Rob Ryan’s Wife Kristin Ryan: The Woman Behind His Good Health

By AbigailPublished on: March 7, 2024 Updated on: March 7, 2024
Birthplace San Diego, California, USA
Husband Rob Ryan
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Kristin Ryan, the love interest of football coach Rob Ryan, is also his dear wife. The couple has been together through thick and thin and has built a beautiful family for themselves.

Having been a part of seven NFL teams, Kristin’s husband has formed quite a portfolio during his three decades of professional career. Meanwhile, she was involved in the fashion industry for several years and now has dedicated her life to humanitarian work.

Throughout Rob’s life and career, no matter the circumstances, one person has never left his side: his spouse. Let’s explore some details about the supportive woman’s life.

Kristin Ryan is not the only child of her parents

Born Kristin Elaine Ralph, she was welcomed into this world by her mother, Connie Ralph. She was raised along with her brother Paul in San Diego, California.

Kristin Ryan with her mother and sister at a restaurant
Kristin was brought up along with her siblings in San Diego.

In January 1976, Rob’s significant other started schooling at La Jolla Country Day School in her hometown. Afterward, she enrolled in the private catholic college Marymount California University located in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Kristin Ryan is the founder of a human trafficking awareness project

Thanks to her husband’s work in the sports scene, the empathetic lady also has plenty of influence. In December 2023, she took the opportunity to use their position for a good cause, founding Athlete Against Child Trafficking: The Backwards K Project.

The project’s sole purpose is to unite the sports community under one goal, i.e., to eradicate child trafficking. She is also the CEO of the campaign. Her dedication to education began when she interned at the California State Senate, which led Kristin to participate in various charities.

While currently involved in social awareness projects, Rob’s better half has an extensive professional background in the fashion industry. She has worked at several top designer showrooms in Los Angeles and her hometown.

Kristin Ryan and Rob Ryan’s Marital Life: Found Love In The Air

Kristin first met the love of her life on a plane. In the mid-1990s, she boarded a flight and ended up crossing paths with none other than the respected NFL coach.

The duo later exchanged vows in 1995 and had three children together. Their marital life has been full of love and heartwarming affection.

Rob Ryan and his wife Kristin Ryan on her Facebook page
Kristin and her partner have been married since 1995.

Even after decades of togetherness, the husband-wife duo does not shy away from expressing their love for each other. Moreover, the beautiful lady loves that her hubby feels comfortable with himself and is a secure man.

The Ryan couple has a lovely family with two sons and a daughter

During the pair’s three decades of marriage, Kristin and Rob have raised three children well. Their first son, Joseph, was born soon after their matrimony, followed by their second son, Matthew. The family was completed after the arrival of Dimitria, who is possibly named after her maternal great-grandmother, Dimitra “Beulah” Simponis Mastorakos.

Kristin Ryan and her two sons Joseph and Matthew and one daughter Dimitria
Kristin and Rob have raised three kids together.

The eldest of the Ryan bunch, Joseph, moved to London, England, to attend college and graduated from University College London in 2022 with a degree in humanities and languages. He started his artistic journey as a writer at the age of 19, and his work focused on poetic prose and spiritual awakening.

Furthermore, Joseph currently has his own studio and works as an abstract artist. He has also held several exhibitions for his work. In addition, Joseph has also worked as a model in the past.

Meanwhile, Kristin’s youngest son was an offensive lineman on the football team at Isidore Newman High School and later played for Clemson University until 2017. He attended the University of Alabama, majoring in business.

Matthew was also the student assistant defensive line coach. During his time there, his team won the national championships at both Clemson and UA.

Rob Ryan’s Wife Encouraged Him to quit his unhealthy eating habits

The stress accompanying his profession led Rob to develop the habit of eating junk food in a high amount. As a result, he gained tons of bad weight to the point it became a health hazard.

In fact, Kristin had noticed his eating habits from the time they started dating. Rob confessed that he had never eaten a salad until he married his wife. While he was relatively well adjusted due to his daily exercise, in the sixth year of his marriage, Rob began to gain weight.

Well, it was only in 2012, when Rob’s health began getting affected, that Kristin had a serious conversation with him. She told him,

I’m not going to watch you do this anymore. I’m not going to leave you. I love you. But I’m not going to sit here and watch you do this to yourself.

After listening to his partner, Rob went to the doctor and received a proper diagnosis. He ended up getting a fat loss surgery and has been on a steady path of improvement for his health.