Skyy Moore’s Parents Timika and Roger Are No Longer Together

By CarolPublished on: February 1, 2024 Updated on: February 9, 2024
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Skyy Moore, the young Kansas City Chiefs receiver, is the son of Timika Hastie and Roger Moore. The 23-year-old shares a very special bond with his beloved mother. But, what about his dad? Isn’t Moore close to him? Last we heard, Skyy has no ties to his estranged father – why?

Well, dig into the article given below to learn everything about Moore’s parents and his relationship with them.

Skyy Moore’s Parents Split When He Was A Kid

On 10th September 2000, Hastie and Moore were blessed with their eldest child, Skyy. The New Kensington natives were more than happy to welcome their son. But only if they knew – a few years later, they would call it quits.

NFL footballer, Skyy Moore is not in contact with his father
Mr. Moore with Skyy and his sister.

So, what exactly happened between Timika and Roger? Well, the answer is still unknown. Even more so, their famous son, Skyy refrains from talking on the topic.

Roger Moore Stays Away From Any Family Business

The footballer’s estranged father Roger has now cut ties with his kids and his ex-wife. Furthermore, his eldest one has also never acknowledged their relationship in public. On top of this, Moore’s father has never been spotted in any of his games. It almost seems like he doesn’t exist for the family he once called his own.

Timika Hastie Raised Three Children On Her Own

By now, it’s no secret – Hastie raised her son all by herself. As a matter of fact, she is still a single mother to Skyy and his two siblings, Layke Moore and Landyn Moore.

Chiefs wide receiver, Skyy Moore has a younger sister and a brother
Timika with her three little stars – Skyy, Layke, and Landyn

All three kids are extremely close with their mother. Get to know them a little better below.

Her Only Daughter, Layke Is A Shoe Designer

Layke is the only daughter of Timika and Roger. By profession, she is a custom shoe designer. Moreover, she is a self-established woman, who has designed shoes like Air Force 1 and Nike.


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Skyy’s sister showcases her designs on her official Instagram account. By the looks of it, she has all the artistic genes in the family.

To add further, Layke is highly supported by her mother. Hastie often posts pictures of her daughter’s designs on her Facebook too.

Landyn Moore Has Followed In The Footsteps Of His Older Brother

Landyn is just like his older brother. Born on 16th April 2005, the 19-year-old studies at the Western Michigan University. There, he is an asset to the football team as their wide receiver.

Before then, he was committed to the Fox Chapel High School. Landyn played with his school for over two seasons, scoring one touchdown and 70 receiving yards. In 2020, he represented Fox Chapel in the WPIAL Conference Championship. Additionally, he is a receiver of the 2021 second-team All-Conference honors.

Skyy Moore’s Mother Timika Is A Proud New Kensington Native

Born and raised in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, Moore’s mother is super proud of her hometown. She’s an alum of New Kensington Valley High School, one of the well-known public high schools in the neighborhood.

Moore's mother is from New Kensington
Hastie showing off her love for her hometown

Showcasing her love for her birthplace, Hastie once posted a photo of herself wearing a shirt that read, “Straight Outta New Kensington”. She made the post on 15th November 2015. Likewise, in June 2022, Timika talked openly about the Annual Summer Slam event in New Kensington. It was organized by her eldest one’s company, Dying Breed. The event featured a basketball tournament and other entertainment shows.

She Is Into Philanthropy As Well

Besides her hometown, Timika is a strong philanthropist. In addition to working with Moore’s previous school, Shady Side Academy, to raise money, she has taken part in support of Student Financial Assistance.

Not only this, but Hastie was also an integral part of the Faculty Endowment fundraising events, helping to secure teachers’ futures and support needy kids.

Furthermore, she helped the Campaign for Shady Side’s Endowment Fund in raising almost $8 million.

Skyy Is Lucky Enough To Have An Extremely Supportive Mother

Timika has always wished big for all her three children – especially for Skyy. When he was only 11 years old, she posted a photo on her Facebook, suggesting that her son was, “an NFL player in the making”. Fast forward to exactly 12 years later, her manifestation came true. In 2022, Skyy was selected as the wide receiver for the NFL‘s Kansas City Chiefs.

Ever since then, she’s had a significant presence in each one of her son’s games. Additionally, while witnessing Skyy making his debut in the Super Bowl, she felt “butterflies” in her stomach. Timika shared during an interview,

“I started crying when he actually went out for that punt return because I could feel his pressure. It’s like I was back there. I could just feel all the pressure like, ‘OMG, please katch this ball’.”

Hastie expressed further that she was excited and nervous, all at the same time during the game.

The 23 y/o professional footballer, Moore, wanted to become an athlete since a very young age
The loveliest mother-son duo!

Additionally, she also talked about what the wide receiver was like when Skyy was younger. She said,

“Even before he began football, you can see here (showing the picture), he was 2 years old. He constanty had a football, he wore the helmets, the uniforms, he breated football since a baby. So to see him at his level, it’s like, oh, a sigh of relief. He finally got to where he should be because he worked so hard.”

The Receiver’s Grandmother Is Also His Greatest Cheerleader

On top of his mother, Skyy’s grandmother, Renee Shannon is his greatest cheerleader. Also during an interview, she said that her grandson wanted to play in the Super Bowl “since he was a toddler.” She further cheered,

“Cheifs! All the way, baby. Yes, there’s no other explanation.”

Skyy Moore’s Family Was The Happiest When The NFL Drafted Him

Merely minutes after Moore realized he was selected in the 2022 NFL Draft, he called his family. As soon as he revealed the good news, his family awaiting at home “erupted in a celebratory roar”. The shouting and cheering were so real and loud that it could be heard through his phone. It was indeed a surreal moment for the Moore-Hastie family – and definitely a core memory!