Nick Bolton’s Parents – Mother Jalunda Bolton Is a Cancer Survivor

By AustinPublished on: January 29, 2024 Updated on: February 9, 2024
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Nick Bolton is renowned for his extensive National Football League (NFL) career. Currently playing for the Kansas City Chiefs as a linebacker, Bolton’s love for football sparked at an early age. His passion was nurtured under the careful guidance of his parents.

Discover everything about Nick’s dad and mom, alongside their role in molding him into the remarkable athlete and human being he has become.

Nick Bolton’s Parents Are Carlos And Jalunda Bolton

The NFL star was born on March 10, 2000, in Frisco, Texas, to Carlos Bolton and Jalunda Bolton. The 24 year-old started watching football with his father when he was 3.

Even though Carlos knew his son was just a toddler, he often discussed plays and strategies of the games they watched. Nick’s love for the sport was so strong that he was drawing his own game plans by 4.

Nick Bolton's parents Carlos and Jalunda Bolton
Nick was born to Carlos and Jalunda.

As time progressed, Bolton started acquiring more football skills. He kept studying the game and learned to make exceptional plays. It was not something the footballer was born with but something he worked hard to develop.

Bolton Inherited His Father’s Athleticism

The senior Bolton, 53, was an athlete. He attended Louisiana Tech University from 1989 to 1994 and played defensive end linebacker on the university’s football team. Carlos has been described as having “fine” speed and “above-average body strength.” Furthermore, his football intelligence is something else.

Nick is considered one of the best diagnostics in the game. That is something he has inherited from his dad. Well, that and years of practice and dedication to honing his skills.

Nick Bolton's father Carlos Bolton played football in college
Nick with his dad.

The lessons began very early. When the Chiefs star was in the first grade, his mother would film his games, which they would later sit down and analyze. Carlos told The Maneater, “We’d just go back through the play calls, and he’d tell what he saw and I’d tell him what he should’ve seen.

And after a while, Nick could see what his father noticed and more. His skill set grew every year. His old man said,

He went from diagnosing [plays] before [they] happen to, ‘Okay, I’m gonna let it happen, because I think I can get to the receiver before the quarterback can get the ball to him. And then he started breaking on the ball a little faster.

The linebacker acknowledges all the things his dad and mom did for him and often credits his parents for making him the athlete he is today.

Carlos Was A Loan Portfolio Manager

Nick’s old man received his bachelor’s degree in business management from Louisiana Tech University. He began his banking career just a year later. From January 1995 to September 2013, he was the assistant vice president at the American National Bank of Texas.

Following his departure after nearly two decades, Carlos became vice president at First Private in September 2013. Similarly, in August 2014, he started the same role at IBERIABANK. He was the senior portfolio manager there. According to his LinkedIn, that was the last role he held, which he quit in September 2019.

Likewise, the athlete’s dad also had a career as a coach. He coached the Lone Star High School‘s football team “from the sidelines” when Nick went there.

Nick’s Mom, Jalunda’s Professional Career

The football star’s mother, 50, has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and accounting from Amberton University. She has been a senior consultant at Aon since November 2022.

Previously, Jalunda, like her husband, worked at the American National Bank of Texas. During her employment there from July 1995 to October 2022, she held a lot of roles. Mrs. Bolton was VP/Director of compensation & data analytics before her departure.

The Couple Has Five More Children Besides Nick

The Bolton family has six kids, including the linebacker. Carlos and Jalunda gave birth to four boys. Their eldest child, Jazmine Dunn, was born from Jalunda’s previous relationship. However, Jaz has never been an outsider to the family.

Nick Bolton has five siblings
Nick with his siblings.

In addition, the family adopted Joshua in May 2020, when he was 12. He appears to be fitting well with the family.

Jazmine’s Battle With Cancer

When Bolton was nine, his stepsister was diagnosed with cancer. She had a 3-inch brain tumor, which was removed in a lengthy surgery. Jazmine had to rely on a bell to communicate her needs. She would even ring the bell at night which often woke Bolton and his other siblings.

However, her brothers were never annoyed by that. Instead, the siblings used to have a competition on who would help Jazmine, and the athlete was the one who used to win. Jalunda even took a break from working to take care of her daughter.

Before Dunn was diagnosed with the tumor, she played basketball and softball in high school. She wanted to become a collegiate athlete, however, she couldn’t pursue her dream due to her health condition.

Nick’s sister has been cancer-free for over a decade. However, given the procedure she went through, she can not do mundane things in life anymore.

Jazmine Is Her Brother’s “Second Mom”

Nick and Jazmine have an age gap of nine years. She has been a mother figure to the player, and he has even described her as his role model. The young athlete, 9-then, did not even know what cancer was when his sister was diagnosed.

Seeing someone he idolized in pain broke Bolton’s heart. But it fueled his athletic passion. He started working hard to become a superhero for his sibling and to become what his sister could not.

Moreover, Jazmine is one of his biggest supporters. She regularly watches his games and supports him in any way she can.

His Mother’s Cancer Battle

Following Jazmine’s treatment, the family lived happily. But it did not last long as the matriarch of the family, Jalunda was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, it was detected early, and the treatment did not need harsh measures.

However, it was still a haunting experience for the Boltons. Contrary to Jazmine’s ailment, Nick knew how fatal cancer was. His mother could also draw inspiration from her daughter, who triumphed in her battle.

These experiences have heavily shaped the football star’s perspective of life. He could draw strength to always deliver on the field. The family has also devolved their motto, “Bend; don’t break,” based on these situations.

Nick Bolton’s Parents And Family Mean A Lot To Him

Ever since Nick was a child, the Boltons have heavily influenced his life and career. His father shaped his football career, and his mother shaped his emotions. They know how hard Nick has worked to achieve everything.

Nick Bolton with his family
Nick with his extended family.

Likewise, he has high regard for all of them, and they are very proud of him. The Bolton bunch regularly watch his games and are always there to support him on game days. Moreover, the family also likes to give back to the community and is often seen organizing different events to give back.

Presently, Carlos and Jalunda live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.