Zachary Taylor Warner: Exploring the Life of Kurt Warner’s Son, Who Is Legally Blind

By CannonPublished on: February 15, 2024 Updated on: February 15, 2024
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Zachary Taylor Warner is the adopted son of former Arizona Cardinals football quarterback, Kurt Warner. After his retirement, Warner has been a quarterbacks coach at Brophy College Preparatory.

Besides, the former NFL star has actively been involved in humanitarian work. Kurt along with his wife, Brenda Warner (Zachary’s biological mother) co-founded Treasure House, a nonprofit organization to honor their son Zachary, who has been struggling with developmental disabilities since an early age. The organization also aims to help young adults facing similar problems.

In fact, Zachary’s biological parents were Marines when they got married. However, their marriage ended in divorce due to infidelity after Taylor’s biological father cheated on Brenda with another woman. Here are several other hidden facts about Zachary who is legally blind and went to special classes for his education.

Zachary Taylor Warner: Exploring His Disability and Blindness

Zachary was born a healthy baby without Down Syndrome as many online tabloids wrongly assumed. However, his life took a drastic turn when the baby was only four months old. His biological father, Neil, a fellow Marine accidentally dropped him and landed on his head in the bathtub, resulting in severe brain damage and damage to both of his retinas.

Soon after the incident, his birth father called his baby’s mama, Brenda to inform her about the tragic accident and also told her that the baby was breathing funny.

They immediately took their son to the hospital. But, even while in the hospital, Neil hadn’t told his wife what actually happened. She recalled,

We took Zack to the doctor, but even after he had been there for a while and examined, my husband hadn’t told anyone what really happened to him. After some time, he finally confessed that he had accidentally dropped Zack in the bathtub. As a result, Zack became permanently brain damaged and blind

Initially, the doctors were dubious about whether Zack would survive or not. But, Brenda’s resilience defied the odds. However, even after the baby’s survival, there was a slim chance that he would ever be able to see, read, walk, or talk.

Even though Zachary is legally blind, he can now walk and talk. He is also able to distinguish colors and shapes.

Zachary Taylor Warner with a girl in the Treasure House Phoenix.
Zachary Taylor Warner along with a girl who also suffered from developmental disabilities in the Treasure House.

Talking about his education, Taylor initially attended some special classes but later went to regular high school.

Zachary Taylor Warner’s Biological Father’s Infidelity: Cheating on His Mom

His parents, Neil and Brenda were Marines when they met and got married. They welcomed their first child, Zack on April 29, 1989. However, when the baby was four months old, the tragedy struck the family.

Regrettably, with the deteriorating health condition of Zack, his parents’ marriage also fell apart. Brenda discovered her then-husband cheating on her with another woman. She was 8 months pregnant with their daughter, Jesse Jo Warner. Upon learning about the infidelity, she divorced him and moved in with her parents.

She later studied nursing, relying on assistance from food stamps and student loans to manage her daily needs.

A year later, Brenda met her future husband Kurt at a country bar in Iowa. It was actually her mom’s idea for Brenda to have a good night.

Taylor and His Sister Jesse Are Now Adopted By Kurt Warner

Zachary’s mother, Brenda, after her divorce from her first husband, Neil, has happily moved on with her second hubby, Kurt Warner. The two dated for years before they got married in 1997, just a year after Brenda’s parents were killed by a tornado in Arkansas. They wed at the St. John American Lutheran Church, the same church where her mom and dad also tied the knot.

Kurt later adopted her two kids, Zachary and his sister, Jesse. They also have five half-siblings from their mother’s marriage with Kurt: Kade in 1998, Jada in 2001, Elijah in 2003, and twins Sienna and Sierra in 2005.

His Relationship With His Adoptive Father

Zack has shared a strong relationship with his father. In 2000, when his dad, Kurt won the NFC Championship with the St. Louis Rams, the then 10-year-old, Zack presented him a homemade card decorated in Rams blue and gold. He wrote himself in the card, which read, “You’re as good a dad as you are a quarterback!”

Kurt Warner and Zachary Taylor Warner
Zachary and his father, Kurt Warner in the stage.

Similarly, his relationship with his mother is also admirable. Back in April 2023, on the occasion of his 34th birthday, his mother Brenda posted a photo of her son on her Instagram and wrote,

Happy Birthday to this beautiful soul Zachary Taylor. 34 years I have loved you and to be loved by you is a joy. Grateful to call you son. More grateful I am the only person you call Momma. Celebrating Zack today


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Zachary Inspired His Parents to Found Treasure House for Disabled Young Adults

Since Zachary suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child, his mother, Brenda, and his adoptive father, Kurt have been involved in several charitable organizations. With inspiration from their son, they have also established a nonprofit organization called Treasure House Phoenix. The organization, which opened in August 2018, helps young adults with developmental disabilities.

Zachary Taylor Warner and his parents Brenda and Kurt
Zachary and his parents with other kids with developmental disabilities.

His parents also have appeared in numerous public service announcements for Civitan International, showcasing their volunteer efforts and their dedication to helping people suffering from developmental disabilities.

Additionally, Warner is also the founder of First Things First Foundation.

Zachary Taylor Warner Now Resides at Treasure House

He is now leading a peaceful life at Treasure House along with 28 other people. His mom and dad raised at least $3 million in funds to establish the organization. Zack’s mother said on its official page,

These residents can put their stuff in their apartments and invite a friend over for a coke; they can wake up and say I’m going to work; they can say ‘do you want to dance tonight?!’ It is an absolute beautiful place that just came from something heavy on my heart

Similarly, his father Kurt also stated about the Christian-based home,

Treasure House has the ability to take this group of what everybody looks at as underdogs and say, ‘Destiny belongs to you. The future belongs to you. You can walk in your purpose. You can live in your dreams.

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