Travis Etienne Jr.’s Mother Donnetta Etienne Is His Biggest Fan

By AustinPublished on: February 11, 2024 Updated on: February 13, 2024
Birthday March 04, 1974
Birthplace Louisiana
Age 50 years
Son Travis Etienne
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Donnetta Etienne is renowned for being the mother of the American football running back Travis Etienne. While gaining prominence as her son’s pillar of support, Donnetta is a captivating figure on her own. Join us as we unravel the details of her personal and professional lives while shedding light on her contributions to shaping Travis’ life and career.

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Travis Etienne’s Mother, Donnetta Etienne, Was A Single Child

Donnetta was born on March 4, 1974. She was raised by her mother, Cynthia Beverly, in Louisiana. Well, many on Facebook have referred to her mom as “Marie.” Raised as a devoted Christian, Etienne often posts about her mama proudly on her social media.

Travis Etienne's mother, Donnetta Etienne, is a single child
Donnetta is close to her mother.

Being an only child in the family, she sometimes struggles with making family decisions. But thankfully, she always had her mother to look up to.

Donnetta Etienne Has Worked As A Nurse

Having graduated from Lamar State College-Orange, Donnetta made a career for herself as a nurse. As per her LinkedIn, she works at Lake Charles Care Center. However, these details were also present in her X (formerly Twitter) bio and have long since been removed. So, could it be she has retired from this profession?

During her son’s formative years, she was a nurse, and despite her busy schedule, Donnetta always had time for her children. Besides, her Facebook says she is a digital creator. Presently, she must be focused on being a full-time mom to her wonderful kids.

Is She Still Married to Travis Etienne, Sr.?

Donnetta welcomed her kids with Travis Etienne Sr. He works in the oil industry. The husband and wife are quite close to one another and have raised a beautiful family.

As a loving spouse, Donnetta does not forget to wish her partner on special occasions. In 2018’s Father’s Day, she posted a picture of her significant other and son on her Facebook with the caption, “Happy Fathers Day to my kids wonderful Father!! (sic)”.

However, her Facebook account states she is single. So the question looms large if Travis Jr.’s parents are still together or not.

Donnetta Etienne Has Raised Four Athletes

Including Travis, Donnetta has four children. Danielle and Shanea are the two sisters of the football star, and his younger brother is Trevor Etienne.

All of them have played sports at some point in their life. Donnetta’s daughters, Shanea and Danielle, were basketball and track championship winners. As for her sons, both of them are football players. Like his brother, Trevor is a running back for the Florida Gators.

Donnetta Etienne, raised four athletes
Donnetta with her kids.

Furthermore, both of Donnetta’s girls are married and have their own families now.

Donnetta’s Ways Of Raising Her Kids

The beautiful lady is a wonderful mother, considering how all of her kids have grown up. Donnetta always allowed her kids to do anything they liked as long as they did their chores and maintained good grades. She always believed in her little ones to do the right thing, and they have not let her down.

Besides, Donnetta also teaches her kids to dream big, put in effort and hard work to achieve those dreams, and that nothing is impossible when you work hard.

Mrs. Etienne Has Watched Her Son Grow Into The Man He Is Today

Every child is special to a mama. But in this case, the kid is truly extraordinary. Donnetta has been watching Travis do what he is doing now since he was seven. She says he had a raw talent, which he has honed over time with different coaches. From playing with his friends in backyards to having 34 scholarship offers, it was a ride for the athlete and his old woman.

Likewise, Donnetta has watched Travis go through the hurdles to establish himself as one of the best contemporary players in the league. She is proud of the person and athlete he has become.

Travis Is A Mama’s Boy

The bond between a mother and a son is something else, and Travis and Donnetta are quite close. To say the football star would not be where he is now without the unwavering support of his mother would be an understatement. She made sure his passion did not wilt.

Besides, when Donnetta used to leave for work when Travis was a child, he used to race after her car. That is how his speed developed. Well, his grandmother gave him a football to keep him from chasing the car.

Likewise, Donnetta’s busy schedule did not stop her from spending time with her son. She was an active presence in his life. She used to visit colleges with him and influenced his major decision. While his enrollment at Clemson meant he would be far away from the family, she always assured Travis he would receive the same amount of support from her and the family.

Travis Etienne and his mother, Donnetta Etienne, are close
The mother-son duo has a strong bond.

Moreover, before every game day, Donnetta and the whole Etienne family FaceTimes Travis and wish him luck. They have always been there for him.

Furthermore, this love extends to Travis’ younger brother as well. She always defends her children no matter what. When Trevor entered the transfer portal following the not-so-fruitful season Florida had, he was criticized by many. However, mama Etienne posted on X (formerly Twitter) defending her son.

We made the best decision for the “Etienne Family “ That’s it and that’s all..#GodBless

Donnetta Is A Proud Mama

While Travis is not her little boy anymore, Donnetta knows when he needs her. She can see right through her son. Whenever she watches his interviews, she can tell what he needs. Whether it is love, attention, validation, or wisdom, she delivers it all.

Donnetta Etienne, has always been besides her children
Donnetta has always been by her kids’ side.

Family is pretty much her everything, and she shares about them a lot. Additionally, she also shares about her offspring’s achievements on social media.

In addition, she always tries to find time for her son’s games; when she cannot, she supports her in other ways. She has even received threats from the fans, saying they will kill the family. But none of that stops her.

Presently, Donnetta Etienne lives in Jacksonville, Florida.