John Mensah – The Father of the Dolphins Wide Receiver Chase Claypool

By SarahPublished on: November 13, 2023 Updated on: February 15, 2024
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John Mensah never missed his son’s game even when they were living apart. He had his head high when his son, Chase Claypool scored his first goal in his school days and is still proud as he plays for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. The biggest supporter of Claypool never misses his games.

Fatherhood never came easy for Mensah but he has always given his best to be the good father to his sons. Let’s learn more about this proud father in the following article.

Chase Claypool’s Father, John Mensah Struggled With Addiction

A native of Surrey, British Columbia, John Mensah wasn’t always involved in his child’s life. Mensah battled with addiction and was homeless for several years before finally getting sober. After finally winning the battle with addiction, he tried hard to be there for his family.  Nevertheless, he never stopped believing in his son and now has a close bond with him.

Mensah Co-parented His Children With His Ex-wife, Jasmine Claypool

Mensah and Jasmine Claypool separated after giving birth to their sons, Chase Claypool and Joey Claypool. However, their divorce didn’t affect how they raised their children. This dynamic duo settled for co-parenting after their kids moved in with their mother. Jasmine later married Palmer Carvery and the kids got close to their stepdad, but their love for their biological father remained unadulterated.

John Mensah and Chase Claypool
John supported his son even though they didn’t live together.

Although John didn’t live under the same roof, he always fulfilled his duties. As a matter of fact, he even drove through a blinding snowstorm to get to Toronto from Halifax when Chase and Joey were there. He brought them back to their mother after staying a night in a hotel.

John Never Misses His Son’s Game Day

John didn’t live with his family after his divorce from Jasmine but that doesn’t mean he would stay away from his son’s games. As he was competitive, he would give tough advice to his son. He was always proud of his son’s accomplishments be it in school or the NFL. Mensah even admitted to running up and down the field screaming whenever he saw his child playing.

Father’s Day Came Early For Him

On Mother’s Day 2020, Chase surprised his mother with a new Jeep but that’s not all. He didn’t want his father to feel left out so he got his dad, John, a brand new truck. John’s reaction was priceless as he didn’t expect this gift. Nevertheless, it was an emotional moment for the family.

Chase Claypool and his father, John Mensah
Chase surprised his father, John with a new truck.

Chase expressed his gratitude for his dad and even shared a video on his Instagram where his dad and his stepdad, Palmer were seen enjoying the moment together. He even said that John is the best dad he could ask for.

Mensah Sent A Heartbreaking Text To Chase

In 2020, when racial injustice brought a wave of movements in America, John sent his son a text telling him to be safe. As an African-American man, they were at the center of this injustice. Chase shared his father’s text to the whole world with the caption, “The world we live in.

Mensah wrote, “Chase please don’t drive fast don’t get pulled over the cops might kill you.” Indeed it was heartbreaking for a father to share something with his child but it was what was needed in that period.

He Presented Medals For The Kids At BCCFA Where His Son Used To Play

Chase played football at the British Columbia Community Football Association for seven years. Even now when he is playing for the NFL, his parents didn’t forget the roots where he came from. They often visit the camp and support the new players.

In 2021, Mensah even presented medals for the Atom football players and encouraged them to stay on the path. Chase’s father was excited about having this honor and even saw the glimpses of his son at these kids.

Where Is John Mensah Now?

Chase’s father, John is living in Vancouver, British Columbia currently. However, he would travel back and forth for his son’s matches. He is active on his Facebook and Instagram under @ojm60 where he shows his support for his son and encourages his son for a better career.

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