Toa Mariota, Meet Marcus Mariota’s Father

By NoahPublished on: August 29, 2023 Updated on: January 31, 2024
Birthday December 1963
Birthplace American Samoa
Age 60 years
Son Marcus Mariota
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Toa Mariota is the father of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Marcus Mariota. Samoan by heritage, Toa has a degree in criminal justice. Due to the increasing popularity of his son Marcus, many have become curious to know more about his father and the relationship between the duo.

Let’s find out all the details about Toa Mariota in the sections below.

Key Takeaways

  • Toa Mariota is the father of NFL quarterback Marcus Mariota.
  • He worked in the Department of Homeland Security for over 25 years.
  • Toa didn’t like the idea of his son Marcus playing football but later accepted it.
  • He is Marcus’ biggest supporter and critic.

About Toa Mariota: His Early Life

Toa Mariota, better known as the father of Marcus Mariota is of Samoan ancestry. Born in December 1963, in American Samoa, Toa was a rugby player in his youth. He played as a wing in his village rugby games and was fast and elusive.

Later, he moved to the Bay Area to care for his grandmother, who was in poor health condition.

Toa’s Education And Profession

Toa studied criminal justice at Chaminade University, Hawaii. He worked in the Department of Homeland Security, assigned to the Joint Inter-Agency Task Force.

Later, he became a supervisor in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement branch. His cases involved drugs, human trafficking, and money laundering.

Toa Mariota’s Married Life

Toa is happily married to Alana Deppe-Mariota. The lovebirds first met at Chaminade University. He fell in love with Alana and later married her.

The duo have a healthy relationship, as they are seen together in a lot of photos. Their sons post photos of the happy family on their social accounts.

Toa with his two sons.
Toa Mariota (right) with his two sons Marcus (middle) and Matt (left).

How Many Children Does Toa Have?

Toa has two sons Marcus and Matt with Alana. His elder son Marcus Mariota was born on October 30, 1993, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Marcus was first drafted into the NFL by the Tennessee Titans in 2015. Currently, he plays as a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Matt Mariota, his younger son is also a football player, who currently plays as a linebacker for Leeds Beckett University, a British University. Prior to this, he was a tight end for the Oregon Ducks.

Toa Mariota Originally Didn’t Want His Son Marcus To Play Football

Toa’s son Marcus was a sports enthusiast from his childhood. He played rugby, volleyball, soccer, and surfing. As he grew older, he wanted to play American football, which was very popular in his locality.

But his father, who grew up in American Samoa didn’t play football at all. Therefore, he intended to pass the same rules to his son and only allowed him to play flag football.

But when Marcus joined St. Louis School, he was very excited to join the football team there. So, when he showed his dedication and love for the sport, his dad Toa finally agreed.

Toa Is Marcus’s Biggest Supporter

When Marcus was 9, his father Toa threw a ball at him and noticed there was an undeveloped talent in him. Ever since, he has been supporting Marcus’ progression as an athlete.

Marcus was born into a middle-class family that had its financial struggles. Marcus’ coaching expenses were hard to manage for his father, but Toa had belief in his son. Eventually, he sold his house to ensure that Marcus got the best coaching possible.

Toa hugging his son Marcus
Toa hugging his son Marcus at his game.

Marcus’ dad has supported him throughout his football career. When Marcus had trouble getting to the starting lineup for his high school football team, Toa sent him to various elite football camps to further improve his skills.

Growing up, my parents made a lot of sacrifices for my brother and I to go to private school and to attend some of the football camps,” Marcus said in an interview. “They got through some hard times, but it was for me, and that’s what I’ve learned from them. I’m very grateful for that.

Toa Mariota Doesn’t Hesitate To Criticize His Son Marcus

Although Toa is Marcus’ biggest supporter, he doesn’t step back to criticize his son when it is necessary.

Toa believes that not all criticisms are bad- as he often points out the weaknesses in his son’s game. Once, he told him that he needed to move through his progressions better and throw the ball out of bounds.

Toa and Marcus
Marcus watching the start of the 2015 NFL Draft from his watch party in Honolulu with his father Toa.

Toa has a strong and silent personality, not speaking much and only talking when it matters. But that doesn’t scare off his son. Instead, his son Marcus has learned much from his dad, especially staying strong in the mind. He is blessed to be able to go to him and talk about anything.

Toa Mariota’s Net Worth

Toa has worked in the Department of Homeland Security for more than 25 years. His son Marcus has a reported $12 million dollars fortune as of 2024. Although his exact worth is not known, it is speculated that Toa has a digits-worth net worth.

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