Mandy Ritter – Warren Moon’s Ex-Wife Has Remarried & Has a Son

By RayPublished on: February 22, 2024 Updated on: March 5, 2024
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Mandy Ritter was the second wife of former NFL quarterback and Hall of Famer Warren Moon. They got married in the mid-2000s and led a married life for around a decade before parting ways. The former husband and wife have a son together who has followed in his father’s footsteps and plays high school football.

Ritter and her ex-husband Moon always kept their relationship private, so there aren’t many sources who have talked about their divorce in the media. By the way, what was the cause of their divorce?

Let’s find out about Mandy and Warren Moon’s relationships. Further, let’s also discover some interesting facts about Mandy Ritter in the following sections. Read till the end to know her better.

Mandy Ritter Was Warren Moon’s Second Wife

Mandy and the former quarterback got married in the summer of 2005 in Hawaii. Moon and Mandy were engaged for around two years when they tied the knot.

While it was the first marriage for Mandy, it was the second for her husband Warren. The former Houston Texans quarterback was previously married to Felicia Hendricks.

Mandy and her first husband and former NFL player Warren Moon
Mandy and her first husband and former NFL player Warren Moon

Warren and his first wife, Felicia were married for nearly twenty years. They had known each other since they were 16 and got married in 1981 when the former husband and wife were 25.

Felicia filed a divorce petition in February 2001 in a Fort Bend County district court. In the court document, Felicia mentioned that she and her then-spouse hadn’t lived together for around two years. They finalized their divorce in 2002.

Have Mandy and Warren Moon Separated? What Was the Cause?

Yes, the former NFL quarterback and his second wife, Mandy Ritter are no longer together. We don’t have the exact date of their separation or divorce, however, we can safely say that the former duo had already parted ways by 2016.

Neither Ritter nor her ex-husband has talked about their failed marriage publicly. Regarding the cause of their divorce, well no official sources have talked about it publicly, however, we presume their marriage ended due to some irreconcilable differences.

Was Warren Moon’s Physical Abuse the Cause of Their Split?

Given the tumultuous history surrounding Warren Moon’s spousal abuse trial, where he was acquitted of charges despite allegations of physical abuse towards his first wife, Felicia, speculation arises regarding the reasons behind his second divorce from Mandy Ritter.

While the verdict of not guilty in his previous trial does not confirm a pattern of behavior, it raises questions about whether his physically abusive nature could have been a factor in his subsequent marital breakdown.

However, without concrete evidence or statements from those directly involved, attributing the cause of Moon’s second divorce to physical abuse remains unconfirmed and speculative.

Mandy Has One Child with Warren Moon

Mandy gave birth to her first child, Ryken Moon with her husband Warren Moon on February 5, 2007. He is 17 years old as of 2024. Ryken has followed in his father’s footsteps in football. He plays high school football for Bellevue High School, Washington.

He has received two scholarship offers from the University of Nevada and the University of Arizona. Back in December 2021, Ryken received an offer as a running back from the University of Arizona. His proud father, Warren, shared the news through his Twitter where he also mentioned his son’s future looked very bright.

Being the first child of Mandy, Ryken shares a close bond with his mother and his maternal family as well. We can see a number of pictures of him from his childhood days to his youth on his mother’s Instagram.

Mandy Shares A Son With Her Second Husband

After Mandy’s divorce from her first husband Moon, she moved on soon. She started dating Chris Par whom she would marry later. Ritter and her second husband have been head over heels in love for some years now. Even though Chris doesn’t share much about his love life on his socials, Mandy frequently shares the duo’s pictures.

Mandy and her second husband Chris Par
Mandy and her second husband Chris Par

Going through her Instagram posts, we can see Mandy and her current husband enjoying date nights, movie nights, and game nights. It’s not clear when they started going out and when they tied the knot. However, we presume they started dating around 2016, based on Chris’ first appearance on Mandy’s Instagram. Mandy has adopted her husband’s last name and goes as Mandy Par on Facebook as well.

The lovely duo is also a parent to a son. They welcomed their only son, Cayson Michael Par on March 16, 2017. The baby boy is 7 years old in 2024 and has just started his school.

Mandy Ritter and her two sons, Ryken and Cayson
Mandy Ritter and her two sons, Ryken and Cayson

Mandy’s sons get along well which we can see on her Instagram post. In fact, her first son, Ryken instantly developed a close bond with his younger half-sibling after his birth.

Mandy Ritter’s Parents and Siblings

Ritter was born to Patrick B Kirtz and Bonnie Ritter in Minnesota on January 9, 1976. She has two brothers; John Davis and Ryan Kirtz. Her mother, Bonnie is a native of Minnesota who currently lives in Bellevue, Washington. Bonnie went to Lincoln High School in Lake City, Minnesota.

Mandy Ritter and her two brothers, Ryan and John
Mandy Ritter and her two brothers, Ryan and John

Although not confirmed, Mandy’s birth name is Mandy J Kirtz, and Ritter is her mother’s maiden name. But this information isn’t verified as of yet.

Ritter is a Businesswoman

Mandy runs a jewelry business, Mandy Moon Jewelry which she started when she was still married to the veteran quarterback Warren Moon. Before starting her own business, she reportedly worked at the Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology.

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