Hayley Beane, Brandon Beane’s Wife Is Working For The Welfare Of Animals

By AbigailPublished on: March 5, 2024 Updated on: March 7, 2024
Birthday July 1976
Age 47 years
Husband Brandon Beane
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Hayley Beane,  general manager of the Buffalo Bills Brandon Beane‘s wife, has been in the spotlight a few times throughout her life.

With a long career in the Carolina Panthers, her husband was recruited by the Bills in 2017. While his tactics have not been without criticism, Beane is known to make decisions favorable for the long term.

In the following piece, we shall focus more on some details about the sports personnel’s spouse, Hayley.

Hayley Beane’s Father Was An Army Veteran

Born as Hayley Roberts to her parents, Wayne Roberts and Stephanie Boone, she entered the world in July 1976. Hayley grew up in her hometown Shelby along with her brother Richie.

Hayley Beane has a brother
Hayley grew up with her brother in Shelby.

Regarding her family, Hayley’s father served in the military during the Vietnam War and was granted two Purple Hearts as well as a Bronze Star for his efforts. The brave man was also a member of Bethel Baptist Church, where he taught in the classes and sang in the choir. During his lifetime, he also became the chairman of the deacon’s, treasure, and on the pastor’s search committee.

Unfortunately, Hayley’s dad passed away on October 6, 2010, at the age of 61. Since then, her mother has remarried another man named Mike Boone.

Hayley Beane is a Spanish language teacher

During her teenage years in 1990, Hayley started studying at Shelby High School and gained her diploma in 1994. Afterward, she enrolled in the University of North Carolina Wilmington and graduated in 1998, attaining a Bachelor’s degree to qualify as an educator. She majored in teaching Spanish language.

Upon getting a degree, the hardworking woman immediately began working in the Fort Mill School District as a Spanish teacher from August 1999 until May 2006. Then in August 2009, she koined Carolina Academy as a preschool Spanish teacher, and stayed there for over 4 years six months.

Later, in 2016, she returned to her first workplace and has continued her job there.

In addition to being an educator, she also designs personalized lockets that would tell the story of the person gifting it. Hayley is also a kind woman who often donates to charities.

Brandon Beane And Hayley Beane: The College Sweethearts Married After Graduation

Both Hayley and Brandon are of the same age and attended the same college. When the two initially crossed paths, the latter was dating another girl from his high school. However, he broke up with his then-partner after some time and started seeing his now-spouse.

In the late 1990s, the pair moved forward to start a new chapter in their life and officially got married.

Hayley Beane and her husband Brandon Beane at an NFL game
The two tied the knot in the late 90s.

Since then, Hayley has been an excellent better half and homemaker, along with being a brilliant mother to their two kids.

Hayley’s Faith In Her Husband

Even when the Beane couple was not officially married, Hayley was a faithful and trusting girlfriend to her beau. During the few days before their wedding, Brandon turned down a journalism job offer that paid him $30,000 a year and several benefits for a $5 per hour internship.

While Hayley was understandably skeptical of his choice, she did not even think to leave him. At the beginning of their marriage, Hayley was practically the breadwinner of the house. Brandon stated,

She’s been a trooper. She didn’t know what she was signing up for, to be quite honest.

Thankfully, Hayley’s effort to keep the family afloat and allow Brandon to do what he wanted to has paid off, as the family is now comfortably well-off.

Brandon Beane’s Wife Has Raised Their Boys Well

The wedded pair have two sons, Tyson and Wesley, with a two-year age gap between them. Both have now grown up, and the young men are off to college.

Hayley Beane and Brandon Beane's sons Tyson and Wesley in their yearbook
The couple has raised two handsome sons.

Furthermore, they have also been raising two adorable dogs Bodie and Peanut, as well as three guinea pigs named Sherman, Percy and Coco. Hayley is an avid animal lover and the husband-wife duo often donates to animal shelters involved in rescue and adoption.

Hayley and Brandon Beane also operate the Bills Muttfia program

As one of the board of directors of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (SPCA), Hayley along with her hubby has been operating a program called Bills Muttfia. Every time the Bills score a home game touchdown, the Beanes pay the adoption fee of one SPCA animal. As per the empathetic lady,

Bills Muttfia is an excellent way to highlight and bring attention to the animals at the SPCA Serving Erie County. It has also been so fun to be involved and wait to see which animals will be drafted into Bills Muttfia!

She resides in Orchard Park, New York along with her life partner.