Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell – Where Is Jerry Rice’s Ex-Wife and Mother of His Three Kids?

By RayPublished on: February 11, 2024 Updated on: February 13, 2024
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Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell is the ex-wife of former NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice, born Jerry Lee Rice. The former husband and wife started their romantic journey as a youth and led a conjugal life for over two decades before finally getting divorced. Although the pair have gone separate ways, Mitchell and Rice have maintained an amicable relationship.

It has already been over one and a half decades since their separation and almost we all know Rice has already moved on. The 61-year-old former footballer is currently married to his wife Latisha Pelayo. But what about Jacqueline? Has she moved on from her failed marriage?

Let’s find out all the details surrounding Mitchell’s early life, career, health issues, and romantic life in the sections to follow.

Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell’s Parents and Early Life

Jackie was born in May 1967 in Greenville, Mississippi. Her mother’s name is Gloria Campbell while her father’s identity remains under wraps.

Regarding her education, Mitchell attended the University of Southern Mississippi where she also participated in several athletic activities. Besides, Mitchell also took part in several beauty pageants, having won the Miss Black Greenville Teen in 1984.

Jackie and Jerry Rice’s Marriage – They Have Three Children Together

The former lovebirds, Jacqueline and Jerry met in the 1980s when the former was in high school and the latter was in college. Interestingly, they first came across during a Mississippi Valley University (MVS) basketball match in 1985.

According to some online sources, Jackie asked Jerry, who was already famous as a wide receiver, for an autograph and the former athlete wrote a sweet note, calling her beautiful. It is also reported that Rice suggested that they should meet again which they did indeed and started dating shortly after.

Jackie and her ex-husband RIce with their son and youngest daughter, Jada
Jackie and her ex-husband RIce with their son and youngest daughter, Jada

They dated for a couple of years and tied the knot on September 8, 1987. Mitchell and Rice had already welcomed their first child, daughter Jaqui Bonet Rice when they got married. Their daughter was born on June 7, 1987, three months before their big day.

The then-couple gave birth to their second child, son Jerry Rice Jr. on July 27, 1991, four years after welcoming their daughter. Lastly, their third kid, daughter, Jada Symone Rice was born on May 16, 1996.

Jackie Nearly Lost Her Life Following Her Third Child’s Birth – Her Then-Husband Stayed By Her Side Throughout

Back in May 1996, shortly after Jackie gave birth to the couple’s third child, daughter Jada Rice, she started having complications.

According to sources, Jackie gave birth to their daughter at Mills Hospital in San Mateo. As she didn’t stop bleeding, she was moved to Stanford Hospital where she needed surgery to stop hemorrhaging.

Jackie’s then-husband, Jerry, and her mother, Gloria Campbell, were at the hospital when doctors informed them about the surgery. He sent his mother-in-law home to take care of the couple’s three kids and stayed there alone.

Jerry said he thought it was a minor surgery, but he understood the severity when her surgery went on for over two hours and saw the doctors and nurses running around frantically.

Jackie spent weeks in the hospital where she needed more than 200 units of blood to save her life. Her then-husband, Jerry Rice was by her side throughout her journey, catching sleep in spare rooms. Jerry even missed his team’s minicamp to stay by Jackie’s side.

Her Son, Jerry Rice Jr. Also Pursued Professional Football

Being the son of one of the most iconic wide receivers the NFL has ever produced, Jerry Rice Jr. had to continue his father’s legacy and so he did. He grew up watching football and became passionate about it in his early childhood.

Growing up, Rice Jr. also opted to play as a wide receiver like his dad. He played high school football at Menlo School and college football at the University of California, Los Angeles.

He also played college football with the University of Nevada football team while he pursued his master’s degree there. Although he was determined to carry forward his father’s legacy, things didn’t go as he wished.

Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell with her son, daughter, and ex-husband
Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell with her son, daughter, and ex-husband at Sam Boyd Stadium, Nevada

Following his college career, he tried to sign with the Baltimore Ravens, and his father’s former team, San Francisco 49ers, but he wasn’t signed. Later, on June 26, 2014, he signed with the Washington Redskins (current day Commanders). Shortly after, he suffered a torn labrum which in a way ended his NFL career without being featured in a single game.

At present, Rice Jr. is a real estate agent based in California.

Know about Her Two Daughters

Jacqueline’s oldest daughter, Jaqui Rice Gold is a CEO at GOAT Fuel, the fashion brand his father formed. According to her social media bio, she is a law school dropout. She got married to Trevion J. Gold in September 2021.

A photo from Jerry Rice and Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell's daughter Jaqui's wedding
Jackie’s daughter Jaqui got married to Trevion J. Gold in September 2021

Likewise, Jackie’s youngest girl, Jada also works for GOAT Fuel, however, her role is not confirmed. She is currently engaged to Yasper Lamar.

Jackie and Rice Divorced in 2009

Married in 1987, the former husband and wife led a blissful marital life for around two decades. Nearly twenty years after getting married, Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell filed for divorce in San Mateo County in June 2007.

They didn’t disclose the reason behind their separation. However, according to media reports, the reason could be Rice’s extra-marital affairs. He reportedly had several affairs throughout the marriage.

Over two years after the initial filing, their divorce was finalized in December 2009, in a bifurcated proceeding. Bifurcation is a condition when the court legally terminates the marriage deferring other complex issues such as financial matters and child custody.

Nothing much about their divorce settlement is known apart from the fact that she presumably received a good chunk from the former couple’s Atherton, California house which was listed at $22 million at the time of their divorce.

Furthermore, many reputed sources mentioned that Jacqueline was not supposed to get alimony as she would get sufficient income from the assets she got to meet her needs.

Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell’s Whereabouts – Has She Remarried?

Well, Jackie has been leading a peaceful life behind the media limelight. We haven’t heard much of her following her divorce from Jerry Rice. Many people have been curious about the former NFL WAG’s whereabouts, but it is something beyond our reach at the moment.

Having said that, we have seen her a couple of times on her children’s social media posts. So, we believe that she also lives around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Meanwhile, when the question comes about her love life, many people are curious to know if Jackie has remarried. But, unfortunately, we don’t have the answer to this at present. There’s a high possibility that she has found a new man in her life after around 15 years of her divorce, but nothing can be said with certainty.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Jerry Rice runs a private lifestyle brand G.O.A.T. Fuel along with his family. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his second wife, Latisha Pelayo.

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