Davis Mills’ Girlfriend Tori Wisted Has Been By His Side Through Everything

By GloriaPublished on: January 17, 2024 Updated on: January 29, 2024
Birthday June 18, 1997
Age 26 years
Partner Davis Mills
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Houston Texans‘ Davis Mills has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend. Fans are speculating whether the NFL player has taken his relationship to the next level. S0, has Davis popped the big question?

Read through the article to know everything about his relationship and his wedding plans!

Tori Wisted is Davis Mills’ long-time girlfriend

Mills has been in a committed relationship with Victoria (Tori) Wisted for more than 9 years now. They have reportedly been together since 2015. The out-and-open pair revealed their relationship on their social handles long back.

Davis Millis with his long time girlfriend Tori Wisted
Davis’ relationship with Tori goes long back to 2015.

Victoria, nicknamed Tori, revealed her relationship with Davis on April 9, 2016, through her first Instagram post. At the same time, her boyfriend Davis had already hinted about his relationship with Tori, wishing her a happy birthday on his Twitter on Jun 18, 2015.

The couple has been inseparable ever since they met in high school

Mills and Tori attended the Greater Atlanta Christian School in Norcross, GA, from 2012 to 2016 together. Having been in a relationship since 2015, no doubt the love birds are high school sweethearts.

Davis Mills with his girlfriend Tori
The duo wore all black for their look to the prom in April 2016.

Davis and Wisted were each other’s prom dates in their high school prom. As Tori posted her prom pictures on her Instagram, the pair garnered a lot of attention among friends.

Mills and his girlfriend Wisted don’t hide their love life

Both the Texans player and his bae Wisted have been expressive about their love life since day one. Be it vacations, dates, matches, events, or outings with friends and families, Tori and Davis are seen accompanying each other.

Likewise, they like to appreciate each others’ support and love by posting about their significant other quite often on their social handles. Furthermore, Davis is also found talking about his special person in his interviews with local media platforms.

Besides, Tori also shares photos with fellow Wags. She is especially close with Nico Collins’ girlfriend Samantha Catherine Roy.

The Quarterback appreciates his lover for his confidence

The Texan Daily reported that the footballer appreciates his family and his girlfriend for his confidence. While talking about replacing Kyle Allen, the NFL star said:

A big thing was my girlfriend and my family. They’ve been watching me play football my whole life, and they know I’m a good player… Just them instilling that confidence in me is huge, so I’m just excited for my next opportunity which is next week…

Davis and Tori Got Engaged in Feb 2023

On the verge of expressing their love for one another, Mills proposed to his long-time girlfriend Tori on February 26, 2023. Both of them made a post on their Instagram, flaunting their engagement. In her post, Tori sweetly mentioned her boyfriend’s proposal was the “easiest yes” of her life.

Davis Mills and Tori Wisted on their proposal
The quarterback proposed to his long-time partner in a beautiful setting.

Afterward, the couple had an intimate gathering with their families.

They Are Set To Marry In Feb 2024

After their engagement, Davis and Tori also set a date for their marriage. And it’s coming! The high school sweethearts are getting married on February 17, 2024, in Charleston, SC.

The lovely couple has even made a registry for their wedding at The Knot. Their wish list includes beautiful household items like cutleries, kitchen accessories, etc.

Tori Wisted is close to the Mills family

Along with her boyfriend, Tori is also very close to the Mills family. She seems to have her presence in most of the family gatherings. She seems close to Davis’ sisters, Alison and Erin. His sisters are found sharing pictures with their sister-in-law on their Instagram.

Davis Mills' wife to be Tori with his sisters
Tori shares a beautiful bond with her partner’s sisters.

Even after their engagement, Davis’ sister Alison made a post on her Instagram wishing the lovely husband and wife-to-be. She even mentioned there was no one better for Davis than Tori.

Likewise, Davis’ mother also wished Tori her 25th birthday with a sweet message appreciating her for standing by Davis’ side through everything. Furthermore, Davis himself gifted her a bag and some flowers for her birthday.

She had a beautiful bridal shower

Tori’s friends gave her beautiful bridal showers on October 3, 2023, in Scottsdale, Arizona, and on December 16, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia. The bride-to-be wore beautiful white dresses on both occasions. They celebrated the showers in beautiful settings, with great food and close people.

Furthermore, Davis’ sisters Alison and Erin were also there at Tori’s bridal shower in Scottsdale, along with her close friends.

Davis Mills’ Soon-to-be wife Tori Wisted is a corporate worker

Tori is a Strategic Business Associate at Paychex. Previously, she worked for IDR, Inc. as a Business Development Manager, Account Manager, and IT Recruiter for more than 3 years.

Davis Mill's partner Tori Wisted
Tori has almost 5 years of experience in corporate.

To make a corporate career, Victoria attended the University of Alabama and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing/ Professional Sales/ Computing Technology and Applications Minor. She graduated with a manga cum laude, i.e. with great distinction.

She is also a fashionista and sports enthusiast

Apart from being a corporate professional, Tori loves fashion. She is often found posting pictures wearing luxury fashion brands like Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and other high-end fashion brands like Zara, chanElizabeth and modeling in her attire.

Besides, like her to-be husband Davis, Tori is a sports enthusiast. She was a Varsity Soccer Captain in her high school. Moreover, she played for the Varsity Basketball team.

Tori made Davis’ life colorful

To your surprise, Davis has expressed it metaphorically. Want to know how?

Before proposing to his long-time girlfriend, Davis used to post all his pictures in monochrome. But with his proposal and Tori’s big yes, he started posting all his pictures without the monochrome effect. The athletes’ gesture speaks volumes that with Tori officially coming into his life, his life has become colorful.

Davis Mills's Instagram Profile
Davis started posting colorful pictures after getting engaged with Tori.

One of Mills’ followers noticed the sweet gesture and even commented on his proposal post saying:


Hopefully, the beautiful couple will have a wonderful life together as a husband and wife.