Quay Walker’s Parents – The People Behind the Successful NFL Star

By HaydenPublished on: January 19, 2024 Updated on: February 20, 2024
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Born Jaquavian Jy’Quese Walker, the Packers linebacker has a tight-knit family. The athlete grew up in Cordele, Georgia, and he shared a close bond with his parents and siblings while growing up. Quay loves spending time with his family whenever he is free from his NFL duty.

The footballer is notoriously private about his personal life, be it his relationship with his family or his love life. In fact, Quay hasn’t gone public with his social media which has only piqued the curiosity regarding his personal life among his fans. So, in today’s episode, we’re discussing in detail about Walker’s parents and his relationship with them.

Who Are Quay Walker’s Parents?

Walker, who remains private on social media, has never talked about his parents’ identity publicly although he has mentioned he’s pretty close to them. Nothing much is known about his mother but after a thorough research, we’ve come to the conclusion that his father is Jeff Walker who is active on Instagram with the user handle @jeffwalker__.

Jeff, who is sporadic on the social media platform, has shared several photos of Quay in his team’s jersey. Having the same last name doesn’t necessarily mean Jeff is Quay’s father, but in one of his posts, Jeff mentioned Quay as his son and wished him on his birthday.

Jeff Walker wished Quay on his birthday in May 2023
Jeff Walker wished Quay on his birthday in May 2023, where he wrote “Happy cake day son” in the caption.

Based on this post, we can safely say Jeff is Quay’s father. However, nothing can be said with certainty as of yet. Besides the photos of Quay and himself, Jeff once posted a photo of himself with five girls whom he mentioned his daughters in the caption. He posted the photo on December 12, 2023. Have a look.

Jeff Walker posted a photo of him with his daughters
Jeff Walker posted a photo of him with his daughters

But, because of their social media privacy, limited information can be found between them.

The Linebacker Is Still A Mama’s Boy

In a press interview with UGA Football in September 2019, Walker said that he was a mama’s boy. Even though he didn’t talk much about his relationship with his mother, he nonetheless said that he’s still the mama’s boy when the reporter asked him how well he enjoyed the non-football stuff.

Walker further mentioned that it was not difficult for him to be on his own, and he was always comfortable looking after himself.

Quay Walker’s Family Was With Him When He Was Drafted

The NFL Draft is undoubtedly the most important event in any footballer’s life. And on such a tense day, an athlete would want his family to be around him. And so was the case. In the video clip shared by Georgia Football on its Facebook page, we can see, Quay received a phone call where he was informed that he had been selected by the Packers.

As Walker’s selection was confirmed, all of his family members who were seated around him erupted in joy, exchanging celebratory fist bumps in the air.

Walker Is An Icon In His Home Town

The linebacker was honored with a key to Cordele City after his NFL draft pick in 2022. On top of that, April 9th has been declared Quay Walker Day in Cordele, Georgia.

Around 30 people, including the linebacker’s family, friends, and coaches witnessed the moment Walker was honored. It was a special day for the athlete, which he will never forget.

Quay Walker's Parents' Came To Show Their Support
Walker With His Friends And Family.

After the honor, the linebacker said,

This is just a blessing to do so. This is everything I wanted, everything and more, just to be in this position. I take full pride in it not only to represent myself but Cordele as well.

Irrespective of the honor he received from his hometown, Cordele is always in his heart. He has thought of running a free football camp in Cordele in the future which he says is his way to give back. He further added that he would do more, but that would be the first thing he would like to do.

So, his gratitude for the town has been evident.