Meet Lukas Van Ness’ Parents Jason Van Ness and Leanna Lehman

By AnnaPublished on: December 18, 2023 Updated on: February 20, 2024
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Leanna Lehman and Jason Van Ness are the parents of Lukas Van Ness, the outside linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. His parents have been the biggest support system for the NFL star since the very beginning. The 22-year-old even sees them as the foundation of his success.

Well, Lukas isn’t alone in receiving support; his siblings are also fully backed by their parents in every aspect of their lives. Keep scrolling the article to learn more about Lukas’ parents and his entire family

Lukas Van Ness’ Parents Met at College

Lukas’ parents Jason and Leanna Lehman first met at Iowa State University. It didn’t take long for them to start dating each other and they’ve been together ever since.

Lukas's parents Jason Van Ness and Leanna Van Ness
Lukas Van Ness’s parents, Leanna Van Ness and Jason Van Ness

At present, the couple lives happily in Lake Barrington, Illinois. They have been enjoying a blissful conjugal life and are proud parents of four, Hanna, Lukas, Ella, and Devan Van Ness.

Lukas’ Father Jason Van Ness is a Sports Chiropractor

Jason, born in 1973, studied at Iowa State University from 1991 to 1994, followed by Palmer College of Chiropractic from 1994 to 1997. In 2004, he achieved certification in Chiropractic Pediatrics and became a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP).

Lukas Van Ness with his father Jason Van Ness
Lukas Van Ness with his father Jason Van Ness

The NFL dad has been serving as the clinic director and sports chiropractor at Van Ness Chiropractic, located in Barrington, Illinois, for over 25 years. He applies his expertise for the best sports chiropractic care with Family Spine Care and Rehabilitation Services using the most current and advanced techniques.

Leanne V Ness Is The Biggest Supporter Of Her Son

Born in 1970, Lukas’ mom is currently 54 years old. Unfortunately, the details regarding her profession are undisclosed. Nonetheless, we can tell that she is the backbone of her family. Undoubtedly, she is a homemaker, who never forgets to wish for the absolute best of her family.

Lukas Van Ness and his mother Leanna Van Ness
Lukas Van Ness with his mother Leanna Van Ness

This devoted mother never misses her son’s football matches. Her Facebook timeline is a heartfelt showcase of pride, highlighting her children’s accomplishments and milestones with joyous updates.

Lukas Van Ness’ Parents’ Social Media is Full of Celebratory Posts

Jason and Leanna are both supportive parents whom we can frequently see attending their son’s games. Besides, both of their social media handles are filled with admiration for their son. Meanwhile, the proud father regularly displays his love and support for his sons and daughters through his socials.

Van Ness family celebrating as the Green Bay Packers drafted Lukas Van Ness
Van Ness family celebrating as the Green Bay Packers drafted Lukas Van Ness in the first round on April 27, 2023.

As mentioned earlier, Leanna is not far behind her husband as she continuously shows love for her children through her Facebook. She also proudly shares her kids’ accomplishments on her social media handles.

Jason and Leanna’s Children Are Accomplished in Their Respective Fields

Besides Lukas, Leanna and Jason’s other children have achieved success in their respective careers. Their oldest daughter is an erudite who works as a solution engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Atlanta.

Lukas Van Ness with his siblings
Lukas Van Ness with his talented siblings. From right: Hanna, Lukas, Ella, and Devan Van Ness

Meanwhile, Lukas’ younger siblings, Devan and Ella, are actively involved in sports, particularly football. Notably, they are equally talented in the game. So we can tell that all the Ness children have brought happiness to their family.

Jason Van Ness Was Called Out For Patting Lukas’ Girlfriend On Her Buttocks

Lukas was picked by the Green Bay Packers in the 2023 NFL Draft. His family, filled with joy celebrated his achievement with great enthusiasm. Lukas was surrounded by his parents, siblings, friends, and his girlfriend, Frankie Kmet, in the celebration. The proud moment even reached national television, showing Lukas’s inner circle cheering for him.

However, Lukas’s selection wasn’t the only thing highlighted on the TV. While celebrating Lukas’s achievement, there was an unexpected moment. Lukas’ father, perhaps unintentionally, was seen patting his son’s girlfriend’s buttocks twice. It soon grabbed the attention of the football fans from across the country.

Moreover, many of the fans even called out his act on Twitter. Opinions varied, some viewed it as a poor and sick action, while others saw it simply as a friendly tap- more like a football thing, nothing malicious.

A Short Overview Of Jason And Leanna’s Children

Hanna Van Ness

Jason and Leanna’s first child, Hanna Van Ness is the family’s intellect – the academically gifted child, embodying intelligence with beauty. Her brilliance has been evident since a young age. In high school, at just 16, she co-founded a system, Tilt Factor, and successfully secured $16,000 in angel funding for their product.

Lukas Van Ness's sisters and mother cheering for Lukas
Lukas Van Ness’s sisters and mother cheering for Lukas as he got drafted by the Green Bay Packers. (Hanna Van Ness on the left)

Likewise, she graduated from the University of Iowa in 2022. Also, she studied Business Analytics and Information Systems at Tippie College of Business. Currently, she is the face of HPE’s technical sales team. Before this, she worked with the Chicago Blackhawks and Collins Aerospace. 

Lukas Van Ness

Van Ness, born on July 6, 2001, in Barrington, attended Barrington High School, participating in football and ice hockey. As a three-star recruit, he committed to pursue college football at Iowa, choosing it over Illinois, Minnesota, and Kansas.

Iowa defensive lineman reacts after making a tackle against South Dakota.
Lukas Van Ness, Iowa defensive lineman reacts after making a tackle against South Dakota State on Sept. 3 in Iowa City, Iowa.

After redshirting his freshman year, Van Ness excelled as a starter in his redshirt freshman season at Iowa, earning Freshman All-American honors. Finally, in the 2023 NFL Draft, The Green Bay Packers chose him as their first-round pick (13th overall) and he officially signed his rookie contract on June 27, 2023.

Ella Van Ness

Ella is the younger sister of Lukas. She also attended Barrington High School and graduated in the year 2022. By the look of her Instagram, she is currently studying her freshman year at the University of Iowa.

Lukas's younger sister with her high school soccer team
Lukas’s younger sister with her high school soccer team, 2019 (Ella on the left).

Just like her elder brother, Ella is an athlete too. She played high school soccer in Illinois High School girls’ soccer, in 2019, in her senior year. She and her team had a great season and won several matches.

Devan Van Ness

Last but not least, Jason and Leanna’s youngest son Devan is also following his elder brother’s footsteps. He plays as a defensive end and outside linebacker at Barrington High School Football team.

Jason and Leanna Van Ness walking their son to the match
Jason and Leanna Van Ness walking their youngest son, Devan to the field

Devan, who started last season for the Broncos, credited his offseason workouts to his success this season. Because of his leadership, Barrington went from 4-5 in 2022 to 12-1 state semifinalists and MSL West champions in 2023, sparked by his impactful play.