Fred Warner’s Mother, Laura Warner Raised Her Kids As a Single Mom

By AbigailPublished on: January 30, 2024 Updated on: February 11, 2024
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Fred Warner, the football linebacker who was drafted into the San Francisco 49ers in 2018, is steadily building a Hall of Fame as one of the best defensive players in the NFL scene. Amassing a strong fan following with his tackles and work ethic, Fred has quickly become a household name. But, behind his admirable success is the support and encouragement of his parents, Laura Warner and Fred Warner Sr.

Let’s know more about Warner’s mom and dad who passed down adequate values to him.

Fred Warner’s parents, Laura Warner and Fred Sr. are of mixed descent

He was born to Laura Quiroz Warner and Frederick Anthony Warner Sr. in San Marcos, California. His father is of Panamanian descent and is half African-American who was born in the United States, while his mother is half Mexican and half American.

His dad Fred Sr. is a former sergeant of the US Army and works as a shipping manager at Grand Cru Liquid Assets.

Fred Warner's father Fred Warner Sr.
Fred’s father is of Panamanian descent.

The ex-couple had three children together. Warner Jr. is the eldest among the three. Their second child, Troy Warner, is also a football player trying for the NFL. Mya Lisa Warner is the couple’s youngest child and is a student at UCLA. The young lady seems to be into art.

Laura Warner raised her children as a single mom after the divorce

Laura and her ex-husband, Fred Sr. divorced a few years after their marriage, and the custody of the kids was handed over to the mother. Later on, Fred Sr. went on to marry Stacee Warner and had two sons with her while Laura did not marry a second time and focused on taking care of the children.

As a single mother, Laura worked hard to earn a living and raised three kids at the same time. The hard-working woman went to work commuting an hour every day for 20 years. She also taught them to do right by people and make others happy.

Fred Warner with his mother Laura Warren and his siblings Troy Warren and Mya Lisa Warren
The three siblings were raised by their mother.

Fred, as the eldest child and a self-proclaimed ‘mama’s boy’, saw her struggle and mentioned that he has immense respect for her. She was the one who taught him the meaning of hard work. He said,

“She did everything for us as kids, you know, providing for us. We never felt like we didn’t have enough. She’s amazing.”

Furthermore, Fred and his siblings share a close bond with his maternal grandmother. Affectionately called ‘mémé’ by her grandchildren, Laura’s mother lived next door to them and was a big help to the single mother in terms of child-rearing.

Fred’s Mom Laura is a devout Mormon

Laura is a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints and has raised all of her children with the same beliefs.

Furthermore, it was a fellow ward member from the church who helped Fred get recruited into the Brigham Young University football team.

She encouraged her children to take up sports

Laura was the one who pushed her sons toward sports as early as possible. She wanted them to expend their energy on something useful. Initially, she put Fred up for soccer and later even the T-ball team. His mother mentioned that he hated the latter sport. It was at the age of seven that she chose football for her son. Fred, of course, fell in love with the sport.

 Warner with his mother Laura Warner
Fred’s mother is a steady and supportive pillar for him.

Laura is a strict but loving and supportive mom

While Laura herself admits that she might have put some pressure on Fred in terms of sports, she has equally been a beloved mother to him and his siblings.

Furthermore, she was the one to encourage the player to join BYU. Although sports was the major reason, she also wanted him to experience other things and have a life outside of football.


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The sweet lady has been to almost all of his games and is often seen cheering him from the stands.

How is Fred Jr.’s relationship with his father, Fred Warner Sr.?

While Fred has extensively talked about his mother, he seldom divulges anything about his father. He does not seem to acknowledge his father in public platforms.

However, his father seems to be his biggest fan. His profile on Facebook is mostly dedicated to his son’s games and achievements. He often proclaims his son to be “the best linebacker in the league.”

Moreover, the father-son duo both share their love for football and were fans of the Dallas Cowboys.