Jaire Alexander’s Parents Earl and Tawanda Alexander Are Army Veterans

By PhillipPublished on: December 28, 2023 Updated on: February 20, 2024
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Jaire Alexander’s parents are Tawanda D. Alexander and Earl Landis Alexander. The Green Bay Packers cornerback is close to his mom and dad. He shares several photos of them on his socials. Furthermore, Jaire has repeatedly mentioned that he is nothing without them and that they are his greatest supporters.

Although the NFL star shares his parents’ photos on his socials, there are a lot of things to uncover about them. Details on their first meet, dating days, and their marriage are some of the things we are going to talk about in the following sections. So, read the full articles to know them.

Jaire Alexander’s Parents Met After His Dad Came To Philadelphia

The initial love story behind Earl and Tawanda is yet to be disclosed. However, we do know for a fact that the lovebirds crossed paths for the first time when Jaire’s father came to Philadelphia, the hometown of his wife. Since both of them served in the US Army, it is most likely that their common interests brought them closer.

Nevertheless, the two instantly fell for one another shortly after they started dating. They got married after a short courtship and it has been over two decades since they have been leading a blissfully married life.

Jaire Alexander parents
Jaire’s parents enjoying their time together.

After a couple of years of their marriage, they welcomed their son, Jaire Zakar Alexander on February 9, 1997, in Philadelphia. The family later moved to Earl’s hometown, Charlotte when the future football star was still a toddler.

Tawanda and Earl are currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are enjoying a happily married life where they’re joined occasionally by their three children, Jaire, Nadia, and Tahir.

A Brief Description About Their Children

The couple’s oldest child, Jaire is 27 years old as of 2024. No need to mention, he has been the cornerback for the Green Bay Packers for the past five years. Jaire was the  18th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. He renewed his contract on May 18, 2022, signing a four-year $84 million extension contract with the Packers.

Similarly, Earl and Tawanda welcomed their second child, Nadia Alexander on February 2, 2001. She is 23 years old as of 2024 and is currently pursuing a degree at Johnson C. Smith University. Furthermore, she is a track athlete at the JCSU.

Jarie Alexander with his family.
Alexander with his parents and siblings.

Finally, the duo welcomed their youngest son Tahir Alexander on May 3, 2003. The 21 years old is a college student. Besides his education, Tahir is pretty active on social media especially TikTok (@Sai) where he posts several clips of himself and his siblings.

Earl Alexander Is A Former Inbound Customer Service Representative At Verizon

Earl was born in February 1973 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He grew up alongside his sister Dana Alexander. Jaire’s father went to West Charlotte High School and later joined Johnson C. Smith University where he played college basketball for the Golden Bulls. After graduating from the university, Earl joined the Central Piedmont Community College.

Jaire Alexander's father Earl Alexander
Earl is a veteran who worked as a CSR at Verizon.

Earl is currently enjoying a retired life. However, he worked as an inbound customer service representative at Verizon from 2013 to 2017. Likewise, Earl was the inbound customer service representative at Time Warner Cable from 2007 to 2010.

Besides this, he also worked as a quality control inspector at Clarke American Checks, Inc. from 2003 to 2005. Likewise, he is a veteran who has served in the US Navy.

Tawanda Alexander Is A Veteran: She Also Served In The US Army

Tawanda was born Tawanda D. Osborne on April 27, 1975, in Philadelphia. She spent most of her childhood in her hometown alongside her brother Larry A. Osborne and sister Sierra Gerrick. Similarly, talking about her education, Mrs. Alexander went to Germantown High School graduating in 1992. Likewise, she joined Shaw University graduating in 1996.

Jaire Alexander's mom Tawanda Alexander
Tawanda is a veteran who has served in the US Army.

Jaire’s mom reportedly works as a payroll agent at Charlotte-Mecklenburg  Schools. However, before all of this, Tawanda was in the US Army just like her husband.

Jaire Alexander Is Proud of Being The Son Of Veterans

The cornerback is very proud of his parents. Back in 2018, he took to Twitter on the occasion of Veteran’s Day to show his love and appreciation for his parents for serving in the army.

He shared a photo of the two with a heartfelt message that read, “Words can’t describe how appreciative I am for these two, putting it on the line when they didn’t have to. Thank you .

Furthermore, Tawanda shared the post on her Facebook account saying they both resemble their children Nadia and Jaire so much in the old picture and wished everyone a happy Veterans Day. Her exact words were, “Damn we look like Nadia and Jaire in these pictures. Happy Veterans Day!

Jaire Alexander’s Parents Are Very Supportive Of His Career

Both Earl and his wife Tawanda are proud of their son’s accomplishments. Both of them frequently take to their socials to express their love for their son and congratulate him on his success. Furthermore, the couple regularly go to his games to show their support for Jaire and the team he plays for.

Jaire Alexander parents and siblings are very supportive of his career.
Jaire loves spending time with his family members.

However, they are not the only ones. Jaire’s younger sister and brother are also pretty supportive of him and show their love for the footballer through their socials. Nadia constantly takes to TikTok (@nadiaalexander__) to share clips of her elder brother and the same goes for Tahir.