CeeDee Lamb’s Parents Leta Ramirez & Cliff Lamb Are Divorced

By AustinPublished on: January 14, 2024 Updated on: January 29, 2024
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The National Football League (NFL) sensation, CeeDee Lamb, currently plays for the Dallas Cowboys as a wide receiver. Turning pro in 2020, his journey would have been challenging without the support and contributions of his parents Leta Ramirez and Cliff Lamb. While his achievements are often widely recorded, the role played by his mom and dad often goes unsaid.

Here, we will shed light on his father and mother, their contributions in shaping his life and career, and other details of their life.

CeeDee Lamb’s Parents Cliff Lamb and Leta Ramirez Have An Age Gap of 3 Years

CeeDee was born Cedarian DeLeon “CeeDee” Lamb to Cliff Lamb and Leta Ramirez on April 8, 1999. He owes the credit of his success to his dad and mom. He was likely raised with Christian beliefs.

His father, Cliff born in September 1976, is 47-year-old as of 2024, while his mother, born in October 1979, is 44. The couple share an age gap of three years. Cliff was 23, and Leta was 20 when the two had their son CeeDee.

They lived in Opelousas, Louisiana, where the NFL star was born, and later moved to New Orleans. However, Cliff and Leta were forced to relocate to Houston, Texas, following the effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Lamb was six at that time.

Leta and Cliff Separately Contributed To CeeDee’s Upbringing

While CeeDee has not talked about his parent’s divorce, the athlete has been candid about his experiences of growing up with them separately. He alternatively lived with both his mother and father. However, Lamb has lived with his mother more.

CeeDee Lamb's Mother Leta Ramirez
CeeDee spent most of his early life with his mom Leta.

Despite their disparities, the ex-sweethearts did not let their differences come in between their parenting. They worked and coordinated together to make sure CeeDee had all the resources to hone his skills.

Even amidst challenging circumstances, Cliff and Leta gathered resources to fund his practice and private workout sessions.

Lamb’s Mother Leta Is Involved In the Medical Field

His mom works at MD Anderson Cancer Center as a medical assistant. Leta graduated from Northshore High School and continues to inspire her children and everyone around her.

Despite working tireless 9 to 5 shifts, Ramirez always had time for him. She used to drive him 45 miles to practice five days a week.

An inspiring figure, she never let her struggles get to her children. Talking about his mother, Lamb said,

She’s a very strong woman. I know there were nights that she cried because she couldn’t provide everything for her kids at all times. She would always smile in front of her kids’ face, just to show them that she’s happy, no matter the circumstance.

This paints a picture of a healthy and sustaining relationship between the two.

His Father Cliff Had A Ranch

Back when the family lived in Louisiana, the football player recalled his earliest memories of spending his childhood on a ranch owned by his father. That is where his passion for horses also began.

The open area of the ranch, among other things, made CeeDee’s childhood memorable. He loved the space where he could do whatever he liked.

As stated earlier, Cliff relocated to Houston following Hurricane Katrina and likely left the ranch business behind. As of late, his current professional endeavors remain elusive.

CeeDee Lamb's Father Cliff Lamb had a ranch
CeeDee’s dad Cliff is said to be an athlete like him.

Besides, it has also been reported that Cliff was a collegiate athlete, playing football for the MidAmerica Nazarene University, which, if true, must have been vital to his son’s career.

He has also remarked on his son’s talents, saying how he had been doing things people are seeing now since he was 12 or 13.

Cliff Let CeeDee Do Whatever He Wanted

Lamb was taught the basics of football by his father, with whom he practiced regularly. In an interview, Cliff mentioned how important it is to sit back and let the kids do what they want. He also added pushing them more might stray them away from their passion.

Cliff knew what his son was destined to do, and he just let it happen. One important thing he believed in was never bringing the game home. He focused on being a supportive father more than being a coach or a mentor.

Whatever criticism the senior Lamb had about CeeDee and his game, he would never talk about them at home.

Lamb’s Maternal Uncle Was Like A Father To Him

His mother Leta had a brother, Chester Ramirez Jr., who significantly impacted not only his career but also his life. A former Air Force Academy football player, wearing no. 32 on the field, Chester was close to his nephew.

Their shared passion for football bound them together. Chester discussed ways to tackle problems, both on and off the field. He learned that life is full of hurdles and that facing those problems head-on is the only way to get through them.

Chester also taught the football star to use the challenges in life as a lesson and grow with them. Unfortunately, all of that changed when his uncle passed away on July 3, 2016, while working overseas. He was 42 at the time, and his passing was determined to be of natural cause.

Following Chester’s untimely passing, the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver requested a gold necklace with a No. 32 pendant, which he received from Leta. Until this day, he wears it every day. He told The Dallas Morning News,

I want him with me, no matter what. It’s for me to know that he’s always with me, and for him to know that I always have him on my mind.

He Has Six Siblings From His Parents’ Other Relationships

CeeDee might be the only child born to his parents, Leta and Cliff. However, he has multiple half-siblings. His mother has four other kids, and his father has two. He is likely the oldest of the seven.

During his childhood, he was sometimes one of five children and sometimes one of three. He has been candid about his experiences of sharing a bed with his five brothers.

Multiple sources have stated he also has sisters named Andres and Brianna. Similarly, Taribbean Ramirez and Christian Lamb are two of his brothers who look up to him.

CeeDee Lamb's Mother Leta Ramirez With Her Children
CeeDee with his mother and four brothers.

Even though Leta and Cliff raised their children separately, they did all they could to support each one of their passions.

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CeeDee’s Dad And Mom Are His Biggest Supporters

By now, the significant role played by his parents, Cliff and Leta in shaping his journey is evident. From sacrificing a lot to save and fund his practice and private workout sessions, they have done it all.

Even now, despite their busy schedules, they always have time for him. They are always there watching his games and cheering him from the stands. The duo were also there when he was drafted into the NFL.


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His father frequently expresses pride in him and his achievements. Likewise, his mother shares about his success on her social media account.

Where Are They Now?

Both Leta and Cliff currently live in Houston, Texas, where they relocated following their displacement because of Hurricanes. His mother still works at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, while the profession of his father remains unknown.

Cliff was seen in Jacksonville, Florida, in December 2022 by his fan, who took a photo and uploaded it on Facebook.

CeeDee Lamb's Father Cliff Lamb poses with a fan
Lamb’s father, Cliff, poses with a fan.

Despite being parents to one of the most popular contemporary NFL players, Leta and Cliff still continue their profession, which says a lot about them.