David Bakhtiari’s Parents Are Married For Over 40 Years

By CarolPublished on: January 1, 2024 Updated on: February 20, 2024
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Everyone wants to know more about David Bakhtiari‘s life outside the football field. Typically, people are eager to learn about the offensive tackle’s parents. His mom and dad have always lived away from the hassle of social media.

Nevertheless, here we have come up with some intriguing details regarding them including their enduring marriage and successful professional life.

David Bakhtiari’s Parents Come From Varied Ethnicities

David, a football offensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers of the NFL is the son of Karl Bakhtiari and Debbie Bakhtiari. According to an interview with CHEESEHEAD, Karl is a second-generation Iranian immigrant from his father Afrasiab Assad Bakhtiari’s side.

On the other hand, Bakhtiari’s paternal grandmother Mildred Elaine Stoneson was of Icelandic descent.

Footballer, Bakhtiari's mother is Icelandic
David shared a good time with his mother; the mother-son like to indulge themselves in philanthropic activities

Talking more about his parents, they raised their three children in San Mateo; their son, David was welcomed into their lovely home on 30th September 1991.

Karl Bakhtiari Is An Accomplished Businessman/Entrepreneur

David’s dad Mr. Bakhtiari is into business and entrepreneurship. In 1992, Karl founded a real estate investment company, Stonesfair Financial Corporation (SFC). While serving as the President and CEO of SFC, he has helped the company grow with over $500 million worth of assets.

Furthermore, his company is the sole owner of more than 2000 multi-family properties, retail centers, and office buildings in places like California, Arizona, Montana, and Hawaii.

David Bakhtiari's father is from Iran

What’s more, he also co-owns the Sundance Ranch Winery. It is a gorgeous 22.5-acre vineyard in the heart of Napa Valley.

Keeping his hard work in mind, he received the College of Business Distinguished Alumni Award in 2003. Likewise, Karl has given his precious time to his alum’s Board of Governors and Business Advisory Board.


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Besides, the celebrity father is well-read. In 1974, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science/Business from California State University. Following this, he opted for an MBA from the same university and graduated in 1977.

David’s Mother, Debbie Bakhtiari Is Into Accounting

While her husband looks after his business, Debbie is into the corporate world. Based on her LinkedIn profile, she has been working as an account manager for Kristbjorg Associates. It is a company located in Burlingame, California.

David Bakhtiari’s Parents Have Been Married For 40 Years

His mom and dad got married almost 40 years ago. If we roughly calculate, they tied the knot around 1982/83. Still, Karl and Debbie have been leading a blissful marriage.

Footballer, David Bakhtiari is the youngest son of his parents
The Bakhtiari couple with their 4 kids; David and his siblings, Eric, Andrew, and Danielle

In the course of their enduring marital relationship, Mr. and Mrs. Bakhtiari birthed and raised four children; David is the youngest one. The eldest of them all is Eric Bakhtiari, followed by Andrew Bakhtiari. Similarly, they also have a daughter, Danielle Bakhtiari; she is the only daughter the couple has.

They Have A Huge Hand In David’s Success

Bakhtiari owes his career in football to his father and mother. It is all thanks to their support and motivation that he’s come this far in his life.

Packers offensive tackle, Bakhtiari thanks his parents for his career in football
The young athlete posing with his father and mother during his college tryouts

From an impressive high school career and a college career to playing in the big leagues, his parents have always been there for him. During multiple interviews, their athletic son has also credited Karl and Debbie for raising him into the man he is today.

Karl And Debbie Are Proud To Have All Three Of Their Sons As Athletes

The footballer’s mom and dad aren’t just supportive of his passion, but also the passions of his siblings. To be more specific, they were supportive of their elder sons, Eric and Andrew who had a professional career in football at some point.


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Eric is a known name in the NFL. He had a short career as a linebacker for the Tennessee Titans (2009) and the San Francisco 49ers (2012). He retired from his football career after five years on the field.

On a similar note, David’s other brother Andrew had a renowned football career in college. He was an award-winning defensive end for his team at San Diego.

Where Are David’s Dad And Mom Today?

At present, Karl and Debbie Bakhtiari enjoy a life together in Burlingame, California. We get a few glimpses of them as his famous son David and his wife Frankie Shebby visit them time and again.