer than ever.

His Parents Were College Sweethearts – Raised Three Sons Together

Mack’s parents met in West Virginia and tied the knot on September 11, 1985. Commemorating their 37th anniversary in 2022, Karyn posted a photo of her hubby with a fish on a boat. She hilariously mentioned how she had cast the bait in the 1980s and caught her best fish, referring to Richard.

The lovebirds share a playful relationship to this day and their romance is still as alive as ever. They have also built a beautiful family for themselves with three kids. The married couple has three sons, Brian, Mack, and Andrew.

Their eldest son, Brian was born on April 17, 1991, followed by the NFL player two years later. The pair gave birth to their youngest child, Andrew on July 1, 1996. The three brothers look almost the same and they could be mistaken for being triplets.

Mack Hollins with his father Richard Hollins and brothers Brian Hollins and Andrew Hollins at a football game
The adorable lovebirds have raised three sons together.

Brian earned a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and a Master’s degree from Harvard Business School. Afterward, he founded two companies Takeoff Institute and Collide Capital.

Moreover, Brian’s start-up company Takeoff Institute was featured in Forbes as one of the Top 1000. The company was launched in March 2020 and during its first year, created 50 internships for black students to get a headstart on the post-graduation job hunt.

Meanwhile, the youngest Hollins joined the Marine Corps after graduating high school in December 2014. During his four-year stint in the army, he also joined Northern Virginia Community College taking classes in data science for a year. After his discharge, the young man enrolled at Columbia University in 2019.

Mack Hollins’ Father Played College Football

It seems like being good at sports runs in the family. Mack’s father, in his youth, played for West Virginia University. He got into the university on a scholarship and was a receiver for his team. The aspiring footballer even had plans of going professional, after getting drafted by Detroit Lions in 1984.

Unfortunately, his career ended before it could begin due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Although Richard’s NFL never took off, Mack has been the one to take up his father’s mantle and fulfill his wishes.

Moreover, Richard was the one to teach his children the importance of hard work. He gave all his sons lessons about the importance of perseverance and effort and all about staying humble in the face of success. Richard said,

But no matter where you go — and I don’t care how many people are around you or how many groups of guys you’re with — you can always be the hardest worker. That is owned by nobody but yourself.

Hollins Sr. Hails From Ohio – He Was Almost Killed At 22

Mack’s old man was born on July 20, 1962, in Zanesville, Ohio, to Charles William Hollins and Charlene Hollins. He grew up in a big family with seven siblings: five brothers, JackieCharles ‘Joey,’ RobinStevenBrian Keith, and two sisters, Vickie Snoddy and Bobby Palmer.

Richard currently works as a personal training assistant manager at Lifetime Fitness. He joined the workforce at the fitness center in May 2017.

Back in 1985, Richard, then-22, was shot by an off-duty West Virginia University campus policeman Gwathney Smith after Hollins entered through the back door of Smith’s house at night. The reason why the former college footballer entered Smith’s house at night remains undisclosed. The incident left Mack’s old man in a serious condition with a gunshot wound in the head.

Smith initially said he pulled the trigger in self-defense, however, later pleaded guilty to to the charges of unlawful assault.

Mack Hollins’ Father Karyn Has Years of Experience in Sales

Mack’s mom was born Karyn Jean Schmitt to Carl Schmitt and Jeanne Schmitt in December 1962. Her mother passed away back on November 22, 2004. She spent her childhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her siblings, two brothers Gary and Thomas, and two sisters Lori and Beth.

Karyn Schmitt-Hollins and her sister Beth Schmitt at an event
Karyn shares a close bond with her siblings.

Mack’s mom, Karyn has been working in the sales department of Designtex since March 2006.

Mack Hollins’s Parents Are Supportive Of Him

A supportive parent means the world to a child when they set out to achieve something. Both of Mack’s parents are like his own personal fan club and they are always there, cheering him at his games.

Furthermore, since Hollins Sr. has quite a bit of knowledge in terms of football, he has been coaching him since his childhood. He was also a strict parent and wanted his children to find their way in life.

Meanwhile, Mack’s mom is like his rock, always standing by him no matter what and the athlete has immense love and respect for her.