The Real Identity of Steelers George Pickens’ Dad: It’s Not Carl Pickens

By RhyssPublished on: January 5, 2024 Updated on: February 21, 2024
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George Pickens, one of the NFL’s finest wide receivers is in the news nowadays due to the mysterious identity of his biological father. A lot of big tabloids claim he is the son of the former NFL star, Carl Pickens. Some fans even suggest that Carl abandoned George and his brother who were later adopted.

So who is George’s real father? We have found some shocking evidence so let’s get right into it.

His Dad Is Not Carl Pickens

Period. There are no ifs and buts about it, ladies and gentlemen. A lot of you surely have bumped into a lot of articles online where it has been said Pickens is the son of former Bengals star Carl Pickens. Frankly, it does make a lot of sense, considering how both of them played in the NFL and that too in the same position.

In an article by CBS where they talked about Steelers‘ 2nd-round pick George Pickens, they added a little trivia in the end, saying that the retired Wide Receiver, is his old man. At first, we were okay with the fact, after all, it was CBS, one of the most reputed news sources in the world.

Nevertheless, for many eagle-eyed fans and sources, like us NFLRadar, there seemed to be a missing puzzle.

Why Carl Is Not George’s Father?

After retiring from football in 2001, Carl became an enigma, seemingly disappearing from the media. Then suddenly in 2013, he made headlines for all the wrong reasons. He was arrested by Gwinnett County deputies for domestic charges made by his wife.

From this news, we can assert the fact that he lived in Gwinett, up until 2014. Now, George, who was only 12 years old at the time, lived in Hoover, Alabama, which means, the alleged dad-son lived in different states.

A lot of you will speculate that the father-son duo lived far away due to Carl being a deadbeat and abusive dad, as evidenced by his domestic abuse charges. However, that is also not the case, as never in his life did George live in the state of Georgia let alone Gwinnett County. From his earliest education to high school graduation, he never left the state of Alabama; he studied at Hoover High School.

And the last nail in the coffin! In the seventh episode of Cam Newton’s, Bless The Babies series in The Players’ Tribune channel shared on January 30, 2020, both of George’s parents are present. In the video, it is clear that Carl is not the father and instead, it was someone else. So who was he?

The Real Identity of George’s Father

His dad was only a search away and yet the big so-called media houses didn’t bother doing a small research and instead chose to give false information. His father is George Pickens Sr. That explains the full name of Steeler’s WR, George Malik Jr, who is currently single.

George's dad standing with him wearing a white shirt
George with his dad George Sr in a photo that dates back to 2018.

We first came to know about George Sr., after doing a simple Google search. His Instagram account was only a few clicks away.

While initially, we thought this must be a coincidence, after all, there are definitely hundreds of George Pickens Sr in the US of A. Nonetheless, his Instagram feed set the record straight.

Beginning from the year 2017, he has adequately shared photos with his son, George on his social media accounts. Not only that, but the older Picken has also added a bunch of photos with his older son. Yes, his older son is Chris Humes, a cornerback for the Las Vegas Raiders, who also happens to be George’s older brother.

Picken’s Dad Played Basketball In High School

George Sr was a gifted athlete back in the day. The tall masculine man used to play college basketball for Phillips Academy Birmingham. But his career didn’t take off.

George Picken's dad playing Basketball
A young George senior playing basketball for his high school.

Nevertheless, Pickens is happy where is today, owning a car wash company, Cascade Auto Details.

Who is George Picken’s Mother?

Now that the curious case of Picken’s father is out of the way, let’s move towards his matriarch. Her name is Dee Humus and she lives in Hoover, Alabama. She was born in January 1978.

Pickens with his mom Dee and brother Chris.
Pickens is one of two children of Dee Humes

Currently, George’s parents Dee and George Sr are not together. They broke up several years ago. But while they were in a relationship, the couple welcomed two kids, Chris Humes, born on July 31st, 1994, and George, born on March 4th, 2001. Speaking of Chris, he is also a football player.

Meanwhile, from an Instagram post shared by Pickens Sr, it seems Malik has a younger brother as well.

George Grew Up In a Loving Home

Although his parents are no longer together, they made sure to stick together as one for the sake of their kids. Even to this day, Dee and Picken often hang out together, attending their sons’ matches and events.

For instance, in August 2023, Pickens’ senior shared a photo with his kids, and his former partner Dee, captioning, ‘Family ❤️.’ This post alone shows how the pair joined hands to raise their boys, despite having their differences.

George Pickins with his mom, dad, and brother
George with his family. (From Left To Right), Brother Chris, Dad George, Himself, and Mom Dee Humes.

Moreover, going through old photos shared by George Sr on his social media handles, it is apparent that Pickens Jr had a fun-filled and loving childhood.

The Responsibility Media Has Over Factual Information

As we mentioned already, big media like CBS and Fox News, both stated that Carl Pickens is the father, but we have already sidestepped that landmine.

But one thing we should ponder about is if big news sources are posting such false claims, whom should we rely on for factually correct information?

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