Dylan Cole’s Parents: They’ve Kids From Their Other Relationships

By AbigailPublished on: February 25, 2024 Updated on: February 25, 2024
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Dylan Cole, the linebacker for the Chicago Bears, has accumulated plenty of experience since his draft in 2017. His parents, Traci Cole and Tacoma Bailey deserve recognition for playing a vital role in his success. They have nurtured Cole into what he is today, greatly influencing his football career.

Well, Dylan has made a name for himself in the NFL now. Previously, he was with the Houston Texans from 2017 to 2020 and then with the Tennessee Titans from 2021 to 2022. Though the Missouri State graduate was left undrafted in 2017, he has now cemented his name in the active roster.

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Dylan Cole’s parents seem to have separated from each other

While Traci and Tacoma have not left any stone unturned in raising their child, the couple themselves do not seem to be together anymore. Although the athlete has not been very vocal about his parents’ relationship status, there is sufficient reason to believe that they are separated.

Dylan Cole's mother Traci Cole and his father Tacoma Bailey
Dylan’s parents have separated from each other.

It is also not known if the pair were ever married. Both were also not each other’s first lovers and even had children with their previous partners. As one can see, Dylan and some of his siblings have taken his mother’s surname.

The pair have three kids together

While the former couple is no longer together romantically, they have jointly raised three children. Along with the footballer, Traci and Tacoma have two daughters. Their eldest, Daelyn Mishae Cole, was born on March 25, 1993, while the youngest, Danae Cole, arrived on April 5, 1997.

Dylan Cole with his mother Traci Cole and his siblings
Traci and Tacoma had three kids together.

The ex-couple raised their younglings in Springfield, Missouri. All of them are now grown-ups and have settled with their respective families.

Furthermore, Daelyn currently works as an assistant director at Out ‘N About Support Services.

Dylan Cole’s parents share offspring with other partners as well

Apart from their three kids together, both Tacoma and Traci have children with other people. Dylan’s mom had her first child, Devon Michael Dougherty, on January 3, 1991, with her previous partner, Marcus Dougherty. Her eldest son is the owner and CEO of an incorporation, Superior Fleet Care, located in Austin, Texas.

Dylan shares a close bond with his half-brother as they were raised together.

Meanwhile, Cole’s father has three more daughters named Janai Denise Bailey, Chadai Sukari Bailey, and Tawana DuEwa (Bailey) Shelton, and two more sons named Chunga Tacuma Bailey and Justin Dain Pierce. He was not very present in his little ones’ lives and says that he would have liked to do a better job.

About the linebacker’s mother

Traci was born on June 2, 1971, to Terry Ray Cole and Sue Lynn Brent in Rogersville, Missouri. She was raised with her siblings Cindy Spaulding and Brent Cole.

The 52-year-old’s mother passed away when she was 12,  while her father died in 2019. He formerly worked in the food brokerage industry for several years before retirement.

Traci Cole is a supportive mama

Being a loving mother, Traci has always been there for her children throughout their trials. She has devoted her life to raising her kids, and they all appreciate the love and support she has given them.

The mother of four was supportive of her son playing football even when he was just a child and has stood as the pillar of his strength. She had full confidence in Dylan and always believed that he would make it. The footballer said,

She’s supported me this whole way, since I was 6 or 7 and playing football,” he said this week. “Just having her there always supporting me, it’s going to be special when she’s on the field with me for that last time.

Traci’s kids also have the reassurance that no matter what kind of success and failures they face in life, she will always have their back. She taught her younglings how to fight through the obstacles.

Furthermore, the woman is a sweet grandma to all her beloved grandkids, and they call her ‘Gigi’ as a form of granny.

She has raised two athletes

Dylan is not the only sports player in the family. The youngest, Danae, is also into sports. During her time at State Fair Community College, she was a basketball player. She has also tried her hand at martial arts and is currently into boxing.

Dylan Cole’s father resides in Kansas

The athlete’s old man was born to Maxine Coleman in Parsons, Kansas. Tacoma was raised by his mom along with his brother Mwalimu Shujaa and sisters Renee Surratt-Caldwell, Randallene (Ronda) Eethel Coleman, and Kathy Jones.

Dylan’s grandmother worked as a self-employed beautician and later a housekeeper for the Parsons State Hospital and Training Center to raise her younglings. Sadly, she departed from this world in 2015.

Furthermore, while most news sites have reported his name as Tacoma, the man himself writes his name as Tacuma.

Tacoma Bailey was the leader of an NGO for differently abled people

Tacoma attended Parsons High School in his hometown and moved to New Jersey for further education. He enrolled in The College of New Jersey and entered the workforce upon completing college.

Afterward, Dylan’s dad became the leader of a non-profit organization, Class LTD. The NGO assists individuals with disabilities to learn and grow in their life’s journey.

Dylan’s Old Man is proud of his accomplishments

There are very few parents who would not be happy with their child’s success. Similar to Dylan’s mother, Tacoma is very proud of his son for his achievements and the struggles that he had to go through. He has always believed that the linebacker would be able to achieve all that he set out for.

Meanwhile, the footballer regards his dad as the second-best thing in the world after his mama and has a lot of respect for him.

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