Meet Randy Moss’s Wife Lydia Griffith: Did He Have All Of His Kids With Her?

By SarahPublished on: February 28, 2024 Updated on: February 28, 2024
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Randy Moss is a wide receiver who played 14 seasons in the NFL. He was also inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018. However, his playing skills aren’t the only thing that’s on the news. His dating life has also made headlines, especially after his public rant with his ex-girlfriend. Was she ever his wife?

Well, Randy is frequently tagged along with Lydia Griffith and Libby Offutt. Their names may sound similar, but they are totally different people. So the question is, who is his spouse among them?

Besides, he also has a handful of children that not many know about.

Randy Moss Is Married To Lydia Griffith

The former NFL player tied the knot with his current partner, Lydia, in 2015. The married duo has yet to share the details of their relationship with the public, so the exact timeline of their dating is unknown.

However, there are rumors that they started seeing each other when Moss’s ex-partner, Libby, was pregnant with their youngest daughter.

Randy Moss with his wife, Lydia Moss
Randy married Lydia in 2013

Griffith has her Instagram private, but we can find glimpses of their love life on Randy’s Instagram. The retired athlete also thanked his loving wife in his Hall of Fame speech in 2018.

Moss Started Dating His Ex-Girlfriend, Libby Offutt, In Highschool

Randy attended DuPont High School, and that’s where his eyes met with Libby. Initially, Offutt’s dad, Frank Offutt, was against their courtship. He said, “I did not believe blacks and whites should date.” However, he soon changed his mind once he started liking Moss.

Randy Moss with his ex-girlfriend, Libby Offutt
Libby’s father was against her dating Moss. 

After they began their bond, Libby found out she was pregnant in her senior year of high school. The duo started having troubles once they gave birth to their daughter, Sydney Moss. Over the years, they had an on-and-off relationship and welcomed four more kids: Thaddeus Moss, Montigo Moss, Senali Moss, and Sylee Moss.

His Children Have An Athletic Background

As stated earlier, Randy has five kids with his ex-lover, Libby. Their girls, Sydney and Senali, are basketball players, while their boys, Thaddeus and Montigo, are enthusiastic about football. As for their youngest, Sylee, she is still a teenager learning her interests.

Randy’s firstborn, Sydney, is a national championship basketball player and Wilmington College‘s head coach. Talking about Senali, after playing basketball at the South Mecklenburg High School, she is now committed to Stetson University.

Randy Moss's children with his ex-girlfriend, Libby Offutt
Most of Moss’s children are into sports.

Aforementioned, Randy’s sons followed in his footsteps in football. His elder son, Thaddeus, is the tight end for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL, and as for Montigo, he plays football for the University of Maine Athletics.

Besides them, he also has children named Lyric, Lexi, Little Lourdes Randy, Taran, and Ariana, who are mostly away from the limelight. He had mentioned all of his younglings during his induction speech.

Among his above-mentioned offspring, Randy welcomed Lexi with his baby mother, Tanya Adkins. Lexi is studying at Marshall University, where she is also a cheerleader. She lives with her mother, as she is her biggest inspiration.

Randy And Libby Went To Jail For Fighting

After the ex-pair had their eldest baby girl, they broke up for some time. They also had an argument when Moss was returning their kid to Libby in his new girlfriend’s car after they decided to co-parent the child. Randy reportedly shoved the mother of five and threw steaming hot water.

Offutt was also equally responsible as she broke his gold necklace. Eventually, both of them were arrested for their fight.

The player later shared that he regretted putting his hands on a woman. He said, ” She just ticked me off, and it got out of hand.” He further added how he planned to stay away from his little ones for a few months to avoid trouble with his ex-girlfriend.

The Former Pair Had A Public Fight In 2016

Well, the drama just did not stop there. A few days after Christmas of 2016, Moss accused his baby mama on Twitter of blowing $4 million on drugs and abandoning her kids. He further added how he retired early to raise his kids because their mother refused to get treatment for drug addiction.

However, Libby declined the accusations and said, “I went to rehab ten years ago and have been clean ever since.” Even her mother added a comment saying it was Moss who didn’t allow her daughter to see the children.

Offutt later clarified that he acted immaturely because she drove to his house to give the kids their Christmas gifts, and his wife wouldn’t let her see them. She ended her statement with,

Why bash the woman that brought 5 of your children into this world? He should have respect for me. Not try and publicly harm me.

Were Randy And Libby Married In The Past?

Even though they were in a long-term relationship, the involved parties haven’t confirmed that they were once married. Some sources have identified Offutt as Randy’s first wife, but Moss has only called her his ‘baby mama.’

The then-lovers parted ways, and the one-time player has already moved on as he married Lydia. As for Offutt, she has yet to reveal her relationship status.

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