Mike Tirico’s Dad Left Him and His Mother When He Was Four

By AsherPublished on: March 5, 2024 Updated on: March 5, 2024
Son Mike Tirico
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Donald Tirico is the father of popular American sportscaster Mike Tirico. Mike works as the NFL play-by-play announcer on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. He replaced Al Michaels in taking over the job in 2022. Before, he was a play-by-play announcer on ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

Talking about his family life, Mike was separated from his father when he was just four. After his parents’ separation, Mike was raised by his single mother and lost contact with his father. But, has he reconnected with his dad afterward?

Let’s find out what is the relationship between Mike and his dad, Donald Tirico.

Mike Tirico’s Parents Donald Tirico And Maria Tirico’s Separation

Mike’s parents Donald and Maria Tirico separated when the NBC journalist was an infant. There isn’t much information as to why his parents separated, however, it has come to know that, Donald has remained out of his partner and his son’s life.

Following Donald’s separation from his then-wife, Maria, their son, Mike was raised solely by her. Mike therefore built a close bond with the mother’s side of the family and is still close with them. While growing up, Mike developed an interest in sports and played Little League baseball.

Mike’s Grandfather Taught Him Sports

Mike was close to his maternal grandfather while growing up. His grandfather, who worked at Shea Stadium, helped him understand sports well. Sometimes, his grandad would take him along, giving him an insider’s view of the sports world.

Mike Tirico’s Ethnicity Raised Question – Is His Dad Black?

Back in the day, most people assumed he was black. Although he did not like it, he did not object either. He was okay with it if they wanted to call him that.

Mike Tirico doesnot know his father
Donald left his son when he was 4

Many people still believe Mike is a black man, however, he doesn’t consider himself a black man. He said his mother’s side of the family is white, so people wonder if his dad was from an African-American background.

Well, Mike has shut down that possibility either. He has said that everyone he knew in his ancestry was white. He emphasized he had seen pictures of his father, grandmother, and aunt, and they were Caucasian.

So, according to the man himself, Mike is a white man. However, netizens don’t buy it.

Netizens Criticized The Sportscatser

Michael has faced criticism from internet users on platforms like X, Reddit, and Threads. They have their theories and use them to contradict everything he says. Many have criticized him for denying his black identity, leading to negative comments. One of the users wrote Mike’s Wikipedia profile needed an update. Have a look.

Mike Tirico has fashed many backlashes from the netizens

People have made up theories; however, until and unless the sportscaster reveals his ethnicity, Mike remains a white man as he says.

Mike Has Italian Roots From His Mother’s Side

Although his father’s status is unknown, we do know for sure that Mike’s mother has Italian roots. Mike was raised in an Italian household in Queen, New York.

He has talked about growing up in an Italian household many times. An interesting conversation arose when the sportscaster revealed the least Italian thing about him: his dislike for extra bread.

He explained that his grandmother used to cook a lot, and they would take the extra bread away after the salad. Having eaten too much bread in the past, he now avoids it.