Meet Lu Rocker; Tracy Rocker’s Wife Is Also A Baseball Mom

By AustinPublished on: March 5, 2024 Updated on: March 5, 2024
Birthday March 27, 1966
Birthplace Maryland
Age 58 years
Husband Tracy Rocker
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Lu Rocker‘s prominence comes from her association with not one but two prominent figures in athletics. Firstly, she is the American football coach, Tracy Rocker‘s wife, and secondly, the baseball pitcher, Kumar Rocker‘s mother.

Her hubby has made a name for himself in the NFL, first as a player and now as a coach, and her son in Major League Baseball since his draft in 2021. Due to this, Lu proudly embraces her identity as a football wife and baseball mom.

Additionally, Lu is also a devout Christian. Delve inside to learn more about the woman and her association with these athletes.

Lu Rocker’s Parents Immigrated From India To The USA

Lalitha Indrani Samuel was born to George and Evelyn Samuel on March 27, 1966. Her parents left India and settled in Maryland in 1965. Born Hindus, they converted to Christianity, ultimately changing their names. They had another son named Sunder.

Tracy Rocker's wife, Lu Rocker's parents with her son, Kumar Rocker
Lu’s mom and dad are originally from India.

Similarly, Lu’s father was Amtrak‘s director of capital accounting, while her mother worked for World Bank for 32 years. Despite the Western influence in their lives, Samuel pair gave their kids Hindu names and instilled Indian-Christian values, focusing on education and the non-individualistic ideal of contributing to society.

Moreover, her dad also high-jumped and pole-vaulted in India.

Sadly, Lu’s Brother Has Already Passed Away

Born on July 2, 1968, Sunder tragically left this earth on February 17, 2004, at the tender age of 35. His demise was a touching moment for the family. Lu’s son, Kumar, is said to have some physical features of his uncle.

Meanwhile, Sundar is especially missed by his sister, who has posted memories of him on her Facebook account. They were exceptionally close growing up.

She will forever cherish the memories they had together.

Tracy Rocker’s Wife Is A Designer

Lu graduated from Takoma Academy in 1984 and earned her psychology degree from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 1996. Following that, she worked as Sr. Instructional Designer at Quest Diagnostics from December 2002.

At the company, she garnered massive experience in web-based instructional training and supplemental material and amassed an ability to apply adult learning theories of instructional design to eLearning projects. She is also proficient in curriculum development, design, and implementation.

Nevertheless, Lu left the company in April 2023 and is likely enjoying her retirement with her husband and family.

Lu Rocker and Tracy Rocker Are College Sweethearts

Raised in Indian culture, Lu was taught about the values of education from a young age. While she was six feet tall and played basketball in school, nothing came of it. She had little knowledge about sports, especially football. But she fell in love with a football player.

The couple’s paths crossed at Maryland, where Rocker was a standout football athlete. With his charming personality and humor, Tracy had no trouble wooing Lu. She got to see a different, fun side of sports through him. Talking about what attracted her to him, Mrs. Rocker said,

Tracy was funny. And as I got to know him and his work ethic, his outlook and approach to the game, the discipline, it was amazing.

Unfortunately, injuries sidelined his NFL career, so he and his wife looked for coaching jobs. Starting from high school, Tracy is now the defensive line coach for the Tennessee Titans since 2024. They have been happily married for decades.

Tracy Rocker's wife, Lu Rocker, was his college lover
Lu and Tracy have been married for decades.

Lu Rocker Is Her Son, Kumar Rocker’s Biggest Supporter

As stated above, Lu had little knowledge of sports. While she may have learned the specifics of football after marrying Tracy, she still had no idea about baseball. Nevertheless, she is always there to cheer and support him from the stands and genuinely enjoys it.

So, when Kumar became the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter in the Super Regional round on June 8, 2019, his mom had no idea what a no-hitter was, but she was still stoked for her son and was celebrating with him.

Funnily, not knowing what it was, she was still praying for it. Her prayers were answered.

Ever since Kumar was a child, the Rockers had known he would become a baseball player. Lu fondly speaks about her kid and his achievements.

Tracy Rocker poses with his wife, Lu Rocker, and son
Lu has always supported her son.

Besides supporting Kumar’s passion for the sport, Lu ensured his focus on education did not waver. She also drove him to and from practice and aided his journey in every way she could.

After all the hard work Kumar has done, Mrs. Rocker has posted his achievements proudly.

Furthermore, Lu is not very active on social media. She has a private Instagram account and some what engaged on X (formerly Twitter.) Rocker currently lives with her husband in Tennessee.