Travis Etienne Jr.’s Father Travis Etienne Sr. Works At Pioneer Well Services

By AbigailPublished on: February 13, 2024 Updated on: February 13, 2024
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Travis Etienne Sr. is the father of renowned running back Travis Etienne Jr., who plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Many fans have been curious to know more about the man who raised an athlete like Etienne. In this article, we shall explore some parts of Etienne Sr.’s personal and professional life.

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Travis Etienne Sr. hails from Jennings

Born in the small town of Jennings in Louisiana, Etienne’s old man spent his entire life in his hometown. He attended the local Jennings High School and ended up settling in the southern part of the town after getting together with his significant other.

Travis Etienne Jr. with his father Travis Etienne, mother Donnetta Etienne and brother Trevor Etienne
Etienne’s father was born and bred in Jennings.

The south side of the town was more skewed towards blue-collar workers, among whom many worked multiple jobs to sustain their living. It was the north side that was more middle and upper-middle class.

In addition, there was also the constant danger of cold-blooded crimes in the town. Growing up in such an area must not have been easy for the Etienne family.

Travis Etienne Jr’s father works in the oil industry

The town of Jennings, often called the ‘Cradle of Louisiana Oil,’ is famous for its oil and gas industry. As a result, many locals opt for a job in this industry. Travis Sr. also chose to work in this sector to make a living.

When his children were young, he worked as an offshore tool pusher in the oil rig industry. He was involved in offshore drilling operations in a supervisory role. Travis Sr. was responsible for overseeing the crew and ensuring that the drilling activities were running smoothly and efficiently.

In June 2018, Travis’s dad stated on his Facebook account that he had started working at Pioneer Well Services located in El Campo, Texas.

Etienne Sr. has built a beautiful family with his partner

The oil industry worker married the mother of his children, Donnetta Etienne, and has raised a beautiful family with her. His wife is a Lamar State College-Orange graduate who has made a career as a nurse. She is also a content creator on social media.

Although the couple doesn’t seem to be fond of expressive gestures on social media, both are devoted and wonderful parents. Travis Jr.’s father is quite inactive in the social media scene. However, his mother once wished him on Father’s Day, calling him a wonderful dad to their younglings.

He is the father of four children

Along with the NFL player himself, Etienne Sr. and his wife have three other kids together. Their two eldest are girls, Danielle and Shanea. The Jaguars RB is their third child, and Trevor Etienne is the youngest.

Following his lead, both his sons graduated from Jennings High School. Moreover, all of his offspring have dabbled in sports. His daughters were championship winners in basketball and track, and all of us know the trajectory of Etienne himself.

Meanwhile, the youngest, Trevor, is playing college football as a running back for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Travis Etienne Jr. with his brother Trevor Etienne and two sisters
Etienne Sr. has four kids with his lovely partner.

All of the couple’s kids have spread their wings and are off to build their own lives. Moreover, Etienne Sr.’s baby girls are already married and have their own family now.

Donnetta and Etienne raised their little ones to be religious and have an innate belief in God. This has also led to all the kids being very family-oriented.

Are Travis Sr. and His Wife Donnetta Still together?

On her Facebook page, Etienne’s mother’s relationship status is stated to be single. Could it be that the couple have separated?

As mentioned above, Etienne Sr. is quite disengaged from social media and doesn’t post a lot. He also doesn’t seem fond of clicking pictures, as he is hardly seen in his family’s posts. Perhaps the man is a bit camera-shy or one can even speculate that the dad of four is not together with his partner anymore.

Meanwhile, Travis’s mom is very active on social media platforms and is quite the opposite of her spouse in this regard.

Travis Etienne Sr. Is Proud Of His Kids’ Achievements

What can be discerned from Travis’s words is that he is a mama’s boy through and through. However, he also shares a close bond with his father and seeks his guidance in his life. His dad is also very proud of him and his brother’s accomplishments.

The senior Etienne once stated,

When it comes down to Trevor’s and Travis’s success, as a father, I’m proud to see them accomplish all their goals and living their dreams. Striving every day to become men of valor and integrity. Proud of my sons.

The footballer mentioned that his old man helped him become the person he is now.

On Father’s Day, the running back gifted his dad the Jaguar’s gear and mentioned how proud he was to be able to do such things for his parents now. Etienne Sr. expressed that he was appreciative of the gift.