Jordan Love’s Mom Anna Love Is His Support After Father’s Death

By CarolPublished on: December 18, 2023 Updated on: February 20, 2024
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Jordan Love hasn’t been in the NFL for long, yet he is quite famous among the football fanatics. But, did you know that he owes it to his beloved parents? That’s true, all thanks to their motivation and intense support – it helped Love to succeed in his career in less than 3 years.

So, who are his father and mother? We know their son very well already, and hence, it’s now time for his folks! Read the entire article below to know Jordan’s parents well.

Who Are Jordan Love’s Parents?

Orbin Love Jr. and Anna Love are Jordan’s father and mother. The husband and wife are the natives of Bakersfield, California. While Orbin Jr. was an African-American man, his wife, on the other hand, is a Caucasian American.

Furthermore, his late father was a sergeant for the Bakersfield Police Department before his untimely demise. The cause of his death will be discussed later on in the article.

Jordan Love is the only son his parents have
The Mr. and Mrs. with their baby boy

Love’s mother is alive and well. She used to work for the California Highway Patrol. Last we heard, she has been enjoying a retired life.

Perhaps, the similarities in their career prospects were what made the bond between Jordan’s parents stronger. They provided their baby boy with a very loving home environment and always encouraged his athleticism. It was his dad who helped him play football; Mr. Love coached his son and fostered the skills that we love today.

Jordan Is Orbin And Anna’s Only Son

In the short course of their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Love gave birth to four children, including the quarterback. jordan is the only son they had – the other three are daughters.


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Kami Love is the eldest of their children who prefers living away from the media’s attention. After her, there’s Emily Love. She graduated from Taft College and is working as a dental hygienist. On 9th April 2020, she got married to Judd Hough with whom she shares one kid.

Likewise, the youngest of them all is Alexis Love. She recently graduated college – Jordan was also present at her convocation. She is currently working as a merchandise execution associate at The Home Depot.

Jordan Love’s Father Died In 2013

The Packers quarterback was only 14 years old when his father, Orbin Love took his own life. On 13th July 2013, he passed away by triggering a gun to his head. He was only 51 years old at the time. This was an extremely difficult moment for young Jordan Love since his father was the one who taught him all about football. He even wanted to quit and never look back but his mother helped him see a bigger picture.

The Cause Of Orbin Love’s Death – “It Was A Medical Demon”

The news about Mr. Love’s death is disturbing in itself – but the cause? It’s even more disturbing.

As Jordan recalls, his dad was the “happiest dude you would ever see.” During an interview, he expressed,

He (Orbin Jr.) was always smiling. Even if things in his life got him down, he never showed that.

So, how come a happy man committed suicide? You may ask. Well, his family claims that it was a medical mishap. Everyone was convinced it wasn’t depression; thus, they looked for alternative causes. That was when they realized it was because of a change in Orbin Jr.’s medicine that led him to take such a horrifying step.

Jordan Love's father passed away in 2013
The late Mr. Orbin Love Jr. – he took his own life in 2013

Shortly before he took his life, his medication for blood pressure was changed by the doctor. Following this, he reportedly began acting “bizarre” – so the family believes it wasn’t depression, but a side effect of the medicine. The change did not sit right on his mind, hence, he took his own life to end it once and for all.

In the same interview (as mentioned earlier), Jordan said,

Our family knew it was the medication messing with his head, not acting like himself, not acting right. If people make assumptions about depression that aren’t right, there’s nothing that can be done about that. It’s good enough for me to know it was medication. As long as I know, I’m good with it.

Furthermore, in the obituary written by his wife, Anna wrote, “Taken suddenly by a medical demon.”

The Quarterback Was Motivated By His Mother To Continue Football; He Wanted To Quit

Weeks had gone by since his father died and Love’s fall football practice was right around the corner. However, the grief got to him. Jordan broke the news to his mother that he wanted to quit football.

Jordan Love was motivated by his mother to not quit football
Anna Love – the best mother one could ever ask for

Orbin Jr. always believed that his son was going to become a quarterback. His clear vision for his son was what gave Jordan the courage to work harder. Unfortunately, with his father’s passing away, everything felt meaningless to him. Thus, he wanted to take a step back.


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Nevertheless, Anna Love stood as a rock by his side. She requested her son not to give up on football. Furthermore, she suggested he carry on with it for another year and if he did not feel like continuing, he could give up later.

In one of his interviews, he said,

I ended up winning the starting job on JV team, started throwing a little better, started getting a little confidence. By the end of that season, I was thinking, ‘I can really do this.’

And, so he did! He did not give up football, after all. All because of the support his mom provided, he is now a renowned American athlete. If his father were alive, he’d be proud of both of them.

Anna Love Is The Biggest Supporter of Her Son

Jordan’s mom, Anna hasn’t missed a single game of her son since the day Jordan decided not to quit football. Moreover, Anna has been by Jordan’s side since he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 2020 NFL draft. You could also say that she’s his biggest supporter!

Jordan Love's mother, Anna, has been by his side and attended all her games
Paparazzi caught Mrs. Love exhibiting joy as her son succeeds in the field

In the 2023 season, she was noticed by many fans. During the Packers’ game against the Chicago Bears, people noticed the joy on her face as her son led the team to victory. She had clear expressions of triumph and pride on her face that day.