George Kittle’s Parents, Bruce and Jan Were Collegiate Athletes

By ClairePublished on: February 7, 2024 Updated on: February 11, 2024
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George Kittle is well-known for his dedication and sports skills. He has been loyal to a single team, the San Francisco 49ers, throughout his National Football League (NFL) career. The unwavering amount of recognition Kittle has gained has also brought curiosity to his personal life, especially to his parents.

Read further to know more about George’s father and mother.

Who Are George Kittle’s Parents?

George was born on October 9, 1993, to Bruce Kittle and Jan Krieger. Bruce and Jan probably met in high school as they are both High School of Iowa graduates.

George Kittle alongside his parents
Kittle is the youngest child of his parents, Bruce and Jan.

After being in love for quite a time, they got married on July 7, 1984. As of 2024, the Kittle couple has been married for 39 years. The lovebirds have provided unconditional support to their son, George, over the years, which has helped him reach where he is today.

The Kittle Couple Has A Daughter Besides George

Before the NFL player, his parents gave birth to a daughter. The player has an elder sister, Emma Kittle. The siblings-duo share a very close bond. Emma is not as popular as her brother but has her very own established professional life. She is a yoga teacher and was also into sports in her early days.

George with his sibling Emma Kittle
George’s sister Emma is also into sports, along with yoga.

George and Emma played NCAA Division I sports together. Following this, Kittle moved to play the 2015 Big Ten Championship game, and Emma pursued her interest in basketball. She earned the Press-Citizen’s 2009 Female High School Athlete of The Year and further continued her Division I Volleyball career at the University of Oklahoma.

George Kittle’s Parents Were Into Sports

The 30-year-old player is genetically blessed, thanks to both of his parents who have been in the field of sports, especially his father. His dad Bruce also played football in his university days.

George with his parents and sister
Each member of the Kittle family comes from an athletic background

Following this, he professionalized in the field of football and established himself as a coach. Bruce coached at his university i.e., the University of Iowa as well as the University of Oklahoma.

Not only Kittle’s father but his mother was also a shining athlete when she was young. Jan, who also attended Iowa High School, was part of the school’s athletic team and was later inducted into the school’s union Hall of Fame.

Following her increased interest, she started playing basketball and successfully achieved the All-America honors. At present, Jan has already left her sports career behind and settled down as a homemaker.

George and His Father Bruce Share A Lovely Game Day Letter Tradition

The Kittle father and son duo share a unique and supportive bond that motivates George to enhance his profession further. While riding for the 49ers games each week, the player pulls out and reads a three-page letter from his dad wishing him luck for the match.

In February 2023, Bruce shared that he has been writing these letters for more than five years and will never stop. He added,

My wife always complains I spend more time writing George’s letters than I do with her,

The letter is often three pages long, consisting of recaps from past matches, forecasts of coming games, and the childhood memories of the players on the last page. Knowing how the father-son duo has kept their love and bond alive through such gestures is very loving.

Their Connection Transcends the Realm of Football

George and Bruce share yet another adventurous hobby. Since the young age of 6, the footballer has been traveling to several places, hiking and camping with his old man. Their favorite climb together has been the mountains, which exceeded 14,000 feet, they climbed during their trip to Colorado.

Kittle with his father Bruce
George and his father Bruce share a wonderful bond

The two of them have planned to climb all the 58 14ers. They also have matching tattoos of Longs Peak, a mountain in Colorado. Bruce has it on his right wrist, whereas George has it on his left biceps.

Bruce Is a Life and Performance Coach

Apart from being a football coach, Bruce also guides people in their lives. He has been a community outreach and co-host of Hidden Pearls Podcast since May 2020.

Not many may know this, but he was also a criminal defense attorney at Petrzelka & Breitbach for more than five years. In 1989, he passed out with a Doctor Of Law (JD) from the University of Iowa College of Law.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science, Labor, and Industrial Relations degree from The University of Iowa Tippie College of Business, he joined Chicago Theological Seminary for his Master of Divinity, Theology/Social Justice.

All Four Members of the Kittle Family Have a Matching Tattoo

In addition to the matching Peaks tattoo, both of them also have a matching tattoo of a bear claw with a bear drawn inside of it. Not only the father and son but the NFL star’s mother and sister also have the same tattoo. The cute tattoo represents them as a tribe, and the totem is a symbol of strength for each individual.

The player shares an immensely close bond with all the members. His social media posts are prime examples of how grateful George is to all of them. He also often shares loving posts and pictures of his loved ones on the occasion of their birthdays and anniversaries.

Has Kittle Started His Own Family?

George has been married to the love of his life, Claire Kittle, since April 10, 2019. Although they have not had any babies together until now, the two are dog parents and often share loving pictures with their pets.