Is Louis Dunbar, Jordan Poyer’s Father Still Inside The Bar?

By CannonPublished on: October 11, 2023 Updated on: February 14, 2024
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Louis Dunbar is the father of American football safety Jordan Poyer who currently plays for the Buffalo Bills. Although Poyer is now a prominent name in the National Football League (NFL), his father Louis has never been a part of his journey. Instead, Dunbar had mostly been in and out of jail over the years.

So, is Louis still in prison? Know about his current whereabouts and his relationship with his son Jordan.

Louis Dunbar Has Never Met His Superstar Son Jordan Poyer

Dunbar had already left the home by the time Jordan was born. Since then, Louis has never been around his son and even hasn’t seen him in person.

Although Dunbar never had a father figure while growing up, his mother made sure he never felt the absence.

Dunbar Had Been In And Out Of Jail

Ever since his break-up with Jordan’s mother, Louis got involved in several legal troubles. He spent the next two decades in and out of prison for a litany of violent crimes.

Although the father-and-son duo never met in person, they used to talk on the phone at the time.

He Is Proud of His Son Jordan

Despite the fact that Louis has never been a part of his son’s life or his NFL journey, he is still incredibly proud of him. When Dunbar was still inside the bar, he used to write letters to his son, expressing his pride in him.

Jordan and his mother
Jordan and his mom Julie.

At present, Jordan plays as a safety for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL. While in high school, he used to play several games including baseball, basketball, and football. But, after he joined Oregon State University, he chose football as his main priority.

Is He Still In Jail?

As per the website of the Minnesota Department of Corrections, Dunbar was released from prison in Feb 2013. He was serving his time at a Minnesota correctional facility before his release.

What is Jordan Poyer’s Father Louis Dunbar Doing Now?

Ever since Louis’ release from jail, he has remained completely out of the media radar. He is neither active on any social media handles nor any media outlets covered about him.

Thus, due to his low-key existence, the details about his current whereabouts or what he is doing are hard to trace.

How Is Louis’ Relationship With His Son Jordan?

Considering their occasional phone calls when Louis was in prison, they still may have a good relationship. But, they never made it to the public. So far, the father-and-son duo hasn’t made a single appearance together.

In one of his interviews, Jordan said he doesn’t have any regrets that he was raised without a father figure throughout his life. However, he stated that he considers his stepfather Fa’alaeo Poyer as his biological father. He stated,

“I have everything I need right here. Fa’alaeo, he’s my dad, he’s all I’ve ever known. I play hard for him, for my mom, and for my brother. There’s no ‘step’ thing. That’s why I do what I do — I’m reppin’ the name on the back of my jersey.”

Jordan added,

“I want to make them proud so bad, my family and my town. Those people, man, they rally around you.”

Louis Dunbar Never Married Jordan Poyer’s Mother Julie Poyer

Jordan’s parents Louis and Julie Poyer never got married. They both were in their 20s when they welcomed their son Jordan. However, by the time Jordan was born, his parents went their separate ways and it was Julie who raised him single-handedly

While nurturing her son as a single mother, she met a guy named Fa’alaeo Poyer and they later got married. They also welcomed a son named Jeremy.

However, their marriage also didn’t last long. At present, Julie is married to Haven Cooper, a fisherman.

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