Nick Bolton’s Girlfriend: He Had A Partner In High School

By AustinPublished on: January 26, 2024 Updated on: February 9, 2024
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Nick Bolton is an American football linebacker. Drafted in 2021 by the Kansas City Chiefs, he has been showing his prowess ever since. His intellectual plays have made him a fan favorite in a short time. But it is not the only thing he is in the spotlight for. People are often curious about the handsome hunk’s romantic life.

So, is the player dating anyone? Keep scrolling the article till the end to discover all there is to know about Nick’s dating life, including both present and past romantic encounters.

Does Nick Bolton Have A Girlfriend?

Good news ladies!!! The NFL sensation does not have a girlfriend. With very few updates on his socials, he has not posted much about his personal life. Rather, it is full of his career highlights.

While the details of his family and their roles in shaping him into the athlete and person he has become are readily available, the romantic front seems quite dry.

Nick Bolton is single
Nick does not have a girlfriend.

Given Nick’s good looks and charming personality, it is hard to imagine him being single. But without substantial proof, that is all we can label him. Besides, Bolton’s dedication and attention appear to be on his football career.

Furthermore, when the football star finds him forever, he will hopefully share the news with his fans. Until then, the focus should be on his career and achievements.

Bolton’s High School Relationship

Although there is little to no information about the linebacker’s dating history in the public domain, we have uncovered some juicy details by going through X (formerly Twitter).

Until 2016, the linebacker was in a relationship with someone from his high school cheerleading squad. The girl goes by Baby Ju on X under the handle @muvajuice. They likely started dating in late 2015.

Replying to a now-removed tweet, Nick referred to Baby Ju as his “everything,” saying,

she’s my everything, she can be SUPER childish at times but I love her more than anything. that’s my baby girl

That is not all. There is also a Snapchat picture of them where the football star again refers to her as his “baby girl.” The former couple seemed quite close to each other.

Nick Bolton had a girlfriend in high school
Nick with his high school girlfriend.

Likewise, on Bolton’s 16th birthday, his then-partner posted,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MF BEST FRIEND, MY ERRRYTHING.. You finally 16 youngin’ but you not grown.. I love you (sic)

However, Bolton’s ex-girlfriend’s recent Tweets show that she may not be in any relationship.

Nick’s high school sweetheart was born on July 1, 1998. As stated above, she was in the Lone Star High School cheerleading squad.

Before her relationship with Bolton, she was with another high school football star named Malik. She retweets posts about relationships a lot.

Nick Bolton Is Popular Among The Ladies

It should not surprise anyone to know that Bolton, the handsome Chiefs linebacker, has a substantial fanbase among the ladies.

The NFL has seen an influx of viewers following the publicity of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s relationship. Because of that, the Chiefs have gotten national attention from all around the country and the spotlight has not missed the talented linebacker.

The female fans often leave comments on his pictures. In one of his posts, a fan commented,

eAsT!! Yet charismatic, humble, and respectful! My Fav! (sic)
As for rumors, the linebacker has avoided being at the center of any gossip. He is emphasizing either his game or his family, sidelining the romance. Given his success, Bolton can not just make anyone a part of it. He may even be in a relationship. However, given his private nature, there is no way to know.