Terri Monken – Meet Todd Monken’s Wife Whom He Met at Funeral

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Birthday October 23, 1958
Birthplace Addison, Illinois
Age 65 years
Husband Todd Monken
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Terri Monken is the wife of the Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator, Todd Monken. Being the partner of a football coach has turned her into a sports lover so much that she sometimes gives match suggestions to her husband. Yes, he has used her advice on the field.

Terri and Tod have been married for 33 years and the pair are still going strong together. She has to move frequently to different cities due to her husband’s professional engagement; however, she doesn’t hate it, instead, she calls it phenomenal.

People think that because the couple loves each other so much, they must have had a super romantic first meeting. But actually, it wasn’t as perfect or lovey-dovey as everyone thinks. Keep scrolling to find out.

Terri Monken Ran A Marathon For A Good Cause

Born Theresie Darlene Venckus on October 23, 1958, Terri is the daughter of Charles Venckus and Judy Venckus. She was born and raised in Addison, Illinois.

Todd Monken's wife, Terri Monken
Terri ran a marathon in 2021.

The native of Illinois was always fascinated by sports and athleticism. She wanted to run the NYC marathon but never got the opportunity. However, her dream was fulfilled in 2021 when she was invited to participate in the 50th NYC Marathon. For this, she partnered with the Melanoma Education Foundation to raise funds and raised a total of $2500.

As for her profession, she worked as a health insurance plan administrator in her hometown. However, she may have left her job after marriage as she has frequently been moving from city to city.

Terri and Todd Monken’s Married Life – She Met Her Husband In A Funeral

Terri and Todd have been married for 33 years now. Well, they fell in love at a young age in the mid-1980s, and after dating for around six years, the pair tied the knot in 1991.

Terri Monken with her husband and son.
The Monken’s couple has a son.

Neither of them shares their love life in public, so nothing much about their conjugal life is in light. Having said that, we can see Terri with the Ravens’ offensive coordinator in press meetings and some celebratory functions.

The long-time husband and wife met back in 1985. Terri and Todd both were part of the sports scene at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Todd was on the baseball team while Terri was a pom-pom girl. They knew who the other was, but their paths hadn’t really crossed until fate took a tragic turn. Three beloved counselors from their summer camp passed away, and both Terri and Todd found themselves at the funeral, mourning the loss.

As they stood in line, a small twist of fate brought them closer—Terri accidentally backed into Todd. At that moment, she got caught up in the deep blue of his eyes, a sight she hadn’t noticed before. They started chatting, and in just a few minutes, Terri could tell Todd was a huge football fan. It was a bittersweet beginning, but that chance encounter marked the start of something special between them.

The coach always jokes that he was the original funeral crasher referencing a movie, Wedding Crashers. Even when he left for college, they would talk daily in the era when cell phones didn’t exist.

Her Son Is Also A Football Coach Like Her Spouse

The married couple has a child, Travis Monken. Being a single kid, he is his parents’ favorite. When he was a kid, he used to watch “The Simpsons” with his dad every Wednesday night. Besides this, they always talked about football, and that’s how the junior Monken got into the game.

Terri Monken's husband, Todd Monken and their son, Travis Monken
Travis is also enthusiastic about football, like his father, Todd.

Travis went to Oklahoma State University where he later started his coaching career as a student football assistant. He is now promoted to offensive SA. He also helped his father at the Ravens OTAs minicamp.

Terri Monken Has Moved Over A Dozen Times

Ever since the duo has been hitched, they have moved over 12 times and gotten used to it. Mrs. Monken shared how her partner loves to chase opportunities and doesn’t think he is going to settle any time soon.

She knew how much football meant to him from their first meet. Over these years, she has gotten used to seeing him working hard for trying to connect with the players. Even though that means they are frequently on the move, Terri feels every step is a phenomenal move.

They have a home in Davis Island but haven’t settled in yet. With Todd’s estimated net worth of $3-5 million, it is safe to say wherever they live, they are comfortable, to say the least.

A Candid Advice From Monken To Her Hubby

When Todd faced a dilemma about the Ravens’ game adjustment in 2024. Terri stepped up as a coach’s wife and gave a simple suggestion that helped him. He quoted his wife,

I don’t know why you don’t call the plays that work. Just seems that simple. I mean just why would you call anything the plays that work.

Indeed, she was right as usual as Todd praised her in an interview for her advice.


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