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By NoahPublished on: September 28, 2023 Updated on: February 7, 2024
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The reason behind every successful man is often a woman, and for Curtis Samuel, one of the finest wide receivers for Washington Commanders, that woman is none other than his mother, Nicole Samuel. Samuel often credits his mother for his success as a footballer. Despite being a single mother, she never failed to support her children.

Nicole played the role of both parents for her children following her split from the kids’ dad and the hardships she endured while raising them finally paid off.

Let’s learn more about this marvelous woman in this article.

Nicole Samuel Was Born and Brought Up in Brooklyn

Nicole was born in Brooklyn, New York, and was raised in Kingsborough Houses, a housing project with her brother, Rasheem Samuel. She is currently 55 years old.

Curtis with his mother, Nicole and sister, Denisha
Curtis has credited his mother, Nicole Samuel, and sister, Denisha for his success.

The mother of two children is currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina with her second husband and kids. She had her fair share of struggles in her past but now she is enjoying her life relaxing and taking a step back from work.

She Is A Proud Mother Of Two Kids

As we mentioned before, Nicole is a mother of two, a son Curtis, and a daughter Denisha Samuel. Her son is an NFL football wide receiver who started his professional football career with the Carolina Panthers in 2017. He played for four seasons before signing a contract with the Washington Commanders in 2021.

Nicole expressed her feelings in an interview with WCNC Charlotte after her son was drafted. She said,

From youth football to junior high to high school — all his big moments — I was always there. My train of thought was OK, get up, I’m going to go see my son off, but on an NFL stage now.

On the other hand, Nicole’s daughter, Denisha, who completed her Bachelor’s from Ashford University in Organizational Management is working as a cash logistics processor at Brink’s Inc. Besides her present job, she worked as Head Teller in TD from 2015-2017 and Citi from 2011-2015.

The brother and sister duo has a loving relationship as Curtis has mentioned his sister as a heart and rock in his life.

Raised Her Kids As A Single Mother

Nicole separated from her ex-partner Curtis Council when her children were too young. The young lady then took on the responsibility of fulfilling both the father and mother’s duties. There is no exact information about the reason behind their separation. At present, Council lives in Virginia and works in an aviation manufacturing company.

Nicole Samuel and her daughter, Denisha
The mother and daughter duo are twinning

Raising two kids alone is very difficult and she had to face various struggles along the way. She raised her children in the same apartment where she and her brother grew up. The environment at Kingsborough House was drug-infested. Her income from working with the city housing authority was barely enough to make ends meet.

Nicole Samuel Married Her Son’s Coach

Nicole tied the knot with the Brooklyn Saints coach Roy Armstead on 5 December 2020. Before getting married they dated for around 11 years. As a matter of fact, Roy was the youth coach of Nicole’s son Curtis which apparently was the reason the couple crossed each other’s path. They gradually developed a connection during football games and finally started dating.

Nicole Is Curtis’s Favorite Person

Curtis didn’t have an easy childhood but his mom, Nicole was there in each step to support him. In fact, his mom was the one who dropped him at his first Carolina Panthers Camp which had even made headlines.

In an interview with ESPN, Curtis said,

My mom, she’s always there for me. She’s been there for me through thick and thin. She’s the reason why I am who I am today.

He has seen his mother’s hard work which paid off and now he just wants his mom to sit back and relax.

She Doesn’t Enjoy Being The Center Of Attention

With her son being a famous NFL player, she is constantly in the spotlight. However, she said she could live without all the attention. In fact, Nicole prefers staying at home rather than being out in public. She enjoys playing games, dancing, and singing with her family over all the other things.

How much is Nicole Samuel’s Net Worth?

Being a single mother, Samuel used to have financial problems but now with her two successful children, she is enjoying a blissful life. She doesn’t seem to be active in any profession at present, thus it’s safe to say Nicole doesn’t earn a significant amount of money.

Talking about her son’s earnings, his net worth is around $18 million in 2024. His earnings are estimated to rise as his playing days are still on.

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