Malik Willis’ Parents Have Brought Up Two More Athletic Kids

By AbigailPublished on: February 19, 2024 Updated on: February 19, 2024
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The football quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, Malik Willis, is one of the young players on his way to marking his name in the league. On his journey to the NFL, his parents have always had his back. They have been with him through thick and thin and stood as the pillar of strength Willis can rely on.

Let’s know more about them.

Who Are Malik Willis’ Parents?

Malik was born on May 25, 1999, to Shastca Grier and Harold Willis. Initially residing in the Westlake community in Atlanta, the family moved to Roswell when Willis was in high school. Malik’s dad and mom to this day, still reside in the same area.

Malik Willis with his father Harold Willis, mother Shastca Grier and his younger siblings posing for a photo
The athlete was raised by Harold and Shastca in Georgia.

Several sites have written Malik’s mom’s name as Shasta. With a slightly complicated name such as hers, the mistake is understandable. However, the woman herself writes her name as Shastca.

Moreover, Malik’s mama was originally from College Park in Georgia. She is an Aquarius and celebrates her birthday on January 25.

Shastca Grier and Harold Willis’ Marital Life With Three Kids

Harold and Shastca have been married to each other for decades and have three beautiful children to call their own.

During their free time, Harold and Shastca like to watch basketball together. Although Malik’s parents seem quite compatible, they bat for different teams in terms of basketball. His father likes Cleveland, and his mother prefers the Golden State Warriors.

Malik is the oldest among the three. Aside from the player, they have a daughter, Destini Willis, and a son, Marquis Willis.


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The wedded couple’s eldest has carved a path for himself in the sports scene. As for their younger children, Destini graduated from Albany State University in 2023, majoring in biology. She desires to be a doctor of physical therapy in the future.

Meanwhile, the youngest Willis initially attended the Coahoma Community College in Clarkdale, Mississippi, and later transferred to the University of Mississippi.

The couple has raised three athletes

The Willis family is not lacking in athletes. Along with the NFL player himself, the lovebirds have raised their other children to be athletic as well.

Malik’s younger sister was on the active roster for the cheerleading team of Albany State University for all her four years of college.

Meanwhile, the youngest Willis is following in his brother’s footsteps in football and is the wide receiver for Ole Miss. Before this, he played for the football team at Coahoma Community College.

Malik Looks Up To His Father And Mother

The quarterback’s dad and mom have been a constant source of support and reassurance in his journey in football. It is due to love and encouragement that Willis could become the man he is today.

One of the primary reasons for the family’s move to Roswell was to allow the footballer to play in a team that would showcase his skills. According to his mother,

He’s been this driving force since he was 4 years old: ‘I want to play one day on Northside Drive,’ that was his thing.

When Malik first burst into the NFL scene, his folks could not believe that it was happening. Seeing their son’s hard work pay off must have been a prideful but overwhelming moment for them.

Malik Willis’s father, Harold Willis, taught him to be the person he is now

Malik’s old man always motivates him in terms of hard work. Harold taught his eldest kid right and wrong as a youngster but also did not force him to do anything. While he was a disciplinarian, he let Malik make mistakes and learn from them.

Malik Willis with his father Harold Willis at his graduation
Malik’s dad taught him the way of life.

The man was the one who gave his child the moral structure and guidelines during his boyhood. As per the footballer,

He basically gave me the guidelines of how I want to live my life, who I want to be as a person. Not defined by anything that happens to me in my life, but defined by a set of rules, a character you want to build. Try to do everything right and treat people how you want to be treated. He taught me about God, about how things happen for a reason and understanding the importance of everything that happens in our life.
Perhaps it was due to his inherent trust in Harold that Malik allowed his father to be more hands-on with the process of choosing his representative.

The media Mistook Malik Willis’ Grandma For His Mother

A hilarious incident occurred when NFL Network posted a picture of Malik’s beloved grandma giving him a proud look. The admin mistook the lady as his mother, and Malik was the one to correct the person.

People exclaimed that they understood the misunderstanding due to how young Willis’ grandmother looked.