Rashee Rice’s Parents Have Children From Other Relationships

By AbigailPublished on: February 2, 2024 Updated on: February 9, 2024
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Rashee Rice is one of the best wide receivers playing for the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. Despite being a rookie, the young footballer has been off to a stellar start. While we must acknowledge the player’s efforts and talent, one cannot leave out the people responsible for shaping his journey, especially his parents.

Rice’s father and mother have been the ones to instill the values that significantly contribute to his hard-working self. Let’s know more about them.

Rashee Rice’s Parents Have Separated

Rashee was born on April 22, 2000, to Drashee Rice and Marsha Kearney. The family hails from North Richland Hills, Texas. While Rice mostly keeps quiet about his family life and has never explicitly mentioned the relationship status of his parents, there are enough reasons to believe that the two have separated.

Rashee Rice's mother Marsha Kearney and father Drashee Rice at an outing
Rashee’s mother (on the left) has already separated from his father.

Well, the couple was together more than two decades ago.

The Former Couple Is Amicable With Each Other

The ex-partners sometimes get together for game days and outings for the sake of their child. Rice’s mother also often comments on his father’s Facebook posts wishing him on his birthdays and seems to be close with her former lover’s family members.

Moreover, both of them have moved on and formed a family with new people.

Drashee and Marsha Have Children From Their Other Relationships

While Rashee is the only child the former lovebirds share, they also have other kids from their multiple relationships. The player has a few half-siblings from both his parents’ side.

After separating from Rice’s father, Marsha moved on with her significant other. Unfortunately, he has already passed away. She has a daughter named Dizyrah, whom she shares with her late beau.


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Before getting together with Rashee’s mother, Drashee was in a relationship with Shakia Connor and had a son, Derrick Rice. After breaking up with his second baby mama, the man went on to have a third son, TK, with another woman.

Rashee’s Mother Worked At A News Company

Kearney attended Bullard High School in her hometown, California, and later received her degree from a community college in Philadelphia. Talking about her profession, she formerly worked as a resident assistant at a media and news company, Resident Advisor.

Rashee Rice and his mother Marsha Kearney posing for a photo
Marsha is proud of her son Rice.

Marsha, born Marsha Brodie, hails from Fresno, California, and celebrates her birthday in the last week of March. She has a brother named Lemmy Brodie. The beautiful lady currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rashee’s mom also describes herself as spontaneous and adventurous. She loves singing and dancing and is very fashionable. She also likes to go shopping and get her nails done. Furthermore, Marsha is a foodie and adores cooking and tasting great food.

Moreover, the mother of two is a fan of Coolio and expressed her sorrow upon his passing in 2022.

Drashee Shares A Close Bond With His Family

Drashee was born to Gloria Jean Brown-Rice on October 9, 1976, in Philadelphia. He has a brother, Don Rice, and a sister, Nakita Fleming. He shares a tight bond with his siblings to this day.

Rashee Rice's father Drashee Rice and his siblings in their childhood
The three siblings still share a close bond.

Furthermore, Rashee’s grandmother was in the military and has retired since. She is also a Gulf War veteran. Afterward, she worked in the US Postal Service and currently operates an online retail store, Paparazzi Accessories.

Rashee Rice’s Parents Are His Source Of Motivation

Parental support is one of the greatest sources of motivation and assurance for a child. Both of Rice’s parents are supportive of his career choice and encourage the athlete to achieve his dreams.

The footballer’s mother has always been supportive of him and has been to all of his games. Marsha celebrates every one of Rice’s wins through social media. She also, at times, joins the celebratory after-parties. Kearney was the happiest person when Rashee was drafted and hyped up her child like no one else.

However, at the end of the day, she is a mother and wants her baby to remain safe and sound without injuries. She worries for Rashee and prays for him to have a successful but safe.

Similarly, Drashee is close to his son and attends his games regularly. The two share a playful bond, and the athlete has immense respect for his dad. He considers his old man ‘the greatest man alive’ and said he was the one to push him to be who he is today.

Is the athlete Related To Jerry Rice?

After talking about his parents, many people have been curious if the player is also related to former NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice. Understandably, people would be confused, given the similar and unique surnames associated with the same profession. The two even play the same position.

Well, Rashee does not have any familial ties with Jerry. However, the latter has a son, Brendon Rice, who also plays football and is a wide receiver who plays for the USC Trojans.