Amy Hubbard-Sam Hubbard’s Mother Is a Practicing Nurse In Ohio

By JordanPublished on: December 28, 2023 Updated on: February 14, 2024
Birthday May 1960
Birthplace Montgomery, Ohio
Age 63 years
Son Sam Hubbard
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Amy Hubbard has been serving Cincinnati as a critical care nurse for over forty years. She was also at the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic and helped save thousands of lives. Above all, she is the mother of the Cincinnati Bengals defensive end, Sam Hubbard. Following in her footsteps, her son has also found a way to give back to his community. 

The NFL player thinks his mother is more special. Want to know why? Keep reading to find out.

Amy Grew Up In Montogomery, Ohio

Bon in May 1960, Amy grew up with her two sisters in Montogomery, Ohio. Other than that, her parents and early life details are not known at present. When she married Jim Hubbard, she moved to his native land, New York but she wanted to live near her family.

So, they moved back to Montogomery after a few years and raised their children in the same colony as her parents’ house. Her sisters also lived a few blocks away from her.

Amy Hubbard Has Been Serving As a Nurse For Over Forty Years

Amy graduated from the Christ College of Nursing with a degree in nursing. This college is a part of the Christ Hospital where her son, the NFL player, Sam Hubbard was born. She is a nursing supervisor at the University Hospital in Cincinnati. Hubbard has been a critical care nurse for over forty years.

She Served On The Front Line During The COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she cared for thousands of patients suffering from COVID-19 in her hometown, Cincinnati. Amy worked 12 hours daily without any breaks to save as many lives as possible. Nonetheless, with her forty years of experience, she thinks she had it a little easier than other young nurses.

Hubbard Treated Bills Safety, Damar Hamlin

In early January 2023, the Buffalo Bills‘ safety, Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The player was rushed to the UCMC where Amy works. She and her staff worked all week for his recovery however the details of the treatment have been rarely shared with the public. Brandon Saho, the host of the Mental Game Podcast shared the news in a tweet where he mentioned Hamlin had been cared for by Sam’s mom. Have a look yourself.

Her Husband Played Football At College

Amy and Jim have been married for several decades. Although not much is shared about their marital status, it looks like they met when Jim moved to Cincinnati for his further studies. He played football as a defensive back for the University of Cincinnati College of Law.

Amy Hubbard husband, Jim Hubbard
Amy and Jim live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jim started working in the legal field in the 1980s as an associate. He was then promoted to Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. His last job was as an Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary at CIT.

Amy Hubbard Has Three Children With Her Husband Jim Hubbard

Amy and her husband have three children; two sons Sam Hubbard, and Jake Hubbard, and one daughter, Madison Hubbard, together. Her daughter, Madison followed in her footsteps and joined nursing. She works as a nurse at UC Medical Center with he mom. She even served during the COVID-19 pandemic. Madison got married to the love of her life, Anthony Giuffre in 2022.

Amy Hubbard with her husband and children.
Amy, her husband, Jim, and her sons, Jake and Sam attended her daughter, Madison’s wedding.

Meanwhile, not much is known about her elder son Jake, except for the fact that he is a teacher. He stays away from the media limelight. As for her youngest son, Sam has been playing for the Cincinnati Bengals since 2018. He got his football passion from his dad, Jim.

Amy Inspired Her Son To Launch A Foundation

Sam saw his mother working day and night to serve patients ever since he was a child. Even more so, his mom, Amy worked selflessly during the COVID-19 pandemic which inspired him to do some social work. That was how the idea of his foundation, the Sam Hubbard Foundation generated. The player launched the foundation in 2020 with the motive to provide the homeless, and unemployed with healthy food.

Recently they partnered with the Christ Hospital Health Network to provide access to food and hygiene products. This foundation has started many programs over the years and has helped thousands of people in Cincinnati.

Sam Hubbard’s Mother Is Special For Him

The Bengals defensive end has seen how his mom has shown selflessness nature over the years as a mother and nurse. Despite her busy schedule at the hospital, she rarely misses her son’s games. She was in the Paul Brown Stadium four hours early with her husband to see her kid’s NFL preseason debut. Amy was also there when the player attended his first-ever Bengals preseason game back in 2018.

Childhood picture of Sam with his mother Amy
Amy Hubbard with her son Sam Hubbard

Sam has constantly talked about how his mom is special. He said he didn’t know what exactly made her special, he just wanted to stay with his family. He said, “She’s a special human. I credit so much of my work ethic, my success, and the way I go about my life to her, The way she raised me and the sacrifices she made for me; I really couldn’t do it without her.”