LuAnn Blough – Lions Quarterback David Blough’s Mother Is A Cancer Survivor

By PhillipPublished on: December 21, 2023 Updated on: February 18, 2024
Birthday December 31, 1957
Birthplace Deerfield, Illinois
Age 66 years
Son David Blough
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LuAnn Blough is the mother of the Detroit Lions quarterback David Blough. She has always been by the footballer’s side and he says she is the cornerstone of his success. Despite facing several hardships throughout her life, including divorce and overcoming cancer twice, LuAnn has continually emerged stronger and more resilient. She is definitely what we would call a fighter.

There are still several unexplored facts regarding the NFL player’s mother. So, let’s learn more about her in this article.

David Blough’s Mother LuAnn Blough Is An Illinois Native

LuAnn was born LuAnn Heusinkveld on December 31, 1957, in Deerfield, Illinois. She is the daughter of Bob Heusinkveld and Fran Heusinkveld. Her dad was in the US Navy who passed away in 2013. Likewise, her mom, Fran passed away at the age of 89 in June 2021.

LuAnn Blough with her mom.
LuAnn lost her mother at the age of 89

The 66-year-old has a brother named John Heusinkveld, who is an insurance and employee benefits advisor. He is also the owner of Ourbenefitcoach and MoneyTeamCoach. LuAnn and her siblings spent most of their childhood in their hometown of Deerfield Illinois.

The NFL mom completed high school at Deerfield High School in 1975 and joined Vanderbilt University where she earned a bachelor of science degree in Psychology in 1979.

She Works As A Regional Development Director

LuAnn is a regional development director for the Exchange Resource Group LLC. She has been working for the company since 2013. As an RDD, she is responsible for directing development for nationwide tax deferrals and providing education on IRS sec. 1031 tax-deferred real estate exchanges. Similarly, with the help of her customer service knowledge, she helps to maximize savings.

Besides this, David’s mother is also a notary signing agent. She has been working in this field for more than two decades. As a notary agent, LuAnn provides notary closing services to title companies and lenders in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

LuAnn Is A Divorcée: She Is Enjoying A Single Life Living In Carrollton, Texas

The 66-year-old is enjoying a single life living alongside her kids in Carrollton, Texas. She was previously married to Mark Wayne Blough. The couple remained married for several years and they gave birth to three sons, Matthew, Daniel, and David before parting ways.

LuAnn Blough with her family.
LuAnn is currently single.

According to the reports, the two decided to get a divorce in 2017. Although they have terminated their marriage, both of them are still good friends and LuAnn still shares his photos on her socials.

She Is A Mother Of Three Including David Blough

As we mentioned earlier, David is not the only son of LuAnn. He is the youngest of three sons. LuAnn and her ex-husband gave birth to their oldest son Matthew Blough in 1988. He is married to his beautiful wife Bailey Devore Blough.

Similarly, the former couple became parents for the second time welcoming their son Daniel Blough in 1991. He is the director of investor operations at Westmount Realty Capital LLC. Daniel is married to Kascie Blough.

LuAnn Blough with her kids
Blough is the mother of three sons.

Last but not least, the regional development director gave birth to David Blough on July 31, 1995. No need to mention, he is the quarterback for the Detroit Lions. David has been married to Melissa Blough, an athlete and sister of New England Patriots cornerback Christian Gonzalez.

LuAnn Blough Is A Cancer Survivor: She Had Tongue Cancer

David’s mother Blough is a cancer survivor. In 1997, just after her 40th birthday, LuAnn experienced a sore on her tongue. She didn’t think much of it and pressed on. But a couple of weeks went by and the soreness hadn’t stopped so, she went to the dentist thinking she had a problem with her teeth.

Three hours later she had a meeting with the oral surgeon and she was informed that it was a tongue cancer. A month after the diagnosis, David’s mom underwent a nine-hour surgery to remove a one-inch tumor from her tongue.

LuAnn Blough with her son.
LuAnn is a cancer survivor.

Furthermore, the doctors had to perform a radical neck dissection to remove lymph nodes on the left side of her neck to make sure that the cancer hadn’t spread any further.

It’s been nearly two decades since the NFL mom had the surgery, however, LuAnn says she still experiences numbness and pain in her neck and shoulders even years after the surgery. In her words,

Some days I pretend it never actually happened, but I still have residual neck and shoulder pains from the surgery. So it’s never not there for me. Your life changes when that word enters your life.

LuAnn added, “You have your life before cancer and after you become a survivor, it’s always there, but, thankfully, you’re a survivor.

She Joined The Challenge 5K run/walk To Help Raise Money To Support Cancer Research

Ever since LuAnn won the battle with cancer not once but twice, she wanted to do something for the survivors and the sufferers. So, in 2016, she joined the Challenge 5K run/walk near Ross-Ade Stadium to help raise money for cancer research.

According to the two-time cancer survivor, she joined the run because all of the money raised during the event would be going to cancer research as opposed to marketing.

David Blough’s Mother Was The One Who Insisted He Plays As a Quarterback

David’s mother is one of his greatest supporters. She has been by his side from the very beginning. Ms. Blough was the one who suggested the Lions player play quarterback instead of his desired position of wide receiver.

David said his mom always saw a great sense of leadership in him. She even believed that because of the same reason the quarterback received the “Leaders for Life” award from his teachers at the end of his first grade.

LuAnn Blough with her son David Blough.
Blough suggested her son play quarterback.

LuAnn thought that David loved commanding the field and he wasn’t fast enough to be a receiver so she wanted him to be a pivotal part of the offense as a quarterback. Her exact words were,

He was out there commanding the field. I didn’t think he was fast enough to be a receiver and I knew with him, he needed to be a pivotal part of the offense and I knew that other kids looked up to him.

LuAnn is very proud of her son’s accomplishments and frequently goes to the game to show her support for David and the Detroit Lions. She constantly posts pictures of the footballer on her socials and is happy to express her love for her child.

LuAnn Blough’s Social Media Presence

LuAnn is pretty active on social media You can find her on Facebook (@LuAnn Heusinkveld Blough )and Twitter (@MomBlough). She regularly posts pictures of her family members and is always the first one to talk about her son’s progress and accomplishments.