Jarrett Stidham Inherited His Father Juder Stidham’s Height

By AustinPublished on: February 13, 2024 Updated on: February 16, 2024
Birthday October 17, 1963
Birthplace Kentucky
Age 60 years
Son Jarrett Stidham
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Juder Stidham is the father of the National Football League quarterback Jarrett Stidham. While not having an athletic background, Juder has heavily influenced his son’s career. He is a successful businessman, running several businesses with his wife. Alongside maintaining a low profile, Mr. Stidham loves talking about his son.

Here, we have gathered some facts about Juder’s personal and professional life, including his role in his kid’s upbringing.

Jarrett Stidham’s Father, Juder Stidham Is From Kentucky

Juder Stidham III was born on October 17, 1963, to Sadie Wells Stidham and Juder C. Sidham in Kentucky. His parents, who were married for 59 years, are no more. His late mother was an educator, author, and genealogist. He grew up with five siblings: the late Juder Stidham Jr., James Edward Stidham, Jamie Stidham Davis, James Edward Stidham II, and Jeff Stidham.

Jarrett Stidham's father, Juder Stidham, is from Kentucky.
Juder is from Kentucky.

All of them have their own families and children now.

Stidham Is A Businessman

During his days in Kentucky, Stidham owned and ran several businesses. His first company was an express expediting service. He also operated Juder Stidham Leasing and Juder Stidham Video Memory. However, Juder left these companies behind when he left Kentucky.

At present, Stidham is the general manager of Stidham Media Group Holdings, a company offering marketing and advertising services in print and digital platforms, with his wife. Their major business is in newspapers, but they also provide services like social media management, geofencing, streaming, and gas station advertising.

Juder Stidham’s Wife Is His Business Partner

Juder is married to Rochelle Stidham, who is more than a mere life partner. The lovebirds lived in Texas, where they started their family. However, they had to move to Oklahoma and later to Tennessee as Rochelle found a job as a publisher in Covington.

Meanwhile, the pair have finally settled down in Florida, where they own and run the Osceola News-Gazette. Rochelle has decades of experience in the field. She began her career as a publisher for Richmond Register in October 2000 and held this role for four years until October 2004.

She then became a publisher for Stephenville Empire-Tribune in June 2005 until January 2013. Rochelle then held the role of regional publisher for American Hometown Publishing Inc. from December 2016 to March 2019 before starting her own thing with her hubby.

Similarly, Rochelle can be seen wishing Juder on Father’s Day. In 2016, posting a snap from their date, she captioned, “HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THIS GUY!”

He Has Welcomed Two Children With His Spouse

Juder and Rochelle have two kids together. The eldest is Juder Stidham IV and the youngest is Jarrett. While Jarrett has carved a career in American football, Stidham IV is a software developer. Since the football star does not need an introduction, let’s move on to his brother.

Juder Stidham and Rochelle have two sons
The Stidham brothers attend a basketball game.

The eldest Stidham child went to Tarleton State University from 2013 to 2018, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a 3.6 GPA. Following his graduation, he has been working at JPMorgan Chase & Co. since July 2019.

Besides, Stidham’s sweetheart has another son, Dustin Pyatte, from her previous relationship. Pyatte is operations manager at Kairoi Residential. The three kids were raised together and are still very close to one another.

Juder Stidham Loves Talking About His Son

The old man is very fond of his son and is often seen talking about him in the media. Juder has stated how Jarrett was athletic since a tender age, different from other kids. His athletic kid does not care much about what the media has to say about him and lets his game speak. Talking about this, Juder said,

I think Jarrett wants to let his play speak on the field. He just wants to win, period. That’s who he is.

Initially, Juder wanted his little one to play basketball, but looking at Jarrett’s passion for football, he could not really keep him away from the sport.

Jarrett Inherited Athleticism From His Father

If you ask Rochelle, she might disagree, but Jarrett is much like his dad when it comes to athleticism. While Juder might not have played football, he had the potential to become a great sportsman.

Although the football player might have inherited his overall athleticism from the mother’s side of the family, a long line of athletes, his arm strength comes from his old man. Juder, 6 feet 4, is even taller than his son, 6 feet 2. As he has acknowledged, he can throw a baseball a mile.

Jarrett Stidham inherited the arm strength from his father, Juder Stidham
Juder is taller than Jarrett.

Presently, Juder lives in Kissimmee, Florida, with his wife.