Nathaniel Hackett’s Wife Megan Hackett is A Star Wars Fan Like Him

By SarahPublished on: March 5, 2024 Updated on: March 5, 2024
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Nathaniel Hackett is the offensive coordinator for the New York Jets. Even though he has faced ups and downs in his over two-decades-long coaching career, he still loves his job. One of the reasons may be his wife, Megan Hackett who has always been by his side. In fact, Hackett met his other half due to his profession several years ago.

Hackett knew Megan was the one for him when she started loving things that he liked, including his favorite movie. Ever since then, he has been deeply in love with her and he never misses an opportunity to flaunt his love for his spouse in public.

The soulmates have hardly shared insights into their bond but there is some gossip that they started dating in college. So, the question here is are they college lovers turned into a married couple? Let’s find out.

Nathaniel Hackett Is Happily Married to Wife Megan

Hackett has been married to his wife, Megan Hackett since July 2006. The lovebirds had a wedding surrounded by their loved ones. They hadn’t shared many details about their relationship with the public, but we can confirm that they are still going strong after several years of togetherness.

Nathaniel Hackett with his wife, Megan Hackett and friends.
Nathaniel(middle) with his wife, Megan(top right), and their friends.

The married couple prefers keeping their bond away from prying eyes due to which they rarely make public appearances together. Even though Megan is away from cameras most of the time, Nathaniel never forgets to thank his partner during interviews.

Are Nathaniel And Megan College Sweethearts?

Some sources have identified the pair met at the University of California where Hackett did his bachelor’s. However, it appears to us that they didn’t meet there. They met a couple of years later when he joined Stanford University as a Specialists/recruiting coordinator in 2005.

Not only was it his first exposure to the offensive side of football, he found the love of his life there. Megan was a graduate student who knew several football players. That’s how they got to know each other. Soon after, they started dating and the rest is history.

Technically, they met in a college so they may be referred to as college sweethearts. Nevertheless, the lovebirds are fortunate for their first meet.

Nathaniel Hackett Is The Father Of Four Kids

After marrying Megan, Hackett became a father to two sons and two daughters. Harrison is the oldest followed by their girl, Briar. The year after they had her, they gave birth to their son, London. The youngest in the family is Everly.

Nathaniel Hackett with his wife, Megan Hackett and children
Nathaniel and Megan have two sons and two daughters.

The kids are in their teenage years so they are still learning their interests. The proud parents are doing their best to protect their little ones from the paparazzi. Sometimes, they take their children out to events. They attended Nathaniel’s press conference when he was appointed as Denver’s head coach. He even gave them a shoutout in his speech and expressed how much he loved them.

The Husband And Wife Loves Star Wars

Nathaniel has been a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise since he was a kid. He has watched it over and over again ever since his dad introduced him to the movie. Like her hubby, Megan also enjoys Star Wars. It may also be due to the influence of Nathaniel but still, she goes to the movies premiere with him even during game season.

In 2015, she dressed as Darth Vader on Halloween. Not only that, the kids were also dressed as the film’s characters. Nathaniel sometimes jokingly calls his lover Princess Leia. Looks like the whole family loves the Star Wars.

Nathaniel Hackett And Megan Hackett Live In New York

After Hackett joined the New York Jets as their offensive coordinator, the family moved from Denver to New York. They previously lived in Denver for some time when he was the head coach for the Broncos.

Nathaniel and Megan also lived in Green Bay for a few years when he worked with the Packers. They bought a house for $1.21 million at Limestone Trail in 2019. After he quit the job, the couple sold their property for $1.55 million.

Though they may always move from one place to another for career commitments, they feel like home is where their heart is. Megan being his perfect partner never hesitated to pack her bags for her spouse.

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