Jordan Poyer’s Mother Julie Poyer Left His Father After Learning He’s A Criminal

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Birthday October 5, 1973
Birthplace Oregon
Age 50 years
Son Jordan Poyer
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Julie Poyer faced a lot of difficulties raising her firstborn, Jordan Poyer, the Buffalo Bills safety. She was a single mother struggling between work and college.

Besides being a mother, she was also a volleyball player. It may be due to her interest in sports that paved the path for her sons toward sports.

Let’s get detailed information about Julie’s life in this article.

Julie Poyer’s Father was a Renowned High School Basketball Player

Born on October 5, 1970, she is currently 53 years old. She was born and raised in Dallas, Oregon, and is of Caucasian origin. Her father, Clifford Lynn Baxter, is a 1964 Beaver final-four basketball team member.

Clifford played basketball at Oregon State and helped take his high school, Roseburg High School, to win the State Basketball Championship.

She Grew Up with Four Siblings

Julie grew up with her brother, James Baxter, and sisters, Debbie Goodell, Kimber Barnes, and Dawn Young.

Her grandfather was Joseph Clifford Baxter and her grandmother was Opal Veloris Crenshaw Baxter. Julie’s grandfather, Joseph died even before she was born.


Talking about her education, she went to Chemeketa Community College in Oregon where she played volleyball for two years.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and Corrections from Eastern New Mexico University in 1996. She then pursued a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice at Boston College.

Julie Poyer Is The Mother of NFL Player, Jordan Poyer

Julie Poyer is the mother of the Buffalo Bills football safety, Jordan Poyer. She lives in Long Beach, Washington with her husband, Haven Cooper. The young mother has two sons, Jordan Poyer and Jeremiah Poyer.

The young mother used to work as a Counselor at the Texas Youth Commission but is now a Diagnostics in the State of Washington.

Why Did Poyer Leave Jordan’s Biological Father

Julie started dating Louis Dunbar and within months, she got pregnant with Jordan. It was only after that she came to know Louis was a criminal and she didn’t want her child to grow up in such an environment. So, she broke up with Louis before Jordan was born.

Jordan Poyer and his mother, Julie Poyer.
Julie Poyer raised Jordan as a single mom.

According to sources, Louis has been in and out of jail for 20 years for violent crimes but Jordan has never met him. The player believes that he doesn’t need Louis in his life. However, they have reportedly talked on the phone a couple of times.

She Raised Jordan As A Single Mother

Julie was 21 when she had Jordan. She left Jordan’s biological father, Louis Dunbar after she got pregnant, so she had to raise her son single-handedly. However, raising a child without any support was hard for her.

The young mother had to rush back and forth from college to work and raise her son all alone. Talking about the time she gave birth to her son, Julie, “Jordan saved my life. When I found out I was pregnant that was it, I had to get my act together.

Julie Poyer Married Her Son’s Babysitter, Fa’alaeo Poyer

As a single mom in her early twenties, she couldn’t juggle her work, and studies, and take good care of her son, that’s why Fa’alaeo came into the picture. Julie’s volleyball coach recommended Poyer to babysit so, she hired him.

Even though she was skeptical about Fa’aleo, her little boy formed an instant connection with Poyer. Not only her son, but she also developed an interest in Poyer.

The duo fell in love and got married later on. They decided to settle in Oregon where they would raise Jordan together. The couple then gave birth to Jeremiah, Jordan’s younger brother. However, the then-married couple has already separated.

She Is Married To Haven Cooper

After her separation from her ex-husband, Fa’alaeo Poyer, she met Haven Cooper, a fisherman. They started going out in 2013. After dating for several years, the lovers tied the knot on February 24, 2018. The married couple resides in Long Beach, Washington.

Julie husband, Haven Cooper.
Julie Poyer and Haven Cooper have been married since 2018.

They frequently post pictures of each other on their social media accounts. Haven is supportive of Julie’s children and even goes to their games to cheer them.

Poyer’s Younger Son Also Plays Football

Julie’s younger son Jeremiah Poyer went to Astoria High School. After completing high school, he attended Dickinson State University where he played college football as a defensive lineman.

Julie poyer and her younger son, Jeremiah Poyer.
Julie went to support her son, Jeremiah.

He has graduated college and is not playing football at present, however, he has assured to be back soon.

She Is The Biggest Supporter Of Her Sons

Julie is the biggest cheerleader for her sons. She always goes to the games to support her boys.

She has always spoken in favor of her son, especially after his tough day in the field.

Similarly, she also went to watch her younger son play college football. We can also see her photos from the matches on her Facebook.

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