Brandon Aiyuk’s Parents: Mother’s A Nurse & Father’s An Engineer

By AustinPublished on: January 25, 2024 Updated on: February 11, 2024
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The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk has made an indelible mark in the National Football League (NFL) with his talents and consistent dedication. Passionate about football from an early age, Aiyuk’s journey has been full of ups and downs. Thankfully, he has had his supportive parents to help him navigate through it all.

If you had a hard time finding the details of the athlete’s mother and father, you are in the right place. With extensive research, we have gathered information about them and their life. Keep reading till the end.

Brandon Aiyuk’s Parents Are Martha And Peter Aiyuk

Martha Aiyuk and Peter Aiyuk gave birth to their son Brandon on March 17, 1998, in Rocklin, California. The couple raised him in Reno, Nevada, where they have made a name for themselves.

Brandon Aiyuk was born to Peter and Martha Aiyuk
Brandon was born to Peter and Martha.

Most of the online sources have claimed Brandon’s father is Swaminathan Aiyar, but that is untrue. The athlete’s dad is, in fact, Peter. In addition, both his parents have undoubtedly aided his football journey. Without them, his passion for football might have wilted.

Furthermore, he disclosed in a podcast that he received $5 as lunch money from his folks. Soon, Brandon negotiated to make it $9.

Brandon’s Mother Is A Nurse

Born in October 1968, Martha is 55 years old as of 2024. Her career began in the local Nevada oncology hospital, where she has been serving as a nurse for over two decades.

She previously worked at the Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center. She was in management for several years. However, Mrs. Aiyuk’s real passion was serving the people, so she returned to nursing her patients.

Brandon Aiyuk's mother is a nurse
Brandon Aiyuk’s mother Martha is a nurse.

Talking about her education, Brandon’s mom went to the University of Nevada, from where she graduated in May 1997. Further continuing her academics, the celebrity parent did her master’s in nursing from the same university.

Following her graduation, Martha joined Cancer Care Specialists, continuing her commitments to oncology patients. With AANP and ANCC certifications, she has been serving the oncology community for a long time.

She Is An Immigrant

As most people know, the football player is of Cameroonian descent; it is his mother who makes him a part of this heritage. Martha was born in Cameroon and moved to the United States, searching for a better life, which she most definitely has achieved.

Aiyuk’s Mom Is A 49ers Fan

The wide receiver, after being drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, posted a picture of his 4-year-old self wearing the 49ers jersey.

He revealed to the reporters that his mother had been a “huge 49ers fan her whole life,” something she passed on to the athlete. He said,

So I wouldn’t say a fan throughout. I just kind of just move with players. But, definitely, when I was younger, I was rolling with the 49ers because of my mom.

The NFL draft was kind of a dream come true for him, and he has utilized every opportunity he got there.

Brandon’s Mom Ignited His Passion For Photography

Apart from football, Brandon has an avid passion for photography. He revealed that his mother has a photo album of his childhood. According to the athlete, Martha recorded every piece of their youth.

Because of that, Aiyuk continues to do the same. He has a son, Braylon Aiyuk, with his girlfriend, Rochelle Searight. The wide receiver takes pictures of his child, just like his mother had done for him and his siblings.

Martha Had Dinner With Grant Cohn

Being a player’s mother comes with its own set of perks. Grant Cohn, a journalist covering the 49ers, had dinner with Brandon’s mother. When Cohn overheard some people talking about the 49ers, he discovered Martha in the crowd. She recognized him as well.

They soon began chatting and later ended up having dinner at a place nearby Green Bay. However, it was not just the two of them. The fans she was talking to and a fellow journalist were also with them. It was the fans who paid for the dinner.

Cohn remarked Martha was a wonderful lady. Her genuine pride in her son was something he noticed. Furthermore, the journalist told the football player about the dinner, but he had already known about it from his mother.

Brandon’s Father Is An Engineer

Mrs. Aiyuk is not the only star of the family. Her husband, Peter’s education and career are equally compelling. Born in November 1961, the 62 years-old is currently the Chief Performance Analysis Engineer at the Nevada Department of Transportation, a role he has held since July 1995.

Brandon’s father attended the University of Nevada from 1989 to 1993. He received his Bachelor of Science in Geological Science degree there.

Brandon Aiyuk's father Peter Aiyuk
Brandon’s father Peter is an engineer.

After over two decades, Peter got his Master’s degree in civil engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2014.

Besides, he has years of experience in roadway design, Traffic/Safety Engineering, and material testing.

Martha And Peter Have Two More Children Besides The Athlete

The athlete is not the only kid in the family. He has two siblings, Angel and Maya.

Maya and Brandon attended Robert McQueen High School. Like her parents, she also went to the University of Nevada. Similarly, Brandon’s sibling was also on the university’s track and field teams. So, Martha and Peter raised two wonderful athletes.

Brandon Aiyuk’s Parents Are Proud Of Him

Looking at where Brandon is now, it is no wonder Peter and Martha are proud of him. His mother, especially, has been noted for supporting him through thick and thin. Initially, Mrs. Aiyuk did not think he would be drafted into the NFL, but when he did, no one was happier and prouder than her. She is often present in his games.

Brandon Aiyuk with his parents and sibling
Brandon takes a selfie with his parents and sibling.

At present, Peter and Martha live in Reno, Nevada, and engage in their respective professions.