Meet Christian Kirk’s Parents Melissa and Evan Kirk

By CarolPublished on: February 7, 2024 Updated on: February 7, 2024
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Star footballer, Christian Kirk of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars has taken over the arena of American football in the current days. But, what if we tell you this is all thanks to his supportive, loving parents? That’s true! Kirk is lucky enough to have his beloved father and mother cheering him along the way.

Want to know more about them? What do Chrisitan’s parents do? Dig into the article below to learn some exciting details!

All About Christian Kirk’s Parents Evan and Melissa Kirk

Christian Devon Kirk, born on 18th November 1996, is the son of Evan and Melissa Kirk. At present, his mom and dad reside in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Christian was born and brought up. What’s more, they’ve been married for over two decades.

American footballer, Christian Kirk loves his parents, Evan Kirk and Melissa Kirk
The wide receiver’s father, Evan Kirk with his mother, Melissa Kirk

We’ll soon talk about what great parents they are to young Christian. But first, let’s get to know them a little, shall we?

Evan Kirk Is An Ex-Army Man

Celebrating his birthday on the 30th of January every year, Evan is the head of the family. He graduated from Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis. Originally from Indianapolis, Kirk is a John Marshall High School alum.

Many may not know this but he briefly served in the US Army, and thus, is a well-disciplined man. Besides, the footballer’s father is into cars. He previously worked at Driven Impressions Auto Werks. Over and above this, a few years ago, Evan worked at Distinctly Different – a car workshop specializing in detailing cars.

At present, Evan spends his days as the assistant head coach for Scottsdale Argonauts. It is a non-profit organization, managing youth football teams in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Melissa Kirk Is An Arizona State University Graduate

Melissa is a Scottsdale, Arizona native who celebrates her birthday on the 14th of May each year. She pursued a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies, Business & Communications from Arizona State University, graduating in 1999.

Professionally speaking, the Jaguars wide receiver’s mom has years of experience in systems and software development. She’s also well-accomplished in project and product management.

With that being said, she serves as the Chief Information Officer at BillingTree. According to her LinkedIn profile, Mrs. Kirk was promoted from her position as VP of Technology in January 2017. Besides, she’s also worked with Gradient Analytics and Bank of America: Merrill Lynch in the past.

Evan and Melissa Realized Their Son, Christian’s Potential At A Young Age

As his parents, Evan and Melissa knew their baby boy the best; they somehow knew that he’d excel in sports, and so he did! Initially, they signed Christian up for baseball. However, it was too “slow for him”.

Thereafter, they stumbled upon football. The duo’s realization that he’d make something out of football has paid off since. Their son is one of the best players in the face of the NFL in 2024.

It was Kirk's parents who realized his true potential i.e., football when he was younger
[calculate_age birthdate="1996-11-18"]-year-old Kirk posing with his folks

Christian’s Father Is His “Cheat Code To Life”

As a retired military man, young Kirk’s father taught him the lessons of hard work and determination. Interestingly enough, he’s his son’s “cheat code to life.”

In addition, his dad has always taught him to look into the details. As someone who previously worked in detailing cars, it was his number one advice to his son. Following his words, you might have noticed Christian giving much more importance to the details while he’s on the field too. Over and above this, accompanying his father to his work also helped the footballer respect the “hustle culture.”

Moreover, during an interview with 12News, Evan expressed how he sends encouraging words to his son every day. He’s been doing so since Chrisitan was a young lad; he doesn’t plan on stopping the tradition anytime soon!

The NFL Footballer Has His Mother Melissa As His #1 Fan

Including her husband, Melissa cannot get enough of her kid too. During her interview with ABC 15 Arizona, she showered her son with all the positive comments.

Furthermore, she expressed how Christian is a “go-getter” and that he has always been excited to learn and master something new since he was a kid. That’s exactly how he got into football as well!

Continuing to talk about his work ethic, she said,

“He just has a very natural work ethic and is very regimented. He liked schedule and football seemed to fit that nature to want to be back on a schedule.”

Additionally, Christian’s mother Melissa commented on how he’s always been the “youngest player” in the teams he’s played. Nevertheless, he’s tried his very best to mingle with his teammates. She also talked about Krik’s time in college; she said,

“When he was in college, we went to every game. We followed him all over the country… I would have flown right there in a heartbeat and a couple times, I had to. And he just knew I would always be there for him. And I always will be. It’s a mom thing. That’s what moms do.”

In her eyes, he’s always a star!

Mrs. Kirk Appeared Alongside Her Son In Celebrity Family Feud 

Along with four other NFL players and their mothers, Melissa and Christian were invited to the NFLPA Celebrity Family Feud in 2022. The mother-son duo competed against each other for a $25k price.

Melissa and Tonge’lia Helaire, the mother of Clyde Edwards-Helaire worked hand-in-hand to score 146/200 points in 20 seconds, eventually winning against their sons. The prize money was later donated to the Black Women’s Health Imperative. Besides this, it was a fun-filled, bonding experience for footballers and their mothers.

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Evan And Melissa Have Three Kids Including The Wide Receiver

Christian Devon is their only son. Apart from him, the pair has two other daughters. They are Katie Kirk and Jaylyn Kirk. Both of them studied at the University of Arizona.

Christian Kirk is his parents' only son but he has two sisters
One happy family – Christian Kirk and his parents and two sisters

The wide receiver’s sister, Katie, is an aspiring physical therapist. She completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition Sciences in 2022. At present, she’s a student at Florida State University, pursuing an M.S. in Exercise Physiology.

On a similar note, Jaylyn is a second-grade teacher, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Studies and Psychology; she graduated in 2023. Additionally, she’s a member of the 2023 Teach for America Corps for the regions of Denver, Colorado.