Joe Barry Married His Wife Chris Marinelli Barry On His Birthday

By ReesePublished on: March 5, 2024 Updated on: March 5, 2024
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If you are also a sports freak, you might have heard about Joe Barry, the famous American football linebacker coach for the NFL‘s Miami Dolphins. He has worked for other well-known teams over the years, like the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Los Angeles Rams. Alongside that, he has a beautiful wife.

Joe’s spouse is Chris Marinelli Barry, the daughter of a former NFL coach. It’s no surprise that Chris fell in love with someone from an athletic background, given that her father had a great career in sports.

Being a family member of famous personalities, let’s find out who Chris is and what she is into.

Joe Barry And His Wife Are Happily Married

Joe’s better half shares an extraordinary bond with him, filled with mutual love, respect, and understanding. The lovebirds decided to spend the rest of their lives with each other and tied the knot on July 5, 1996. Furthermore, July 5 is the day when Joe celebrates his birthday.

To mark their 22nd wedding anniversary, Chris’s mother posted the duo’s adorable photo and mentioned how they found the perfect pieces to their puzzle.

Since then, the soulmates have been living lovely lives as husband and wife to date.

As the pair have been married and together for 27 years now, the duo is fortunate to have the affectionate presence of one another.

Joe Barry and his wife Chris Marinelli Barry's picture form their marriage
Joe and his wife, Chris, on their wedding day.

However, the couple’s wedding was most probably a private event attended only by close family members and friends.

They Are Proud Parents Of Four

While sharing their joy of marital bliss, Joe and Chris also enjoy their parenthood, cherishing their love for their now grown-up little ones. They have two daughters, Camryn and Lauren Barry, and twin sons, Nick and Sam Barry.

Following her athletic family’s footsteps, Camryn is also into sports as she is a Penn State swim alum. Her photos on her social media showcase her passion for swimming competitions and races. In addition, she is romantically involved with Robert Tonyan Jr., the Chicago Bears‘ tight end.

Joe Barry has a beautiful wife and four kids
Joe and Chris Barry with their kids

Similarly, Chris’s younger daughter, Lauren, graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2023 and was seen celebrating the delight with her family. After that, she joined San Diego State Football, where she is working as an On-Campus Recruiting Specialist.

Lastly, the youngest offspring of the Barry family, the twins, are 20 and are already making their parents proud. Among them, Sam plays football for the University of Miami‘s Red Hawks. Similarly, Nick plays for the Wisconsin Badgers.

Chris Marinelli Barry Is The Eldest Child Of Her Parents

The football coach’s wife is the firstborn of the renowned retired head coach, Rod Marinelli, and his wife, Barbara Marinelli. She was born on February 11, 1970, and is 54 years old. Moreover, she is of American descent, as her father is a native of California.

Furthermore, her mother, Barbara, sends warm birthday wishes to her every year through her social media handle. We can say that Joe’s partner gets all the love and pampering from his in-laws.

Chris Marinelli Barry enjoying time with her mother
Chris Marinelli with her mother

Additionally, Chris has a younger and only sibling, Gina Marinelli. She is a chef by profession and is the Executive Chef Partner of La Strega, Las Vegas. She constantly shares her work stories on social sites, where the audience can see her determination and passion for what she does.

Chris Marinelli Barry Stays Away From Limelight

Marinelli seems to be a woman of secrecy, considering how she is not very active on social media and has kept her Instagram account private. Despite being a daughter and a wife of famous people, she keeps her life away from the spotlight.

Joe Barry's wife Chris Barry is a private person
Joe’s wife, Chris, has kept her Instagram private.

In contrast, her mom and sister are like an open book who actively share their daily lives and stories through their posts.

What Is Chris Marinelli Barry’s Net Worth?

Unfortunately, Chris has chosen to keep her profession and earnings confidential, which leaves her net worth a mystery. We can only speculate about her financial standing, as no reliable information can estimate her wealth. But we can see her living a comfortable life through pictures shared by her mom.

Talking about her husband, Joe himself has an impressive net worth of $5 million. His successful career as a demanded football coach, working with some fabulous NFL teams, is the primary source of his name, fame, and wealth.