Charlyn Aikman – Meet Former QB Troy Aikman’s Late Mother

By AbigailPublished on: March 3, 2024 Updated on: March 3, 2024
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Charlyn Aikman was the mother of former quarterback Troy Aikman. She played an integral role in the ex-footballer life and guided him in the right direction.

Troy is a legendary QB, who rocked the NFL for 12 years with the Dallas Cowboys. Before hitting the big leagues, he played for the UCLA Bruins, even snagging the Davey O’Brien Award. Picked first in the ’89 Draft, Aikman nailed six Pro Bowls and clinched three Super Bowl wins, even being the MVP in one. He entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006 and the College Hall of Fame in 2008.

His success made all his close ones, especially his mother very proud. But, unfortunately, his mother, Charlyn, is no more.

Charlyn Aikman Was Born and Raised in California

Troy Aikman’s mother was born Charlyn Marie Bailey Aikman on February 2, 1942, to Mark Bailey and Thomasin Bailey. She grew up enjoying the sunny days of Long Beach, California. Her father was a retired commander of the US Coast Guard as well as a retired deputy sheriff of Los Angeles County.

Troy Aikman's mother Charlyn Aikman
Charlyn was a California native.

Charlyn had a strong bond with her siblings, Mark Bailey and Melanie Osendorf, since childhood. After getting married, she settled in Henryetta, Oklahoma for some time with her former spouse. Later, she moved to Lewisville, Texas, and resided there until she died in 2022.

Charlyn Was A Lively Woman Who Valued Even Little Enjoyment

The late Aikman was fond of various outdoor activities and sports, along with needlework. She made a lot of hand-made blankets, pillows, and tapestries for her loved ones. Those goods are something that her family members will treasure for life.

Her colorful home reflected her vibrant personality, and she was enthusiastic about holidays, planning months to make each one special.

Moreover, Charlyn was also very grateful for all the admiration her son received from the public. Back when Troy received tons of letters and fan mail, she used to look through all the letters and sort out requests for him to appear in public, sign autographs, give speeches, participate in charity golf tournaments, and invest in restaurants.

She Was The Society Editor For A Local Newspaper

Charlyn graduated from Jordan High School and later enrolled in Long Beach State College in her hometown. After getting married, she moved to Oklahoma with her husband where she worked as a society editor for the Henryetta newspaper, the Daily Freelance. 

In 1985, she worked as a typesetter for the same newspaper. Her job included converting the written material into types of text and arranging them in preparation for printing and publishing.

In addition, she also did a few part-time jobs at the local bakery. Otherwise, Charlyn was mostly focused on nurturing her children and being a homemaker.

Charlyn Aikman’s Marriage And Divorce With Kenneth Aikman

Charlyn fell in love and tied the knot with Kenneth Aikman. He was a tough blue-collar laborer who worked as a pipe fitter in the oil industry. When they took a vacation to Henryetta, Kenneth ended up buying 300 acres in the area where the family raised cattle and hay. To pay for the kids’ college, Kenneth returned to his union job in California and would come home every few months.

Charlyn and Kenneth were separated, however, the reason for their split is not known. Charlyn’s marriage to Kenneth produced three beautiful children. The Aikmans had two daughters Terri Starns and Tammy Aikman-Powell and one son, Troy.

Their two daughters are older than the former NFL player. All three of Charlyn’s kids are grown up and have been busy with their world.

Charlyn Aikman with her three children
Charlyn and her ex-husband had three children together.

Troy’s career path does not need any mention. Charlyn’s eldest child, Teri, resides in Lewisville, Texas, with her husband and kids. She is a mother to two; Brady Foreman and Brooke Foreman-Green. Terri initially worked as a hairdresser and later went on to become a nurse. She is also involved in the real estate business.

Meanwhile, Charlyn’s younger daughter, Tammy, resides in Norman, Oklahoma, with her husband, Mike Powell, and sons, Drew and Reid. Tammy, who was a part of the softball and track team in school, graduated from OU College of Nursing and became a nurse at St. Anthony Hospital. Today, Tammy is the CEO of the hospital.

Besides being the grandma to her grandkids from her daughters’ side, Charlyn also had two granddaughters from her son, Troy; Jordan Ashley and Alexa Marie.

Charlyn Aikman Died Peacefully In 2022

Charlyn, the mother of three, passed away on November 9, 2022, surrounded by her beloved family. She passed away peacefully and was buried in Mulky Mason Funeral Home.

Troy posted a heartfelt message mourning her passing and expressed how he and his siblings could not have asked for a better mom.


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Many people expressed their condolences and mentioned how kind Charlyn had been throughout her lifetime.