Brandon Aiyuk Has A Son With His Longtime Girlfriend Rochelle Searight

By AustinPublished on: January 23, 2024 Updated on: February 11, 2024
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The American football wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk has been making waves in the National Football League (NFL) for a while. Given his talents and charming looks, the attention often shifts to his personal life, especially his romantic life. Well, the athlete has been with his girlfriend, Rochelle Searight, for what feels like forever.

Keep scrolling to discover all there is to know about Aiyuk’s captivating partner and their shared journey.

Brandon Aiyuk Met His Girlfriend, Rochelle Searight, Via A Mutual Friend

As of 2024, Brandon and Rochelle have been together for 7 years. The sweethearts knew they were meant for one another, and things progressed pretty fast between them.

When Rochelle was in college, she was introduced to the football star by a mutual friend. Talking about the incident in a podcast, the NFL WAG mentioned that she had been third-wheeling with a friend she met in college. She was single at that time.

Seeing that, Searight’s friend told her she was going to set her up with someone, and so she did. That is how the two met on April 10, 2017, and the lovebirds celebrate that day as their anniversary.

Brandon Aiyuk's girlfriend Rochelle Searight is a fitness instructor
Aiyuk with Searight.

First, it was a double date. Unable to deny their chemistry, Brandon and Rochelle decided to go out on their own, ended up enjoying each other’s company very much, and became inseparable ever since.

Brandon Aiyuk’s Girlfriend Is An Influencer And Fitness Instructor

Searight, born on December 3, 1997, in Reno, Nevada, is 26 years old as of 2024. She later moved to Arizona as an adult. She was born to her parents, Luannda and Gregory Searight who have been married for over three decades. Rochelle also has three siblings: Karlamarie, Jaqueline, and Aaron.

Besides, Rochelle is a fitness instructor and influencer with a large number of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Video: Rochelle talks about her life

Searight dropped out of college and went to a Cosmetology School, giving life to her passion for cosmetics and makeup. She aspires to open a beauty bar someday. She has a separate account for her aspirations, with over 12K followers.

Before her fame, Searight used to upload videos on YouTube advising about weight gain and proper diet plans to girls with bad food habits. Given that she went through it, she wanted others to have a platform to get the help they needed.

The Pair Are Proud Parents To A Son

The football star’s girlfriend announced her pregnancy on Instagram on July 13, 2020. Their child, Braylon Aiyuk, was born two months later on September 7. The lovely pair’s relationship has grown even stronger after the arrival of their little bundle of joy.

Brandon’s partner, Rochelle has been candid about the effects of COVID-19 on her life and pregnancy. She had just found out about her pregnancy when the global COVID-19 pandemic broke out. She said she was initially scared mostly for her child.

Furthermore, Rochelle had to go to her appointments alone. She did not get a baby shower or a gender reveal, as people could not gather. Despite the stress she had been through, everything worked out just fine.

Delivery Almost Coincided With Aiyuk’s NFL Debut

When his girlfriend was pregnant with their first child, Aiyuk was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers. He was supposed to make his debut on September 12, 2020, while the due date for their son was on the 7th of the same month.

Choosing between his child and the debut of his professional career would have been challenging for the athlete. But, thankfully, his son was born exactly on the due date, and he was there for it.

Their Son Had A Medical Issue At Birth

In the insideLINES Podcast, Searight revealed that their son Braylon had a tumor in his colon at birth. The doctor’s appointment went on for over two months. The little boy had blood in his stool, and the medical representatives were trying to figure out what that was.

Brandon Aiyuk's Son Braylon Aiyuk Had A Tumor in His Colon
Braylon is fine now.

During that time, Brandon was busy with the regular season games and practice sessions while he also needed to be there for his son. His girlfriend took a greater responsibility in taking care of their kid while the NFL star was busy. The doctors performed a biopsy which showed that the tumor was not cancerous and Braylon is okay now.

Brandon Helped His Girlfriend Move On From Her Toxic Relationship

Well, Brandon’s significant other revealed that she had been in a toxic relationship in high school. According to her, it was both mentally and physically abusive, which took time to heal.

Since then, she has been preaching about the importance of being with the right person. While her high school boyfriend broke everything in her, it was Brandon who garnered the pieces and glued them back together.

Brandon Aiyuk's girlfriend Rochelle Searight was in a toxic relationship
Rochelle celebrating her birthday with her partner.

The two learned a lot from one another. The wide receiver taught his girlfriend the importance of not caring what others thought.

Searight Opened Up About Other Side Of Being An NFL WAG

Rochelle has shared several series on TikTok where she talked about the “juicy things” she did not know about being an NFL WAG.

First, she revealed how the players are not supposed to sleep in the same room as their partners when they are traveling on game days. There is security to ensure the rule is not broken, and if it is, the fines are “close to $10,000.”

@itsrochellexo Replying to @your dad wants me took me long enough, but here’s pt. 2! #footballseason #nflgirlfriend #nflwife #contentcreator #lifestylevlogger #nflgf #nfl ♬ Cena Engraçada e Inusitada de 3 Minutos – HarmonicoHCO

Searight also stated the superstition some athletes have about how lovemaking before games negatively impacts their performances, which she believes is “BS” and “lie.”

Contrary to what many might believe, nothing is free for the WAGs. They have to pay for everything, including suites, field passes, and even the regular seat tickets.

When Will Brandon Aiyuk And His Girlfriend Get Married?

At present, the lovebirds have not shown any signs of tying the knot. Even if they have figured out all of it, the pair has not shared it with the public.

Brandon Aiyuk and his girlfriend Rochelle Searight are not yet married
Aiyuk and Searight are not married.

Brandon and Rochelle have been together since 2017 and already have a son. Their relationship transcends mere marital vows. The couple is each other’s forever, and they know it.