Robert Tonyan Isn’t Married: New Girlfriend Tagged Him In A Post?

By AbigailPublished on: February 13, 2024 Updated on: February 20, 2024
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Robert Tonyan is the football tight end for the Chicago Bears. Entering the league as an undrafted free agent in 2017, he has played for the Detroit Lions as well as the Green Packers. However, today, we shall divert our focus from his professional life to his one. More importantly, his love life.

Does he have a special someone in his life? Is the player perhaps married or has any kids? Let’s know the answers to that in this article.

Robert Tonyan Has Not Gotten Hitched Yet

Well, some sources have reported that Robert is married, while some have said he is not. Nevertheless, what is true is that he has yet to settle down. However, for any ladies interested in the stud, there is bad news. We were able to find that Tonyan had been taken, and a beautiful lady had her claim on him.

Though the pretty woman has not been mentioned by the footballer himself yet, Tonyan seems to be dating Camryn Barry.

Robert Tonyan and his girlfriend Camryn Barry posing for a photo
The tight end seems to be in a relationship.

The relationship is pretty new, at least in terms of being public.

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How Did Robert Tonyan and Camryn Barry’s Relationship Become Public?

On January 30, 2024, Tonyan was tagged in an Instagram post by his possible partner with the caption “Postcard from Grace Bay. Sending my distant regards.” Barry might have hard-launched their relationship with the series of snaps she posted.

Camryn Barry's Instagram post with alleged boyfriend Robert Tonyan
Robert’s alleged belle might have launched their relationship with her post.

If one is to guess how they first met, the two might have crossed paths during Robert’s days with the Green Day Packers. Well, Camryn is the daughter of the former Packers coach Joe Barry.

However, it has not been clarified whether the couple is officially in a relationship or not. They could be in the initial flirting stage or what many call a ‘situationship,’ for all we know. Nonetheless, an additional detail that can be noticed in the pictures is that Robert’s alleged girlfriend is wearing a locket with the ‘R’ letter.

Can we assume that the R is for Robert?

Camryn Barry is a Former Swimming Athlete

The pair are quite compatible in their passion for sports. While the NFL star found his passion in football, Camryn’s call was in swimming. Her swimming journey started when she was in high school.

Robert’s supposed partner initially attended Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, and received many accolades as a swimmer in her freshman year. Later, she transferred to Briar Woods High School located in Ashburn, Virginia, and won the Virginia swimming state championship in the 100 freestyle.

Robert Tonyan's girlfriend Camryn Barry at a swimming competition
Camryn has dedicated several years to competitive swimming.

Upon graduation, Barry enrolled at Penn State University, majoring in science and information technology. She was a part of the swimming team and won an Academic All-Big Ten award during her sophomore and junior years.

The Athlete’s Alleged Girlfriend Is An Employee At Oracle

After her college graduation in 2021, Camryn started working at Oracle in Burlington, Massachusetts, as a business development consultant. In September 2022, she was promoted to the position of enterprise account executive.

In the company, Barry is a member of the Cloud Application team and is responsible for providing solutions for cloud applications to CFOs, Executives, and business leaders in areas where weaknesses and efficiencies have been found.

Barry Has Several Family Ties in the NFL Scene

Camryn was born on April 14, 1999, to Joe and Chris Marinelli Barry in Henderson, Nevada. Her father is a former college football linebacker at the University of Michigan. Now, he works as a coach and run game coordinator for football teams. He is currently affiliated with the Miami Dolphins.

Camryn Barry with her father Joe Barry, mother Chris Barry and siblings at a stadium
Camryn’s family is quite active in the NFL scene.

She spent her childhood with her siblings. Her younger sister Lauren and her twin brothers Sam and Nick are her partners in crime in causing mischief. Furthermore, the swimmer has more ties with people in the football league. Her maternal grandfather is former NFL coach Rod Marinelli.

The gorgeous Camryn currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Robert Tonyan’s Previous Relationships: Are there any ex-flames?

Back in 2013, the 30-year-old was dating a girl named Michelle Frantz. He wished a Valentine’s Day to his then-girlfriend on X, followed by the hashtag ‘I love you.’ His ex-partner was shorter than him, considering one of his tweets.

Robert Tonyan's tweet on X
Robert was previously dating a girl named Michelle

While there might have been more people the tight end dated, such information has been kept private.

His Opinions On Dating

Throughout the years, Tonyan has expressed many opinions in terms of the women he prefers, along with his views on dating. The footballer once re-tweeted that he liked girls who texted first instead of waiting for the men to take the initiative all the time.

Moreover, he also believes that one should not go after people who already are in a relationship, whether it be a man or woman.