Randall Cobb Thanks His Parents For What He Is Today

By CarolPublished on: January 8, 2024 Updated on: February 23, 2024
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Randall Ladonald Cobb II, the wide receiver for the New York Jets, is a proud athlete and a son. Born in 1990, he was welcomed into the world as the son of Randall Cobb Sr., and Tina Cobb.

Ever since Cobb II was little, he’s been extremely close to his father and mother. Even more so, on multiple occasions, he’s thanked them for the support they provided him to get to the very top.

Therefore, it’s high time we get to know them a little, right? Well, yes. Read the entire article below to learn all the details about the wide receiver’s parents.

Cobb’s Parents’ Early Life Full Of Struggles

Randall Cobb Sr. and his partner, Tina Cobb worked extremely hard to give their children the life they deserved. They juggled several jobs as a young couple.

Mr. Cobb formerly worked at Denso, a car parts factory in Maryville, Tennessee. In addition, the man also had other part-time jobs. He indulged himself in various labor activities like installing ceramic tile floors and mowing lawns.

On a similar note, his wife, Tina, was also an employee at Denso. As a matter of fact, she came across her husband while working together. However, her life could have turned out differently, if not for her teen pregnancy; she was a prominent member of her high school track team as a teenager.

All in all, the struggles did not bring the Cobb family down.

Once during an interview, their son revealed that he’d lived in seven different houses by the age of 14. Nevertheless, each time they moved, the place would be bigger and better. This shows how his parents evolved together and were consistent to better their lifestyles as a family.

Tina Cobb Was Only 16 When She Had Her First Kid

As already mentioned, Randall’s mom became pregnant at a very young age.

According to the sources, she was only 16 when she was expecting her first kid, Michael Love. In turn, Mrs. Cobb had to leave her athletic career behind and focus on work; she thus ended up working at Denso.

Footballer, Randall Cobb thanks his parents for their hard work
Young Cobb Jr. with his mother, Tina

Talking about the great sacrifices his mother made, the footballer expressed,

“And she’s been working ever since. She never had the chance to live our her dreams. That’s all she really knows, is work.”

Mr. Cobb Adopted Her Older Son After Getting Together

After meeting as employees at the same factory, Randall Sr. and Tina fell in love. Soon enough, they embarked on a married journey. Subsequently, the footballer’s father also adopted his half-brother, Michael and so the single mother and her baby boy finally got a house of their own.

With time, the family grew, and their condition bettered further.

Randall has a Biological Sister

In addition to a half-sibling, Randall Cobb also has a biological sister. Now, unlike him, his sister likes to maintain a low profile. None of the tabloids around the Internet know what her name is or where she is today. She only has a few photos of her on her brother’s Instagram.

The NFL Wide Receiver Got His Work Ethics From His Folks

The Cobb couple instilled great values in their son. They helped him learn the importance of working hard and jumping through hurdles.

Seeing how his parents managed to work numerous jobs to put food on the table inspired Randall to work harder in life. As a young boy, he saw his dad with more than three jobs at a time and witnessed his mother give up all her hopes and dreams for the sake of her children – this left an imprint on him.

For the betterment of his parents’ lives, Cobb II did his very best to get to the very top of his game. He always viewed his parents as role models who helped him reach his dreams by sacrificing their own. On special occasions, the NFL athlete also doesn’t miss a chance to thank them for their immense dedication as loving parents.

Randall Cobb Almost Got Into Basketball, If Not For His Dad

When Randall Jr. was in the seventh grade, he was into basketball. He played well and even planned to join the national team as he got older. However, life had different plans for him; or should we say, his father did.

Back in the day, 13-year-old Cobb was suspended from school for not attending a class without notice. His irresponsible and careless behavior led to his father withdrawing him from his school’s basketball team.


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Expressing his feelings, he said,

“I was grounded for a couple of weeks, I had to miss a few games. I couldn’t dress out with the team, I had to wear street clothes and sit at the end of the bench. I did that for a few games.”

Moreover, Cobb Sr. merely did this to teach his son an important life lesson. However, it had indirect influences as well; instead of choosing basketball, Cobb II later chose football as a career path.

His Mother Saved Him From A “Murderous” Childhood Friend

Randall was particularly close to one of the neighborhood kids. He used to play with him, often had sleepovers, and basically considered him his best friend.

Tina Cobb, a former track runner, is Randall Cobb's mother
The best mother-son duo.

Unfortunately, as he got older, his mother cut their ties off. But, that was for the better good.

Apparently, Tina always had a bad feeling about that kid. That very kid turned out to be a murderer later in life. Her son, who initially fought back to her decision, later thanked her as an adult.

During one of the interviews, Cobb II revealed that his ex-childhood best friend was facing jail time and wouldn’t get out until he was 60 years old.

He joked, “All it takes is me being there with him and being associated with him – an I could be right in the same cell there with him.”